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See How to Hang Curtains From Ceiling

Hanging curtains from ceiling height help to add privacy and block out any unwanted light. High ceiling curtains can also be a great way to hide windows in a style that doesn't quite match the rest of your home.

In this article, learn about why you should hang curtains from ceiling, how to hang them, and where to find curtains to match your style.

Let's get started.

Why You Should Hang Curtains From Ceiling

Since it can impact how you hang your curtains, you should always determine if you want to highlight your windows beforehand.

Hanging curtains from ceiling is a great way to hide windows with an ornate trim that doesn't match your aesthetic. It's also a clever trick for adding height or width to windows that are awkward or unbalanced in the room.

Here are a couple of the top reasons you should consider hanging curtains from ceiling in your home.

Make a Room Appear Bigger

How you should hang your curtains will depend heavily on the height of your ceilings throughout your home.

For example, you can make any room feel bigger by creating the illusion of higher ceilings when you hang curtains from ceiling height. This tip is helpful for those with standard or slightly lower-than-average ceiling heights.

It is also best to hang curtains from ceiling height if you have minimal space between your window trim and ceiling. This, too, will help create the illusion of higher ceilings and a bigger room.

Create a Focal Element

In addition to helping a room appear larger, hanging curtains from ceiling can also be an excellent way to add a focal element in an otherwise bland space.

Rather than opting for loud wallpaper or committing to art pieces, you're afraid of becoming outdated, consider adding extra long curtains hanging from the ceiling.

Choose Varying Fabrics, Colors, and Prints

Hanging curtains from ceiling rails or rods will create a timeless focal point that naturally draws eyes to it.

Choose from various fabrics, colors, and prints to find the exact match for the style of any room you’re looking to decorate. Best of all, high ceiling curtains are simple enough to swap out if the time comes that you decide to spruce things up.

Choose the Right Length

Choosing the length of high ceiling curtains will be one of the most important considerations to keep in mind. After all, you want to ensure the length of the fabric of your extra long curtains is just right.

The ideal curtain drape length is enough to kiss the floor in most cases. Otherwise, your curtains should puddle a few inches on the floor if you're going for a more formal or traditional look.

How to Hang Curtains from Ceiling

Step 1: Take Measurements

Step 2: Make Your Marks

Step 3: Install Mounting Brackets or Tracks

Step 4: Hang Your Curtains

Step-by-Step Instructions for Hanging Curtains From Ceiling

Create the appearance of an elegant space by hanging floor-to-ceiling drapes and curtains.

Whether you’re looking to refresh windows in a smaller space or improve the look in a large space, here is a step-by-step guide for accomplishing this stylish option.

Step 1: Take Measurements

Figure out how high you want your curtains to hang and the ceiling's height by taking initial measurements with a tape measure.

Step 2: Make Your Marks

Figure out where you plan to install your curtain rod brackets or ceiling hooks.

Then, use a pencil to mark the areas on your ceiling. Make sure your marks are spaced to support your curtain rod and are symmetrical.

Step 3: Install Mounting Brackets or Tracks

Put the mounting brackets in place using the marks you've made to hang your curtains from the ceiling. This task requires a power drill, screws, and drywall anchors.

To make the installation process easier, use your pencil to mark the areas where the screws will go. Make pilot holes for the screws by using a power drill and bit.

Next, you will tap in each anchor until it is flush against the ceiling if you use plastic anchors. Screw the bracket into place while holding it against the ceiling.

Screw the bolt until the bracket is firmly in place. If you use toggle anchors, insert the metal wings through the hole.

Step 4: Hang Your Curtains

Lastly, complete your project by sliding your selected curtains onto the curtain rod once you have completed the installation process.

To lock the rod in place, tighten the bracket screws while placing the rod on the mounting brackets once the curtains are on the rod.

Latch the curtain rod in place after sliding the hooks onto the rod if you are using curtains with drapery hooks.

Where to Find High Ceiling Curtains

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Best of all, all Curtarra curtains come custom-made, which means you can do any length for high ceiling curtains. Fill in the curtain width and length when placing your order for custom drapery to fit any window and wall dimensions.

Final Thoughts on Hanging Curtains From Ceiling

There are many benefits to hanging curtains from ceiling in your home. Aside from adding a thoughtful design piece, you can instantly make any space feel bigger by providing the illusion of higher ceilings with extra long curtains.

You will always be able to find the perfect design solution with Curtarra, especially if you’re looking at hanging curtains from the ceiling.

No matter your design preferences, you'll surely find the right match for your space, with dozens of styles of high ceiling curtains readily available.

Plus, you’ll get the right size and measurements every time without having to guess by using our convenient measurement tool.

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