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Five Fresh Ideas on Custom Curtains to Inspire Your Home Remodeling

The importance of having a chic home that serves as a private sanctuary cannot be overstated. Designing your window is a fantastic start if you are on a remodeling binge. Finding something that suits your home, personal preferences, and budget can be difficult given the wide range of possibilities available.

Curtains can be used for much more than just window coverings. They can serve as the foundation for a space's overall appearance and feel. They offer warmth, intimacy, and energy-saving benefits. Therefore, you need custom curtains to give your home its authentic feel as you prepare to transform it into a new, more redefining appeal.

By selecting custom curtains, you are paying professionals to create something unique for your home through fine craftsmanship and custom-made design. Unlike ready-made curtains, having custom curtains allows you to choose a pattern, header style, and size that perfectly matches your current decor. In our guide below, learn the five fresh ideas for selecting the ideal bespoke custom curtains when redesigning your home.

1.Pick the Style 

Remodeling cannot begin if you don't know the aesthetic you want for your home. So before purchasing new curtains, choose the color and pattern you desire. Customizing curtains to match your needs and preferences is possible with a wide selection of options.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the best design.

● The first step is to identify the pattern of your furniture, tiles, or carpets. This is especially important for color, as it will help you choose curtains with complementary colors. If your home's interior decor is sharp or vibrant in tone, for example, you should select a drab or neutral color for your curtains to complement. If the interior decor isn't crisp, the curtains should be.

● The difference is that dark colors have a formal appearance, whereas radiant colors have an open and airy appearance. Allow the color of your curtains to complement the color of your home's walls.

● Examine the placement of your windows. When your windows are close together, avoid using a heavy style.

● Layering curtains is another way to experiment with them. Place a stunning design curtain on top of or next to one in a neutral color. You could have a striking appearance.

2.Light Screening Features 

Light filtering should be considered when choosing your fabric to measure how much sunlight or ambient light the curtains will block. Along with that, giving your home a magnificent appearance for its new look is as simple as selecting the right curtains for the right places.

● Sheer curtains have a light, bulging quality to them. They are the best choice if you want a window with a relaxed appearance like your kitchen. While they provide little privacy or light blocking, they offer numerous opportunities to experiment with color, weaving, and sheen.

● Silk curtains are the material of choice for those who want to give their windows a posh appearance. The elegant weight of this material immediately conveys a sense of wealth. The vivid, rich dyes of many different colors make this cloth a visual delight. Silk is an excellent material for folded patterns with large panels that pool on the floor.

● Having a thick curtain is ideal during the winter season. You can get a velvet fabric that provides blackout effects. They are suitable for bedrooms or entertainment areas such as movie theaters because they provide privacy and aid in sound absorption. 

3.The types of Curtain Header 

For a fresh look, the portion of the curtain that hangs on the curtain track or rod is called the heading. Your final curtains' appearance might be drastically altered by the heading style you select, which will also affect the kind of rod or track you can hang them on.

● Ripple Fold 

A modern home is a perfect place for wave headings requiring a specialized pole or track. This elegant header creates a gentle rippling effect. When used in a space with a glass wall or a wide window, it looks amazing.

● Grommet Top

To match your decor, metal rings known as grommets can be found in a variety of textures, such as silver, chrome, or brass. Your curtains will fall in gentle, even folds after being suspended.

● Pinch Pleat

Curtains with a dual or threefold touch crease heading will have a chic permanent pleat. Given that curtains are constructed to precisely match their tracks or poles, it is crucial to take accurate measurements.

● Tab Top

Another modern heading is a heading at the top of a tab. To create the delicate pleats, the pole threads between the tabs. They are inappropriate for spaces where you need to block out light since light will pass through the distance between the tab tops and the main curtain. 

● Pencil Pleat

The most well-liked curtain header design is the pencil pleat. It is an elegant, traditional gathered style that looks beautiful in most settings. Pleats add a charming fullness to the décor of any room with their lengthy, collected appearance. It provides voluminous depth to textiles that aren't too thick. Therefore light to medium weight fabrics are advised for this design.

4.Taking Dimensions (width and length) 

Measure windows to ensure that the curtains are the right size for the style you want. You can get assistance and guidance from Curtarra's precise  Measurement Tool to help you measure your windows accurately during your remodeling.

● How to Choose the Right Length

Use long lengths and hang them overhead to give the panels a sense of height and intensity.

It would be best if you chose your preferred length style:

Suppose it will be rubbing against the floor, such as with heavy and thick fabrics like velvet. They maintain their structure while remaining stunning.

Length is best for a more relaxed look breaching the floor because it gives a carefree vibe.

Short curtains above the floor or short in length provide a more casual appearance. These are frequently used in kitchen and bathroom windows.

This romantic form allows the panel to hang two inches above the floor by fusing or puddling on the ground. This is advised for curtains that will be utilized for adornment as opposed to curtains that will be drawn shut frequently.

● How to Choose the Right Width

Before deciding on a width, determine if you want your curtains to close or just have decorative panels fully.

When measuring, include the entire width of the window if it is a complete covering; however, if it is only decorative, exclude the whole width. Similarly, hanging the rod a few inches wider than the window will allow your open curtains to sit outside the window frame, allowing natural light to pass through while also giving the impression that your windows are larger.

5.Washing Effect

When remodeling your home, choose whether to purchase curtains that can be washed in a washing machine or those that require only dry cleaning. Remember that attempting to expensive hand-wash curtains can cause them to deteriorate.


Because of their adaptability and practicality, curtains are always in style and high demand for window treatments in modern homes. Color, pattern, and texture combinations can be used to create window treatments that match your windows.

Curtarra has a large selection of labels and textures for your convenience. After we custom-fit your chosen design to suit your space and window, you will receive a wonderfully qualified and unique product that will provide you with the maximum amount of seclusion and style.