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How to Blend Curtains with Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid Century Modern (or MCM for short) typifies a very specific area of time, the late 1940s, all the way through to the late 60s. It’s got a more playful futuristic expression.

It’ll often have a particular color scheme, kind of uses sort of those specific greens kind of on the yellowish-green side, like avocado, earth tones, as it got a little bit later, there might even be a little pop of kind of a primary color because primaries are blue, red, and yellow were really, really hip.

When you decorate with the MCM style, you will want to pay special attention to your curtains. The wrong style or color of curtains can throw off the whole look.

Mid Century Modern Window Treatments

Everyone remembers the roller blinds of that era. The problem is that they tear up easily and look cheap. That era's unique look is curtains that reach from wall to wall and ceiling to floor.

You can find mid-century curtain rods. These curtain rods are still standing and will fit with grommet top styles of curtains. Iconic curtains of this style are mid-century pinch pleat drapes.

Mid-century pinch pleat drapes are standard for this style because of their straight lines and form following function design. Choose this style paired with one of the popular mid-century modern or neutral colors, and you can’t go wrong.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Curtain Ideas

The best mid-century modern curtains will stay with the decor style. Opt for a more neutral tone if you are afraid to go too bold with the vintage colors. It is important to remember that the curtains can make the room if you let them. Sometimes a great pop of color is the best way to accent the room.

Another thing to remember when shopping for the best mid-century modern curtains is the importance of pattern. Large print florals don’t match this period. Geometric patterns and solid colors dominated this period.

A great patterned curtain like Norman Bicolor Pixel Geometric Pattern Curtains is a perfect choice for this style because geometric patterns were all the rage during this period.

Holly Jacquard Geo Pattern Curtains in yellow also stay very true to this era of style, in both pattern and color. Taking these wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor with a double pinch pleat makes them look like a professional interior designer styled them!

Vintage mid-century modern curtains might sound like a good option, but they aren’t the best choice. Vintage mid-century modern curtains aren’t made with the same thought to safety and durability as modern curtains. You will also get a much cleaner look with new curtains, which are, in the end, more authentic to the style.

Mid Century Modern Sheer Curtains

Handmade, quality, sheer white curtains never go out of style and look good with any style or color of decor. If you are leery of too much mid-century modern but don’t want to clash with the style, Natasha Linen Look Sheer Curtains are the answer.

However, if you want to go all in on mid-century modern decor, set off the look with Joy Lace Pattern Sheer Curtains. This beautiful sheer white curtain is lightweight with a full lace pattern. It speaks more to the earlier part of this decor era.

For a sheer curtain that goes well with later mid-century modern decor, try May Vine Leaves Embroidered Sheer Curtains. May is a style that gives you the look of sheer white curtains and the splash of color from the exquisite vining green leaf pattern.

Mid Century Modern Blackout Curtains

No matter the style of curtain that you choose, many people prefer blackout curtains. They are wonderful for protecting from harsh conditions such as intense UV or extreme temperatures. Most people prefer them for their light-blocking ability.

Blackout curtains help to improve the MCM decor style because they help to tie things together, and protect your period furniture. Is there such a thing as mid-century modern blackout curtains? There is, and we have the very best ones for you!

One of the best examples of mid-century modern curtains in green is Lita Gorgeous Italian Velvet Curtains. These are 100 percent blackout curtains when you have the lining added to them. They also come in navy blue, blood red, and palm gold which go well with the color schemes of this decor style.

Doris Jacquard Micro-Shiny Mottled Texture Curtains in orange are another great option depending on your chosen color scheme. This curtain provides complete privacy and blocks the majority of light. If you want to make Doris a blackout curtain, add lining.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Most living room or bedroom ideas can be applied to the kitchen for mid-century modern curtains. However, a few mid-century modern kitchen curtain ideas can make your decor choices stand out.

Mid-century modern cafe curtains were really popular during the 1950s and 1960s. It is easy to get this look with modern curtains. You can use a great curtain like Tyler Buffalo Check Printed Curtains. These come in your choice of red or black. Red is more of the classic cafe look, but black gives the nod to that look and allows room for whatever colors are already incorporated into your decor.

If cafe style isn’t your thing, try Ivy Diamond Pattern Semi Sheer Curtains. You get a white curtain with a lovely diamond pattern in either teal blue or gray. Just choose which pattern works better in your dream mid-century modern kitchen.

Alex Velvety Semi Sheer Curtains are also a great option because they are waterproof and that is such an important feature for kitchens. They come in several colors including both blue and white, which fit well within the mid century modern color scheme.

Mid Century Modern Curtains for Sale

If you are unsure how to get the exact curtains, use our measurement tool for correct sizing and consider ordering your 10 free swatches of material to get a better idea of what the curtains will look and feel like in your home.

For the best mid-century modern curtains for your home, shop Curtarra online. All Curtarra curtains are handmade for outstanding quality. They will add beauty and flavor to any and every room in your home.


Whatever curtains you choose to accent your mid century modern decor, remember to have fun. Playful expression and color should be part of the joy of having an MCM style home.