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10 Color Tips That Will Totally Recreate Your Home for 2023 Spring

There’s no better time than the new year to revamp your home’s style and order some new curtains–so you’ll have to select the right curtain colors to match your space.

Curtains can come in a wide variety of colors, though a certain selection of curtain colors will be all the rage in 2023.

Continue reading below as we highlight the curtain colors that will make your home look modern and trendy so you can start the new year with style.

What Are the Top Color Tips for 2023?

The Pantone Color Institute just released its semiannual Color Trend Report on the top Spring 2023 hues.

As you’ll see from their list, both vibrant colors and softer pastel shades will be at play for the new season, which you can take advantage of in your own home with different curtain colors.

Let’s review what colors they’ve selected to highlight for Spring 2023 and how you can infuse them into your interior with different curtain colors.

As we review Pantone’s Spring 2023 colors, consider your home's existing decor and style to see where you could incorporate the following shades. Think about your wall colors, furniture, and overall style. Remember that new additions like curtains should complement your existing space, not overwhelm or clash.

1. Fiery Red – Crimson Red Color

Pantone’s Fiery Red is a bright shade bursting with passion and fierceness, similar to a dark crimson. It will add a great pop of color to any room in your home, and complement other red design elements you have.

Curtarra’s Lita Gorgeous Italian Velvet Curtains in ‘Blood Red’ are a great choice if you want to incorporate Fiery Red into your home this spring. Try them out in your bedroom to bathe the space with a warm, intimate aura that is both cozy and inviting.

2. Crystal Rose – Bubblegum Pink Color

On the lighter side, Crystal Rose is a playful and fun bubblegum pink shade that would look great in a child’s bedroom or playroom if you’re looking for new curtain colors in these rooms.

The Ariel Twill Woven Linen Look Curtains in the shade ‘Pink’ by Curtarra can help you master this color in your own home, especially if you’re looking for a linen curtains look.

3. Empire Yellow – Golden Yellow Color

Another bold and vibrant shade Pantone is highlighting for the coming season is Empire Yellow. This cheerful and sunny color will brighten any space like the other curtain colors on this list.

To add this shade into your own home, go for Curtarra’s Ramond Cashmere Feel Curtains in ‘Yellow’. These would look great as home office curtains given their luxe feel and look. The brilliant golden-yellow color will help brighten up the space and make you feel invigorated and inspired each day.

4. Love Bird – Lime Green Color

The perfect shade to celebrate the return of spring in your home is Love Bird, a brilliant and fun lime green hue that would liven up any home when used as curtain colors.

The Rita Parrot Forest Printed Curtains from Curtarra in ‘Green’ is very similar to Love Bird, with a fantastic print that adds great depth and dimension to your window treatments.

5. Blue Perennial – Royal Blue Color

A cool-toned color that Pantone is showcasing for Spring 2023 is Blue Perennial, which adds a calming hue to any home’s design compared to some of the other vibrant curtain colors on this list.

Incorporate this soothing shade as home office curtains or in your bedroom or living room with Curtarra’s Gwen Diamond Woven Texture Curtains in ‘Blue’. These curtains can help create a relaxing environment that you won’t ever want to leave.

6. Summer Song – Light Blue Color

Pantone’s Summer Song will give you beachy and coastal vibes in this light blue tint, which you can add in your own home with Curtarra’s Cobie Gold Wire Woven Texture Curtains in ‘Light Blue’.

Though they are not sheer privacy curtains, they have great light-blocking and privacy-enhancing features you may want from home office curtains or in your bedroom.

7. Skylight – Eggshell Blue Color

Pantone's Skylight is playful and vibrant, an aquamarine-like shade, yet subdued enough to look fantastic as home office curtains, outdoor curtains for patio spaces, and more.

Curtarra’s Tommy Faux Wool Texture Curtains in ‘Aqua’ are a perfect way to reflect the joys of this color throughout your home with elegance and sophistication.

8. Vanilla Cream – Pastel Peach Color

With peach undertones and a warm aura, Vanilla Cream is another great option for curtain colors that you can use to give a refresh to your space for springtime.

If you want to add this shade in your home office curtains, in a child’s bedroom, or even in your living room, check out Curtarra’s Ailsa Soft Satin Look Curtains in ‘Pale Pink’.

9. Gray Lilac – Purple-Gray Color

Another shade with a cool and calming tone from the Pantone Spring 2023 collect is Gray Lilac, a purplish gray color.

Like some of the other curtain colors on this list, this shade is very versatile and will look just as good as home office curtains as it would in your bedroom or living room.

At Curtarra, the Shawn Tight Triple Weave Short Pile Curtains we offer in the color ‘Dark Gray’ are a way to add this hue to your home in the new year.

10. Leek Green – Sage Green Color

The final of the curtain colors that we’ll highlight is Leek Green, a light and pastel-like shade that brings a great earthy tone into your home as bedroom curtains or home office curtains.

Curtarra’s Haley Solid Velvet Curtains in the shade ‘Light Green’ allow you to infuse this calming shade into your home to start off the year.

Let Curtarra Help You Find the Right Curtain Colors

If you want to add these curtain colors to your home, look no further than Curtarra for all your affordable, custom curtains needs. At Curtarra, we always stay up-to-date with the latest styles and trends, offering you plenty of curtain colors to keep your home looking stylish and sleek all year round.

With hundreds of available curtain colors and patterns available, we have the right match for every home. And with our free fabric samples, it’s easy to try out different colors in your home from a variety of swatches to help you find the perfect fit.

Visit Curtarra today to see just how easy it can be to incorporate these fabulous curtain colors into your home’s style, and order custom window treatments in just minutes.