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3 Simple Tricks to Adorn Rustic Contemporary Curtains

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what style of curtains will work best in a rustic contemporary setting. Different homes will call for different styles and treatments, and it is important to consider your home's specific features when deciding. That said, a few general tips can help you create an elegant and harmonious look using rustic contemporary curtains, which we discuss in this article.

The rustic contemporary interior decor style is the coming together of two twists in interior decoration. On the one hand, you have a natural and earthy style. This decor style emphasizes roughness and employs wood, stone, and other earthy elements to create a living space more attuned to nature. And on the other hand, you have the contemporary or modern style. This more simplistic decor favors neutrals and geometry perfection. While these two interior decor styles are far apart in terms of their visual impact and overall tone, combining them to form a new decor is a move that has been praised as a stroke of genius.

A rustic contemporary design style integrates the superior qualities of both types of décor, leaving you with natural furnishings like rough stone walls or fireplaces, hardwood floors, walls, or furniture, as well as more modern design choices which can range from the overall color scheme to the deliberate use of texture and clean lines. As a result, a few things need to be noted when furnishing your space, particularly when choosing curtains. Here are a few simple tricks to choose the best rustic contemporary curtains for your space.

1. Make Use of Heavy Rustic Contemporary Curtains

A major characteristic and one you should exploit is the overall ruggedness a rustic design style breathes into your living space. With this in mind, matching this harsh tone with an equally beautiful but rugged curtain is a simple trick you can utilize to get the absolute best out of your space.

Drapes are heavier curtains that provide insulation and light-blocking properties, giving you control over the amount of light allowed into the room. And since a selling point of the rustic contemporary curtains revolves around extra lighting, this will undoubtedly prove essential for people who wish to regulate the amount of light they want filtering into their homes.

Also, when choosing the perfect rustic contemporary curtains, you must pay attention to your home's overall design and color scheme. Since the traditional colors used in the rustic contemporary curtains are mainly earthy and neutral, going for neutral drapes like gray, cream, beige, and white or earthly tones like maple brown, green, orange, and red, will be a perfect fit.

Suppose you don't wish to integrate heavy rustic contemporary curtains into your space. In that case, you can also consider other curtain fabrics that complement the rustic contemporary feel. For example, a polyester and linen curtain blend is an excellent choice for this design style.

2. Pay Attention to The Curtain Header Styles

As important as curtains are in completing your decor, the curtain header is also just as important. With the rustic contemporary design style as a base, you have the freedom to experiment with a wide variety of header styles. And while going for simple styles like the commonly used rod pocket is always a safe bet, using a bolder or more expressive curtain header is sure to bring the overall look of your rustic contemporary curtains and home to another level. On this note, there are a few curtain headers you can consider using.

A staple in most homes that utilize the rustic contemporary design is either wall of glass or large windows. To this end, integrating wave headings into your curtain makes it stand out completely. Wave headings are very stylish and give a soft rippling effect to your curtains. This gives it a more ethereal look; as it makes your curtain appear floating below the rod, it hangs on. Although this is a more modern design, it has no trouble blending with the rustic elements in your space.

Another header style to consider is the eyelet or grommet. For this style, rings are sewn into the header to serve as the guide for the curtain pole. This gives your curtain a rigid look and helps it fall in well-defined, even pleats. It also lets the curtain panels slide easily over the rod, giving you easy control over the amount of light in your space. Apart from their functionality, the grommets also come in multiple colors and materials, giving you the luxury of integrating any ring color with your curtain of choice. Also, for every curtain you purchase, Curtarra offers different headers that perfectly compliment them.

3. Pick a Good Design of Rustic Contemporary Curtains

To get the absolute best for your space, introducing patterned rustic contemporary curtains will give your room that extra kick it needs to reach perfection. Due to the rough artistic charm that is synonymous with the rustic contemporary design style, you must prioritize the use of curtains or drapes with patterns or designs that compliment the color scheme of the room, as this will help greatly in promoting both the rough aesthetic and subtle sophistication of both styles.

On this note, a wonderful curtain to consider if you wish to incorporate floral patterns is Debby. This curtain's artistic design and bright colors go well with the rustic tone, especially if you have flowers integrated into your space. Another top-notch product is Victoria. This exquisite curtain is made from the best quality velvet fabric and is thick enough to block out 70% of sunlight. You can also consider Tracy if you wish for a more simplistic pattern. As an added note, Curtarra mainly offers custom curtains. This gives you free rein over what design or pattern you wish to have.


With the rustic contemporary design style merging two completely different décors, your curtain's importance in bringing both designs together is crucial. Hence, following these few tips will surely aid you in selecting curtains that will bring out the absolute best rustic contemporary curtains in your space.

At Curtarra, we aim to make your life easier and more comfortable by delivering high-quality custom curtains at the most affordable prices. Visit our website now and start your delightful curtain journey.