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5 Delightful Ways to Style Your Bedroom with White Linen Curtains

Are you considering using white linen curtains in your bedroom? You are not alone. White bedroom curtains are one of the biggest fashion trends in home design today and will create a captivating look in any space.

Look at the ideas below for a few great ways to implement white curtains in your bedroom. We will also provide a few answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about purchasing a great set of white linen curtains.

Why Use White Linen Curtains in the Bedroom?

White linen curtains are not only beautiful, but they are very versatile. This means they can be added to any space and complement any design. Adding these curtains to your bedroom will provide a touch of elegance and charm while keeping your space fresh and bright.

Is Linen Fabric Good for White Bedroom Curtains

Linen is a popular type of fabric to use for white bedroom curtains. This fabric drapes whimsically, providing a luxurious look everyone would love.

It is light and airy, keeping your space at a comfortable temperature

It is easy to clean, only getting softer with each wash

It has a soft texture that adds a little extra comfort to your room

Linen absorbs ultraviolet radiation and doesn’t burn or fade fast in direct sunlight

It is mildew resistant and holds up well in high humidity

It provides a layer of insulation, keeping your bedroom warm during the winter

It is an eco-friendly material

Do White Linen Curtains Provide Privacy at Night?

It may seem like white linen curtains wouldn’t offer much privacy at night because of how much light they can let in during the day. However, these curtains can offer quite a bit of protection from anyone trying to look in.

If you prefer these curtains to keep your room dark and totally free from prying eyes, you could always ask to add a lining. White or black linings are both available. If you have further questions, our support team is always ready to help.

5 Ways to Style Your Bedroom with White Linen Curtains

If we were able to convince you that white linen curtains were ideal for your bedroom, here are a few different designs you might want to try out.

Minimalist: Keep it Simple and Sweet

As mentioned, white linen can create a bright and light look in any room. Placing these curtains in the bedroom, with a pure black bed set and white furniture, can provide an enticing look without much effort.

Eclectic: Bring Harmony to Your Space

An eclectic room is full of various styles and designs from different time periods. While each piece might not look all that special on its own, but paired with the right decor, it can create a harmonious look and feel.

Adding a light set of white linen curtains to your eclectic bedroom, like our Molly 100% linen line, to a room with leather furniture and velvet sheets lets you piece together a look you will love.

Farmhouse: Keep Things Cozy and Warm

The farmhouse style is a big deal these days. People are obsessed with its rustic look and the comfort and warmth it can bring to the bedroom.

Simply adding a set of quality white linen curtains to your country space, paired with mason jar sconces and wicker furniture, can provide the perfect farmhouse design.

Art Deco- Get Bold and Creative

Some people prefer to get a little artistic when designing the look of their space. White bedroom curtains are a great way to pull together various shapes and designs.

Pair a high-quality set of white linen curtains with a geometric-styled bedspread, metallic lamps, and finish. This design will provide that abstract idea you are going for.

French Country: Embrace the Beauty of Nature

The French country interior design makes it easy to add a little nature to the home while keeping your space clean and comfortable.

To achieve the French Country style, hang 100% white linen curtains in your bedroom with white bedding and rustic furniture. A lace runner tossed along the top of a dresser with a vase of flowers can pull the whole look together.

Getting the Best Fit for Your Window

Now that you know which look you love, let's discuss how to order custom white linen curtains for the bedroom.

Customizing your curtains ensures you get all the benefits of this product, from privacy to beauty and everything in between.

How Long Should Linen Curtains Be?

Various details go into determining how long your linen curtains should be. It would be best to consider the distance starting at the top of the window to the ceiling, the bottom to the floor, and the specific style you are going for.

You can relax if you are worried about making sure you have the right length of fabric for your bedroom window. Our measurement tool is designed to help guarantee you find the perfect fit for your white bedroom curtains.

How Many Panels Do You Need?

Typically, each window will only require two panels. However, this can change depending on the width of your windows, the rod you are using to hang them, and the overall style you want to achieve.

Are you considering an overlapping look? Do you want to bunch two up and drape them to the side with a third hanging in between? There are many ways to create a gorgeous look for your bedroom, simply by changing how you hang your curtains.

Final Thoughts

Adding white linen curtains to your bedroom is a surefire way to create a comfortable, luxurious, and relaxing look to your space.

By purchasing our affordable, custom handmade, and durable products online at Curtarra.com, you can rest assured knowing your room will provide the atmosphere you need for the best night of sleep.