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Add Style to Your Home With 2023s Color of the Year: Viva Magenta

The renowned color experts have spoken, and they decided that the 2023 color of the year is Viva Magenta. So, what does that mean for interior design? Gorgeous matching curtains, of course.

According to Pantone, in the new year, viva magenta is going to be literally everywhere. Get ahead of the game by purchasing curtains for your home now that will go with the magenta décor you will cover your home with later.

At Curtarra’s, you can find affordable, quality, hand-made options that will liven up the look of your space.

What is the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year? Viva Magenta

Pantone is the company responsible for color matching in varying industries, such as product and fashion design.

Many professionals in the design industry look to this company for the next up-and-coming color and their color-matching tools.

So, when Pantone announced that in 2023 viva magenta would steal the show, we listened. Once we found out what the upcoming color of the year would be, we did our homework to find colors that paired well.

According to the Pantone website, colors that go with viva magenta include,

Pale Dogwood (Pale Pink)

Gray Sand (Very Light Brown)

Gray Lilac (Light Purplish gray)

Pale Khaki (Light Khaki)

Fields of Rye (Medium Light Brown)

Agate Gray (Medium Dark Gray)

Plein Air (Light Canyon Blue)

Is Viva Magenta Suitable for Interior Design and Home Decor?

Viva Magenta is bright, vibrant, and loud. This magnificent shade of crimson red can add a gorgeous pop of color to a plain, neutral room. If you feel a little bit brazen, you can even use it to color an entire wall.

Designers are in the process of adding magenta to an array of home decor items such as lighting fixtures, vases, wall art, and more. This is a great time to start preparing your home with the best custom-made curtains to complete the look of your 2023 style.

What Curtains Go Well with this Color?

Viva magenta is a powerful color with an outstanding balance of cool and warm tones. You can combine the bright shade with just about any color scheme and get a dramatic and stylish accent you will love.

When pairing curtains with the most popular color in 2023, you want to ensure you choose options that won’t clash or overwhelm the room.

Go Light Grey, When the Walls are Brightly Colored

A light grey curtain like our Elma Soft Blackout Velvet Curtains is an excellent option for any room with a magenta-colored accent wall. These curtains will help tone things down while letting the wall stand out.

A Pale Pink is Perfect for a Brilliantly Colored Bedroom

If you decided that viva magenta accent pillows, wall art, and area rugs were perfect for your room, you should choose a curtain with a color that will keep the pink vibes going.

Light pink curtains like our Esme Soft Woven Texture Curtains will bring the pink theme together without becoming an eye sore.

A Neutral Look for a Vibrant Kitchen

Using light brown or khaki curtains in the kitchen with magenta tablecloths, flowers, or countertops, is the best way to add a natural balance to the room.

By buying a stunning set of neutral-colored curtains, such as our Joana Flame Retardant Textured Curtains (Beach Tones) or the George Solid Color Pinstripe Texture Curtains (Khaki), you’re going to have one of the best-dressed kitchens on the block.

Lilac or Light Blue Goes Well with Small Bursts of Bold

Lilac and light blue are more options that can add some style to your space.

Joana Flame Retardant Texture Curtains ( Light Blue) and Pastel Sheer Curtains (lilac) are two examples of fabric that can enhance the bold wine-colored shade while not becoming too overpowering.

What Patterns Go Well with This Color?

Many people are unaware that patterns can provide the same gorgeous look as solid-colored curtains. But you must know what patterns work with the décor you already have in the space.

Modern Moroccan-Grey Moroccan print curtains would be an ideal addition to a room with a solid magenta-colored comforter, pillows, and dresser. The Moroccan print on these curtains will bring harmony to your space. With 70-80% light blocking ability and thick material, our Moroccan print curtains will also assist in a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Perfectly Paisley- Our khaki, Angelica Jacquard Paisley Pattern Curtains would make a beautiful background to a white table adorned with a viva magenta top and modern artwork splashed across the walls. The classical paisley Jacquard pattern has a soft feel and fits right in with the rest of the creative atmosphere.

Fabulous Floral Sheer- Our Olivia Embroidery Linen Look Curtains & Sheer give your room a serene look with the soft touch of a textured blue flower pattern. These curtains would make an amazing addition to any space with a magenta backsplash while balancing the bright pink with a bit of blue.

Is Viva Magenta a Good Color for All Textiles?

This striking hue is perfect for all types of materials, whether you are looking for a brightly colored blanket or bold and beautiful drapes.

Many great fabrics pair well with this popular pinkish color, including, but not limited to,




Cotton blend


The fabrics make durable, heavy-duty, and quality curtains, which is why Curtarra offers customers a massive variety that is handmade and easy to order online.

Even better, Curtarra’s curtains are affordable for all budgets. The vast selection and low prices allow anyone to upgrade their homes with the hottest color of the year.

Curtarra’s curtains are also:

Fire Retardant

UV Resistance


Room Darkening

Energy Saving


And More

Final Thoughts

The color of the year in 2023 is one of the most powerful and revitalizing ever to make Pantone’s list. Because of the bold statement viva magenta makes, pairing it with calm and natural colors is the best way to create an elegant and modern look for your home.

For quality curtains, you can count on, check out our website at Curtarra.com. Here you will find handmade, affordable, unique, and stylish designs made to last.