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What is the Best Curtain Fabric for Your Home?

Are you relocating to a new place and looking to decorate your home windows with curtains? Or are you thinking of updating the window dressings in your home? Whatever you are thinking about, you might be wondering about the types and the best fabric for curtains to buy for your home. Remember that there are many options out there. So it can be overwhelming when you visit a store and find curtains with several textures, colors, and materials.

Luckily, we have looked at different curtain fabrics and enclosed a list of the best 8 fabrics. And we will also discuss how to choose the best curtain fabric accordingly.

Why Does Fabric Matter?

When you choose curtains, the fabric is the essential part to consider. The material of the fabric will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time.

Curtain or home designer Suysel Depedro Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick shares her thoughts about curtain fabrics or styles. According to her, "Curtain fabrics designed with heavy materials may not fold when drawn. But, on the other hand, too light curtain fabrics may not fall well."

So, you need to choose the fabric for the curtains that is neither too heavy nor too light. Moreover, curtain fabric also plays a vital role in maintaining or enhancing your room's overall look and décor. Therefore, the details on the mentioned curtains will surely help you know what can be the ideal option for you.

8 Types Of Curtain Fabric

Choosing the best fabric for a curtain may be challenging. It is because you have to notice several things. For example, you need to look at the overall theme of your room, the fabric of other furniture items, and what place you will hang your curtains. If you are going to hang curtains where they will directly contact dirt and sunlight, the fabric should have the ability to bear the effects of all the environmental changes. The given materials will let you know how they are featured for curtains.  

1. Sheer Curtain Fabric

First of all, we come up with the suggestion of the sheer curtain fabrics. Sheer curtain fabric comes up with many benefits. Below given are the leading benefits of choosing sheer curtain fabric:

  • Privacy: People looking for curtains that can allow the light to pass from them and never hurt their privacy should look for sheer curtain fabric. Sheer curtain fabrics are considered the great options for the room that need natural light. However, you can see the people outside, but the inside view is not visible.

  • Economical: Sheer curtains are designed with lightweight fabric, such as cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. So, they are not so expensive as other heavier curtains are. Experts said that buying the sheer curtains is the most versatile design investment you can make to décor your home.

  • UV Protection: The weaving of a sheer curtain allows the sunlight to enter your space modestly. When adding sheer curtains behind the drapes, the fabric acts as a barrier to restrict UV and protects your drapes from hazardous sunlight. In addition, thin or sheer fabric or material makes your curtains look new even after 10 years or more.

  • Elegance: If you want to provide or add a simple sense of class and beauty to your windows or room space, hanging sheer curtain fabric is the best recommendation. Sheer curtains are best for the family room, living room, and bedroom.

2. Lace Curtain Fabric

People looking to have curtains that can provide more light to their room and space should go with the lace curtain fabric. The lace fabric is light, allowing natural light to enter the room. The fabric also offers an air feel indoors. Also, it adds to the romantic atmosphere of a traditionally inspired décor. Usually, lace curtain fabrics come in white or ivory, making them coordinate easily with other color schemes. Another main benefit of lace curtain fabric is that they are machine washable, helping you save time when washing these curtains.

3. Outdoor Fabric Curtain

For most people, privacy and shed are the two main things that come to mind when they think of outdoor curtains. These curtains help you block out the lights and offer your place a cool looking. And they come with many other benefits. For example, outdoor curtains allow you to enjoy the sun and provide water resistance.

They also help block allergens, wind, and bugs. You will find that outdoor curtains can provide you with a positive environmental impact. They also offer a protective layer to your furniture, cushion, pillows, and other accessories.

4. Drapery Fabric Curtain

Drapery fabric curtains are used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can get the following benefits while using drapery fabric curtains:

  • Drapery fabric curtains help stop direct sunlight.

  • They are considered the best tools to control the surrounding climate.

  • They allow you to maintain your outdoor privacy by providing a shed and shelter.

  • The drapery coverings provide you with the thermal isolation of your home, helping save you on hefty heating and cooling bills.

  • They also help you provide your home with thermal insulation and reduce noise from the outside areas.

  • They also help enhance your décor and add value to your homes.

5. Silk Curtain Fabric

The noticeable thing about the silk material is that it is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic material. Furthermore, as silk fabric is exceptionally durable – there is no need for particular operating conditions. Silk fabric materials can also be the ideal option for your children's room because they do not electrify and do not attract dust particles. Some additional benefits of using silk curtain fabric are listed below:

  • They are soft and luxurious.

  • They are naturally sourced, and many varieties are available.

  • Silk fabric is a natural temperature regulating material, helping keep your room cool in summer and comfortable in winter.

  • The fabric also comes with moisturizing and non-inflammatory features.

    6. Velvet Curtain Fabric

    Velvet curtain fabrics come among the heavy materials. They help keep out the cool and are helpful for drafty windows. As well as this, they help block lights and provide extra privacy, making your space the perfect environment for sleep. So, experts said that velvet curtain fabrics are beautiful and practical. But, do you need extra privacy with the sense of making your space more comfortable and perfect for sleeping? Then, you should look for some heavy curtain fabrics, such as velvet.

    7. Linen Curtain Fabric

    Linen is one of the most beloved windows treatment fabrics suggested by users. The reasons behind the popularity and endorsement of linen fabric are linen-textured, lightweight, and laid back. Other benefits that encourage us to choose our curtains in linen fabrics include;

    • They look calm and neutral

    • The curtains with linen fabrics are fine with humidity

    • They are considered the best in handling heat

    • Linen fabric curtains have obtained great texture

    • As they are the most robust fabric, linen fabric curtains are kid-friendly

    • Linen curtain fabrics match absolutely everything

    • They are so customized to use anywhere and everywhere

    8. Cotton Curtain Fabric

    When talking about the best curtain fabrics, how can we forget about the cotton curtain fabrics? Whether 100% cotton or cotton/polyester mix, it is the most common and versatile fabric for curtains. Cotton is more lightweight than other fabrics or types of curtains. Some leading benefits of using cotton fabric curtains are listed below:

    • Cotton fabric curtains have a soft hand feel and good moisture permeability. In addition, experts said that cotton fabric curtains could absorb dust particles found in the air.

    • They look naturally beautiful and come with the simplest look.

    • They are soft gloss and show good dying performance.

    • Heat resistance and alkali resistance are other excellent and noticeable features of cotton curtains.

    Best Curtain Fabrics By Room

    Designers suggest different fabrics for a particular space. And you cannot use a single type of fabric for all areas or rooms. For example, the curtains should be lightweight for a living room and allow light to pass. Similarly, curtain fabric for the kitchen should be stain resistant, curtain fabric for the bedroom should provide a perfect sleep environment, and the dining room should be some lightweight fabrics and must provide needed privacy. Below are some ideas for the best curtain fabrics by room or space:

    1. Living Room


    The living room needs outside light or sunlight to enter the room. So, you should look for some lightweight fabric curtains, such as cotton, linen, sheer, and silk. These fabrics do not only provide you with the needed amount of life, but they also provide you with the needed privacy.


    1. Kitchen

    If you are looking to dress up the windows or doors of your kitchen, you should look for some durable and stain-resistant materials. As we know, inside the kitchen we prepare food and wash dishes. So, there are high chances of stains and other dirt particles embracing the kitchen curtains. So, choosing a stain-resistant curtain are the best option for a kitchen.

    1. Dining Room

    The primary tip for users is to choose the dining room curtains according to the theme you have already selected for your dining room. However, you need to have some amount of light inside the dining room. Remember that hanging lightweight curtains will help keep your dining room cool, illuminate, and create a private space. 

    1. Bedroom

    A bedroom is a space where you want to stay while resting or sleeping. So, it might look like a more comfortable and relaxed space. And here is a suggestion for you to hang a heavy curtain - you can get a heavy curtain. It will block all the direct light outside or surrounding the room. The fabric-like velvet also helps keep your room insulated and protects you from environmental fluctuations. 

    How to Choose the Best Curtain Fabric

    There are many different types of curtain fabrics out there and you’d better have a clear idea of what you need first before you can find the right one. Some fabrics may not suit your home's decor, while others will block more light than you would like. If you like to do curtains with customer demand, you can go to our store. Our experts are always here for you!