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Ready-made Curtains vs. Custom Curtains: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to curtains, there are two main options: ready-made or custom. Which one is best for you? That depends on your needs and preferences. Ready-made curtains are usually cheaper and easier to find, but they may not be the perfect fit for your space.

On the other hand, custom curtains can be more expensive, but they will be made specifically for your home. So which option is right for you? Read on to know more about each type of curtain and decide which one is best for your needs.

What Are Ready-made Curtains?

Ready-made curtains are prefabricated curtains that come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. They are a convenient and affordable option for dressing up windows, and they can be found at most home improvement stores.

While ready-made curtains are not custom-made, they can still be personalized to some extent. For example, many ready-made curtains come with tiebacks or other embellishments that can be added to give the curtains a unique look.

Additionally, ready-made curtains can often be hemmed to the desired length, allowing for a perfect fit. If you are considering a quick and easy solution for dressing up your windows or hoping to get an affordable option, ready-made curtains are worth considering.

What Are Custom Curtains?

Custom curtains are window treatments that are made to fit the specific dimensions of your windows. These types of curtains can be made from various materials, including lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen, heavier fabrics like velvet or tapestry, or even waterproof materials like PVC.

Custom curtains can be hung using unique header styles, including rod pockets, grommets, or clip rings. They can be hung from the ceiling or the top of the window frame, and they can be either stationary or able to be opened and closed using a cord or drawstring.

Custom curtains can be an excellent way to improve the look of your home while also providing privacy and protecting your furniture from sun damage. Custom curtains can also help keep warm in winter by insulating the windows. By keeping the cold air from coming in and the heat from escaping, custom curtains help maintain a comfortable home temperature.

When choosing custom curtains, it is important to consider the style of your home, the amount of sunlight you want to let in your house, and how often you will need to open and close them.

The Benefits of Ready-made Curtains

Ready-made curtains have a few key benefits that make them a popular choice for window treatments.


Ready-made curtains are an excellent option for those who want to save money. They are affordable and come in a wide range of styles, making it easy to find the perfect set that fits your budget for your home.

Time Savers

Ready-made curtains are an excellent solution for busy people who want beautiful window treatments without hassles. You can find these types of curtains in different colors and styles, making them easy to install.

Getting this type of curtain can be a huge time saver, especially if you're short on time or need them installed quickly. Ready-made curtains save you the time and hassle of dealing with installation companies or individual contractors. Select the style and size best fits your needs and hang them up yourself.

Multiple Choices

Ready-made curtains are available in various styles, designs, and colors. This makes it easier to find the perfect curtains for your home, regardless of your taste. If you are looking for something contemporary or even traditional, you will find.


They May Not Fit Your Window Size

One of the most frustrating things about ready-made curtains is that ready-made curtains rarely fit perfectly. Most standard curtain sizes are too short or too wide for the average window, leaving you with gaps at the top or sides.

And even if you can find a size close to your window measurements, the length will be off by a few inches. This can be frustrating if you have non-standard window dimensions.

They May Not Offer Privacy or Light Control

Ready-made curtains may not offer the same level of privacy or light control as custom options. Ready-made curtains are often made from lightweight fabrics that do little to block out light. As a result, custom curtains may provide a higher level of privacy and light control than ready-made curtains.

The Materials Are Average

There's no denying that ready-made curtains are a convenient option for window treatments. But when it comes to quality, they often fall short.

The materials used to make ready-made curtains are usually of lower quality, which means they're not as durable or long-lasting as curtains made from higher quality materials.

They Are Not Unique in Style or Design

Ready-made curtains aren't unique in style or design. They can be quite ordinary looking, which might not be ideal if you're trying to dress up a space.

The Benefits of Custom Curtains

Custom curtains offer several benefits that ready-made curtains simply can't match.

They Fit Your Windows Perfectly

One of the biggest advantages of custom curtains is that they are made to fit your windows perfectly. No matter what size or shape your windows are, you can have custom curtains made that will fit them perfectly. This means no more gaps at the top or sides of your windows.

You Can Choose What You Want Your Curtain To Be Like

There are many reasons why you might want to consider custom-made curtains for your home. Perhaps you have an odd-sized window that makes it difficult to find ready-made curtains that fit correctly.

Or maybe you have a specific style in mind that you can't find in stores. Whatever the reason, custom-made curtains can provide a perfect solution.

The first step is to choose the fabric that you want. There are many materials to choose from, so you're sure to find something that fits your style and needs. When choosing custom curtains, you have the opportunity to select the fabric, color, pattern, header style, extra long length, or other special requirements that best suit your needs. You can also order free swatches before making your final decision, so you can be sure you're choosing the perfect fabric for your space.

Once you've chosen the fabric and the properties you want with it and checked out some swatches, you'll need to take measurements of your windows so that the curtains will fit perfectly. Then, simply place your order for the curtain, and wait for your custom-made curtains to arrive.

With custom-made curtains, you can be sure they will fit perfectly and look exactly how you want them to.

They Are Unique

A home reflects its owner's taste, style, and personality. No two homes are designed the same way, and one of the easiest ways to add a personal touch is with custom-made curtains.

Custom-made curtains are a great way to add a personal touch to your home décor. Unlike ready-made curtains, which are mass-produced and often lack character, custom-made curtains are unique and stylish.

When you choose to have your curtains made, you can select from a wide variety of fabric options and style choices. You can also specify the exact measurements for your windows, ensuring that your curtains will fit perfectly. Therefore, you get to have a unique home that suits your taste.

They Offer Privacy and Light Blocking

Regarding privacy, custom-made window treatments can be designed to fit your needs. For example, if you live in a busy urban area, you may want to choose treatments that completely block light and provide maximum privacy.

On the other hand, if you live in a more rural area, you may want treatments that allow some light while still providing privacy. In any case, custom-made window treatments can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Regarding light blocking, custom-made window treatments can be made with heavier materials. As a result, custom-made window treatments can provide much better light blocking than off-the-shelf options.

They Are Durable

Custom-made curtains are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. When it comes to window treatments, you want something that will look good and last long. Custom curtains are made to fit your specific windows, so they will look great and are less likely to tear or wear out.

In addition, custom curtains can be made from various materials, so you can choose something that is both durable and stylish. Custom-made curtains are an excellent option if you are looking for window treatments that will last.

They Are Energy Efficient

Custom-made curtains help to increase energy efficiency in a home for several reasons. First, they can be made from heavier fabrics that provide better insulation from cold drafts in the winter.

Second, they can be lined with thermal fabric or interlining, which helps to reflect heat into the room in the summer.

Finally, custom-made curtains can be equipped with blackout linings that block out sunlight, helping to keep a room cooler in the summer. Using these various features, custom-made curtains can help significantly reduce a home's energy consumption.


They Are Expensive

Custom-made curtains are more expensive than ready-made curtains. But they are worth it because they offer numerous features. When considering all of these factors, custom-made curtains are worth the investment. Despite this, Curtarra custom curtains are affordable, and you don’t have to break the bank to get what you want.

How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Home

Now that you know the pros and cons of ready-made and custom curtains, how do you choose the right window treatments for your home?

Here are a few tips:

Consider Your Budget

Once you've established how much you're willing or able to spend, you can start narrowing down your options and making some tough choices. If you are on a smaller budget, you may have to forego certain features or choose less expensive materials.

But if you're willing to lavish a little, you'll be rewarded with beautiful curtains that will complete your room and last for years.

Fabric and Durability

Fabric is one of the essential considerations when it comes to durability. The fabric you choose will also affect how well the curtains block out light, how well they insulate your home, and how easy they are to clean.

Heavy-duty fabric will stand up better to wear and tear than a lighter-weight fabric. The lining also plays a role in durability. A lined curtain will last longer than an unlined curtain. And finally, the construction of the curtain can affect its durability.

Curtains with double-stitched seams are more durable than those with single-stitched seams.


One crucial factor is customization. Custom-made curtain stores offer the ability to customize your curtains. However, it's important to remember that customization can also be expensive and may take longer to receive your curtains than if you purchase them.

In addition, it's important to ensure you're working with a reputable store like Curtarra with experience in creating custom curtains. But if you have the time to do your own research, working with a store that offers customization can provide you with the perfect set of curtains for your home. Curtarra can offer an easy customization process at affordable prices.

Lighting and Privacy

First, think about privacy. If you have large windows, people walking or driving by may be able to see into your home. Curtains can help to give you the privacy you desire. Another thing to consider is lighting.

If your house has light-colored walls, you might want to choose curtains that allow some light in so that the room doesn't feel too dark. On the other hand, if you have dark-colored walls, you may want to choose curtains that block out more light so that the room doesn't feel too bright.

Size and Shape

Finally, think about the size and shape of your windows. Some windows are tall and narrow, while others are short and wide. And some windows have odd shapes. Such as bay window, and you can learn more about the solution by clicking here.

You'll want to choose curtains that fit well with the size and shape of your windows. For example, if you have tall and narrow windows, vertical stripes may help to make the windows appear wider. And if you have short and wide windows, horizontal stripes may help to make the windows appear taller.

Choosing the right curtains for your home can be a challenge. But if you take the time to consider your options and needs, you'll surely find the perfect window treatments for your home.

Final Thoughts

Ready-made curtains are fine, but custom-made curtains allow you to create a look that is personal and unique to your home. They can also be made to fit any window size or shape, which is not always possible with ready-made curtains.

If you want the perfect curtain solution for your home, go with custom-made curtains, but if you are considering a cheap alternative, you should consider ready-made curtains. So if the quality is important to you (and should be), then investing in custom-made curtains is worth it!