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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Curtains

Curtains are considered the statement piece that accents your room. As well as this, they help maintain privacy and block out light, making your room a safe place to live. However, as they speak about the overall look of your room, curtains must be cleaned and wrinkle-free. Most of the users complain that curtains come out from the packings with creases and wrinkles.

Packing can make your curtains wrinkle. As well as this, hanging curtains for a long time and hanging curtains to the area where they are in direct contact with the heat, light, and water causes your curtains to get wrinkled. However, there may be some other reasons contributing to the wrinkles in your curtains or drapes.

If you are also facing the same problem of wrinkles, you are obviously looking for the best way to get rid of this problem. So, we invite you to stay a bit here on this article, and you will get the potential ideas that how you can make your curtains wrinkles-free. So, are you ready? Let's start here:

How to get wrinkles out of curtains without ironing

Ironing is considered the basic way to get your clothes out of wrinkles. But ironing the curtains can be a challenging task because of several reasons. The basic reason is that the iron boards are not wide enough where you can put your curtains. Moreover, ironing can also damage your curtains when done improperly or wrongly. Finally, the very basic disadvantage of ironing your curtains is that it will cause your curtains to spread out at the bottom, which will look weird while hanging.

This is why most people avoid ironing and look for alternatives to remove wrinkles from their curtains. If you are in the same search, we advise you to follow the given methods, making your curtains wrinkle-free without ironing:

1. Using a washing machine

Put your curtains into the washing machine and wash them using a gentle and short cycle. Afterward, put them into the dryer by setting it to the permanent-press cycle. It is advisable putting small towels in the dryer so that the curtains won't get tangled and wrinkled.

Before washing the curtains, you need to read all the cleaning instructions carefully and wash them accordingly. If you feel difficulty doing so, you can ask professional cleaners to wash your curtains.

2. Using a cloth dryer

Sometimes there is no need to wash your curtains, and you can directly put them into the dryer. So, put your curtains into the dryer along with some damp towels. They will not make the curtains wet but damp them for the dryer to remove wrinkles quickly. You need to set the dryer to the permanent or delicate press cycle.

3. Using the shower method

This process suggests setting your curtains on the curtain rod and hanging them in the bathroom. First, ensure that the windows are closed, and you turn on the shower's hot water. Allow the hot water to run for a while. The heat produced from the hot shower will help remove all the wrinkles from your curtains.

4. Using a fabric steamer

Removing wrinkles using a fabric steamer is another easiest way to get rid of curtain wrinkles. Take a fabric steamer, fill it with water and wait until the water becomes hot. Then, move the fabric steamer slowly from the bottom to the top over the curtain surface.

If you still find wrinkles on the curtains, you need to repeat the process but do it carefully. If your curtains are made up of delicate fabrics such as velvet or silk, do not put the fabric steamer nozzle directly on the fabric, or else you will damage the fabric.

5: Dampen with water in a spray bottle

Spray bottles also help remove wrinkles from your curtains. First, put some water into the spray bottle and don't open the nozzle completely. It is advisable to set the spray bottle's nozzle at the mist, ensuring curtains won't wet. Next, sprinkle some water on the curtains. Afterward, place a rod, knife, or any other slightly heavy object at the bottom edge of the curtains to straighten them. You see, the wrinkles will be gone once the curtain dries.

6: Using a wrinkle-release product

Today we also find wrinkle-released products removing wrinkles from the curtains. Just spray the product on the curtains, and you will find all the wrinkles will disappear quickly. You do not need to do any hard job. The only thing you should consider is to buy a good wrinkle-released product. It is advisable to read all the instructions carefully before using the products.

How to get wrinkles out of drapes

If you are using drapes instead of curtains and want to make them wrinkle-free, you can have the processes mentioned above to get them out of wrinkles without ironing. Drapes and curtains look like the same thing. But there are significant differences between drapes and curtains.

For example, drapes are made up of heavy and rich fabric, and they hang from a rod above the windows. They usually give your room an elegant look and are typically extended from the top of the room window to the room floor. On the other hand, curtains are typically unlined and made up of much sheerer fabric than the drapes. They allow light to filter in and do not provide complete privacy as drapes offer.

As drapes are made of heavy and rich fabric, they may require little more attention to be wrinkle-free. If you want to get rid of the wrinkles without ironing, you can follow the same methods mentioned above. However, if you face difficulty in removing the wrinkles from drapes on your own, it is better to take the services of professional drapes' cleaners. In doing so, you can also prevent your drapes from any harm.

How to get wrinkles out of blackout drapes

Blackout drapes are somehow different from the normal drapes or curtains. These are designed with a double-lined and tightly woven fabric. These drapes are designed to block the light entirely, and light can only enter from the gaps around the window. As they are tightly woven, you may find it challenging to make your blackout drapes wrinkles-free. However, we have gone through the tips and suggestions of the experts, and we would like to share these here to make you know how you can make your blackout drapes wrinkles-free.

1: Iron blackout drapes

You can iron blackout curtains. However, you need to know that ironing is not always good because it can damage the drapes' fabric when used improperly. So, it will help if you are a little bit careful. For example, you have to keep the iron temperature low. If you have to keep the temperature high, it is advisable to keep a cloth between curtain and iron to prevent fabric from burning or damaging.

Experts also suggest sprinkling some water on the drapes and then slowly ironing them to get all the stubborn wrinkles away from the drapes. However, this process requires a very low heat ironing.

2: Stream blackout drapes

Streaming is another best way to make your blackout drapes wrinkle-free. Steaming is considered the traditional way to make the blackout drapes free from wrinkles. Ensure that the steam iron is on the average temperature suitable for the particular fabric. This method requires a little bit of extra effort and attention. However, this will help you make your drapes new and good-looking. However, if you are unable to perform the process at your home, you are advised to take the services of professionals to keep your curtains out of damage.

3: Dryer clean blackout drapes

You can also remove the wrinkles from the blackout drapes by using dryers. A dryer will help remove the wrinkles and give your drapes a new look. You need to put your drapes into the dryers. Do not forget to put the wet towel and damp cloth along with the drapes. The wet towel and a damp cloth will not make your drapes wet. However, they will make them damp enough for the dryer to remove the wrinkles easily.

Experts also suggest using a dryer after washing your blackout curtains through the washing machine. Then, you can perform that task according to your requirements. We would also advise you to carefully know all the washing or drying instructions before washing or drying the blackout drapes. Remember that a bit of negligence can ruin your drapes, and you can waste a huge investment.

How to get wrinkles out of drapes without taking them down

If you want to get wrinkles out of drapes without taking them down and are worried that how to do this? Well, you are informed that this is not a big deal. We are here to assist you by all means. We advise you to follow the given measures to make your curtains wrinkle-free without taking them down:

1: Vacuum

You can use the vacuum on the hanging curtains to make them clean. The vacuum does not only help clean the curtains; however, it also helps remove the possible wrinkles from curtains and make them new. Ensure that you know the right use of vacuum. However, if you are not so familiar, you need to hand it over into the expert hands.

2: Shake them out

Use a ladder to reach the height of the curtains and shake them hard from the pole or rod. It will help remove dust and dirt from your curtains. As well as this, the hard shake will also make the curtains free from wrinkles. Although it won't give you a 100% result, but you can differentiate it from the previous look.

3: Use the power of steam

Steaming is a process that you can use to remove wrinkles from the curtains without taking them down. Take a good steamer and put it over the curtain surface to straighten the curtains. In case you cannot find the 100% result. You are advised to repeat the process. However, while repeating the process, you should be careful because overuse or wrong use can damage the curtain fabric.

4: Wrinkle-released products

Those who do not want to take their curtains off the wall are also recommended to use wrinkle-released products. These products are specifically designed to remove wrinkles without putting any of your hard labor. For example, you are just required to sprinkle the product or spray on the curtains, and you will find the wrinkles disappearing within a few minutes. All you need to know is a good quality wrinkle-released spray and the way to use or sprinkle it.

Best way to get wrinkles out of curtains

From the beginning of the discussion, we have discussed a number of ways by using which one can easily remove the wrinkles from the curtains or drapes. Now, it is up to you what method suits you the most.

If you are unable to iron your curtains or drapes, we have mentioned the possible methods to remove wrinkles without using the iron. As well as this, we have also described how to iron your curtains or drapes carefully to get maximum results. Besides this, steaming, drying, and sprinkling the wrinkle-released products are all other possible ways to make your curtains or drapes wrinkle-free. So, just pick up the method that suits you and give rebirth to your curtains and your room.


Curtains or drapes look beautiful and enhance the overall beauty of your living space until or unless they get dust or wrinkles. Unfortunately, whether your room curtains are dirty or wrinkled, they can ruin the overall look in both situations. Therefore, you need to be a little bit conscious about maintaining your curtains or drapes.

Here we come up with potential ideas for removing wrinkles from your curtains or drapes, enhancing the charm of your room. We have clearly described what is better for your curtains and what methods suit your drapes. Indeed, all the discussed tips and processes are helpful if you follow them accordingly. However, suppose you face any trouble in doing any of the methods. In that case, it is better for you to take the services of the professional curtain's maintainers, or else you can damage your curtains.