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How to Hang Curtains As Room Dividers?

Hanging curtains across a room is a low-cost and easy way to divide the space. This idea is particularly effective in small spaces such as dorms and studio apartments. We always do this in order to divide the room or create soft walls so that light can pass through while maintaining privacy.

Curtains can be used to separate the sleeping area from the living area, also can be used to create a soft, colorful accent wall or they can be hung at wide entrances and used as decorative frames for large doorways.

Ceiling Curtain Rod

One way to hang curtains in the room is to use ceiling curtain rods. This may be an easy way to install curtains in confined spaces if you have a half wall separating two rooms. However, depending on the length of the space that needs to be covered and the length of the room divider curtain rod, you may need to purchase multiple rods, which will make this option more expensive.

Ceiling Curtain Track

Unlike the hanging curtain rods that are usually used for windows, the hanging curtain track system is specially designed for the application of DIY curtain room partitions. This type of system has a track that can turn around and a multi-track system that can accommodate multiple curtain panels. Use tape to mark the floor on which the curtain will hang. Then lay tracks on the floor so that you can mark where each ceiling is supported on the tape.

The pendant can be attached to the long string to transfer these marks to the ceiling. After drilling the pilot holes and fixing the bracket, you will need a partner to help you hang the track. If you plan to hang curtains made of heavier fabrics or hang ceilings, use this type of system.

Choose Curtains For Room Divider

When choosing curtains as room dividers you should be figured out how much privacy you need, the size of the room, and the decor style.

Using blackout curtains in small dark rooms may make the space feel too closed or crowded. If you need 100% blackout curtains, you can choose a different lining to add to your rood divider. Sheer curtains or semi-sheer curtains will allow light to pass through and provide a feeling of spaciousness.

If more privacy protection is required, the smooth fabric will reflect light, which will help relieve some of the narrow spaces in small rooms. Choosing dark curtains to create a comfortable atmosphere. Remember, high-texture fabrics look darker in color.