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6 Fabulous Uses for Green Velvet Curtains: Themed Looks You Will Love

Green velvet curtains can truly brighten up any space and give your room a look you have always dreamed of.

Before going out and picking up a set, take some time to look at all your options. Then, consider recreating one of the fabulous ideas below to create the perfect design.

6 Amazing Ways to Use Green Velvet Curtains in Your Home

Sometimes it is hard to imagine how vital picking the perfect set of curtains can be. But choosing the right style, size, and fabric can make all the difference in a room. This is even more true when you already have a brilliant theme you are looking to design.

1. Create a Mid-Century Modern Design: A Room with a Little History

Mid-century looks can get a little boring if you don’t choose colors that stand out amongst the subtle design.

This style calls for natural colors, earthy tones, and bright accents. These pieces go well with natural wooden furniture, plenty of white, and a mixture of various materials and textures.

Velvet offers a unique texture that can change the look of an entire space (and era). For a lavish design, you can match green velvet curtains with a mid-century green velvet couch in your living room.

If you are looking for mid-century decor, start your style with Curtarra’s “LITA” green velvet curtains.

2. Add a Little Light (Perfect for a room with Beautiful Light Fixtures)

With the right lights, green velvet curtains will provide a fantastic ambiance in any room. Suppose you want to decorate your living room with a beautiful large chandelier or a bedroom with antique wall sconces. In that case, some quality green velvet curtains can create the most spectacular design.

If your perfect space has quality lighting, why not take it up a notch with green velvet curtains from Curtarra’s?

Curtarra Gorgeous Lita Italian Velvet Curtains at Any Size

3. Create a Room Fit for Royalty (Luxurious Look)

Take your personal space to a whole new level by creating a bedroom that’s fit for royalty. At Curtarra’s online store, you will find gorgeous luxury velvet custom curtainsin antique green.

Pair these curtains with white walls, gold trim, and matching green accent pieces around the room for a breathtaking style you will love.

4. Go for The Goal (Great Curtains for a Sports Theme)

If you are looking for a wonderful way to decorate a child’s room or a space for a sports fanatic, adding some curtains that match their playing field is a great way to do it.

If you have a soccer star in the house, hang some green velvet curtains in their bedroom with black and white bedsheets and comforters. You can lay soccer-themed throw pillows on the bed with sports memorabilia.

5. Modest and Modern (A Beautiful Look for a Minimalist Space)

Sometimes less is more, precisely what modest and modern home designs portray. In a room with little furniture and a sleek, sharp, and contoured design, using a little bit of color in the right places brings the perfect pop.

Cover your windows with Curtarra’s soft forest green blackout curtains if you want to add something to your minimalist space. This option will give your room the perfect amount of color with the ability to limit the amount of outside light shining through when you don’t want it to.

6. Natural and Serene (Natural Colors Offer a Relaxing Feel)

From the bathroom to the bedroom, everyone wants a space in their house to feel relaxing and serene. There is no better design to pull this off than one inspired by nature.

Complete the look with quality green velvet curtains, hand-made and built to last in any space full of wooden furniture, nature-themed decor, and neutral colors.

How to Choose the Best Green Velvet Curtains for Your Room

Are you ready to pick the perfect green velvet curtains for your space? Great, we would love to take the time to help you find the best options available.

Before hopping online and adding a set of custom-made curtains to your cart, there are many things to consider. Let the information below help you pick a magnificent pair of green velvet curtains for your project.

1. What is the Room Used For

Which room do you need curtains for? The type of space you are decorating will change what type of curtains you need. If it is a bedroom, blackout curtains might be a better option. However, in the kitchen, you might find that a light, airy curtain is ideal.

2. How Big Are the Windows

The size of your windows plays a considerable role in the type of curtains you choose. Some windows require numerous panels, while others need additional length. If you shop online for your curtains, you can use our measurement tool to get the perfect size curtain for every project.

3. How Much Can You Spend?

Never overpay for quality curtains. Only purchase products that are within your budget. Our curtains are handmade and affordable, plus shipping is always free.


Green velvet curtains can be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the look of your room and provide the elegant and edgy look you need, no matter your style.

By shopping online at Curtarra.com, you will get beautiful custom-made green velvet curtains and friendly help from our expert staff.