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How Long Should Curtains Be? Try Extra Long Curtains

When you want to add an exciting design element to your home that gives off a luxe feel, using extra long curtains like lengthy white linen curtains could be an excellent choice.

So how long should curtains be when you want extra long curtains in your house?

Continue reading below as we explain how to use extra long curtains throughout your home, like with long white bedroom curtains or extra long curtains in your living room.

How Long Should Curtains Be?

If you’re considering ordering custom window treatments for your home, you may wonder–how long should curtains be?

This is a common question when ordering curtains because every home has different window sizes, ceiling heights, preferences, and more. So, the variations make it difficult to answer how long curtains should be.

So, for the most part, this will be an individual decision for each person and will vary from home to home. Plus, depending on the style and aesthetic you’re after, you may decide on a specific length of curtains.

Traditional Curtain Length

Some experts claim that curtains should hang ¼-½" above the floor traditionally. This isn’t the look for everyone in the modern world, but for a classic style and traditional charm, this can be one option to use in your home.

Extra Long Curtains

On the other hand, many today are opting for extra long curtains. This is a distinct style that adds elegance and sophistication to any space.

So while neither of these options is technically the right or wrong length for curtains, there are many reasons why you would want extra long curtains throughout your home today.

Let’s take a look at how you can use extra long white bedroom curtains and long white linen curtains throughout the rest of your home.

Adding Extra Long Curtains to Your Bedroom

Extra long curtains pooling on your bedroom floor gives off a distinct air of style and class.

This is a great design choice if you want to bring a regal style to your home while still getting the functionality of the curtains with privacy and light blocking. If you wish to extra long curtains in your bedroom, a great choice is to add white linen curtains.

If this is something you have in mind, consider Curtarra’s Molly Pure Washed Linen Curtains. Available in natural tones like white or grey, these curtains can give your bedroom a classic, natural and cozy feel.

These curtains are made from high-quality linen and feature neat trim and interesting texture. So not only will these extra long curtains improve the overall atmosphere of your bedroom, but they will also bring in some added dimension with the natural texture.

Adding Extra Long Curtains in Your Living Room

Even if you have other design plans for your bedroom, you can still add extra long curtains to your living room or other spaces in your home.

Whether you do so with white linen curtains or other types of curtains, your living room can look even more regal and elegant with extra long curtains added in.

So for extra long curtains in your living room, certain blends from Curtarra would be an excellent choice.

Tommy Faux Wool Texture Curtains

The Tommy Faux Wool Texture Curtains are available in a number of shades to give off a soft element that still brings a unique texture and depth to any space.

These extra long curtains are made from high-quality, wool-looking fabric, making the curtains look warm, soft, heavy, and modern.

Even still, they have durable properties that make them easy to care for, even in a room like the living space that receives such high levels of traffic.

Laura Crystal Velvet Curtains

Add the Laura Crystal Velvet Curtains if you want to incorporate extra long curtains in your home.

They are perfect for a living room, dining room, loft, and many other spaces in your home that could use the added elegance these curtains bring.

There are a dozen colors, including vibrant gold, eye-catching peacock blue, and soothing light gray.

Made from vintage velvet, these extra long curtains are a delicate style featuring a plush feel, rich colors, and a silky smooth appearance.

Final Thoughts on Adding Extra Long Curtains from Curtarra

As you know, curtains are an important design element in any home, acting as the barrier between the interior and exterior to give you and your family a place of comfort and safety from the outside world.

So when it comes to choosing how long to style your curtains, many go for extra long curtains that make any room in your home feel full and rich, while also giving you plenty of privacy and light blocking.

At Curtarra, we make it easy to order extra long curtains for your home when you’re ordering custom window treatments. With our convenient measurement tool, you no longer have to guess how long you should order your curtains–even if you’re going for the extra long style.Also, we have got you how to hang curtains from the ceiling with extra long curtains.

Plus, we offer hundreds of combinations of light blocking, materials, header styles, and colors to choose from so you always find the right fit for your home.

So whether you prefer white linen curtains for your living room or a strong pattern as an accent piece in your bedroom, we have the perfect extra long curtains for you. Shop Curtarra today for affordable custom curtains made easy.