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How to Cover a High Ceiling Window

High ceiling house go back through the centuries

In Pre-World War II America, the ceilings in many homes were definitely higher than 8 feet. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the 10-to-12-foot ceilings were the norm. Postwar homes came with ceilings only as high as 7 to 8 feet because building lower ceilings were more affordable. During the building boom of the late  80s and 90s, This high-ceiling “revival”. The overall housing trend has moved toward slightly more voluminous interiors, the 9-to-11-foot variety.

House with a high ceiling looks more elegant, fascinating, and luxurious, they provide versatility for a variety of décor ideas and add to the resale value of the house. They come with high ceiling windows, high french doors, big sliding doors, or big bay windows to bring the house more space, air, and light. So using curtains to cover these high ceiling windows becomes a big issue and an important part of interior decoration. Let’s learn some ideas about the drapes for the high ceiling windows.


 Sheer Curtains for ceiling high window

Hang sheer curtains only

We are always like the lights and want to be close to nature, so add sheer curtains to extra long or extra wide windows lets us have a good view of the outdoors. Sheer curtains are lightweight, elegant, affordable and suitable for taller windows.

These curtains stand perfectly on their own so you won’t need additional draperies to complete the look. Plus, you’ll still be able to enjoy the view and the light while maintaining privacy. If you have a bedroom with giant windows, sheer curtains will be a good fit for you.

We recommend combining multiple sheer panels to create a soft, seamless, and luxurious look.


 decorative extra long curtains

Hang long curtains only on the edges

Hanging a fixed long curtain on the high windows is ideal for inviting ample light into a room but still, make your curtains look not too sample. However, you’ll have to compromise on privacy, so this method is better suited for living, dining, or entertaining rooms the space needs great light but not privacy. And you can add a nice top part to make them more decorative.


 other shades with long curtains

Use other shades with curtains at the same time

Ceiling high windows do fall short when it comes to delivering full privacy and insulation during colder months. The best way is to invest in blinds, shades, or shutters at the same time if you need more privacy or insulation. When adding the roller shades and two side linen look drapes to the window which is in front of the desk or beside the reading area, you will able to adorn your windows with curtains while maintaining your privacy.

 more color for high ceiling window treatment

Experiment with color and fabric

Still, conflicted on how to decorate your taller-than-normal windows? You can experiment with multiple colors or different fabrics. For example, try hanging velvet drapes on the outer edges, splicing a darker color part on the bottom or top in the same fabric, adding a top valance or scarf in similar color or same style fabric.

 peddle long curtains

More longer to create a puddle look

Sometimes the solid long drapes on the window always look too boring when is was pull to the side. So we choose to make the long curtains a bit more longer and puddled on the floor to create fullness and luxurious feeling. The puddled velvet curtains and other weight fabric curtains can bring a fancy look, the linen or gauzy curtains can give a relaxed and casual vibe.



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