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How to Clean Curtain Like a Pro

As curtains are directly in contact with dirt and other allergens, they may become dirty over time. To make your curtains look beautiful and clean, you need to ensure cleaning curtains when necessary. Here we come with the potential curtain cleaning tips that will surely help you clean your curtains accordingly. So, let's start here;

Is it Good to Wash Your Curtains?

Below given are the potential benefits you will have when washing or cleaning your curtains:

Remove hidden allergens and dirt

Over time, curtains collect dirt and other hidden allergens that do not only make your curtains dirty but also affect your health. In addition, as curtains are designed to be hung over the doors and windows, the curtain fabric may also be in contact with the insects and moisture, increasing the risk of mold or mildew growth.

The contaminants staying on the curtain fabric may have unsuspected side effects on your health, especially if you suffer from any respiratory conditions. Regular cleaning of your room curtains helps keep them away from these contaminants.

Your curtain once again gets a new look

Generally speaking, curtains should be cleaned approximately after one or two years, depending on the environment they are used in. The frequency to clean your curtains may also depend on some other factors, including,

  • Whether they are exposed to the smoke

  • What type of heating system do they bear?

  • The curtains are touched by the children or pets

So, cleaning curtains is a way to make them new once again. If you go with professional curtain cleaners, they will make more effort to return your curtains to their like-new condition, enhancing the look of the entire room.

Improves indoor air quality

Regular curtain cleaning helps improve the indoor air quality of your home or office. It will surely positively impact the overall health of your family members or employees, especially during allergy season. However, the dirt may trigger allergens, causing sinus and other respiratory problems.

Bad Odor replaced with the scent

Room curtains are notorious for trapping odors, especially at the places where smokers and pets exist. However, some other factors can also cause offensive smells and make you feel bad air quality. For example, using scented candles and air fresheners can worsen the odors. In order to get rid of bad orders, you need to clean your curtains regularly with fabric-safe cleaning products and gentle cleaning equipment.  

It is also advisable to take the services of professional curtain cleaners to ensure the quality and durability of the curtains along with sweet fragrances. 

Extend the life of curtains

To buy curtains for your room or offices is likely a large investment. In addition, it may not be possible to buy curtains again and again. So, it is suggested to use them in such ways that help enhance their lifespan. So, it is crucial to clean or maintain your windows or door curtains regularly.

As well as this, you need to clean your curtains from professional curtain cleaners who will carefully inspect the fabric to determine which cleaning methods are most appropriate. Cleaning curtains using professional equipment, products, and techniques will surely double their lifespan.

How Often Should Curtains Be Cleaned?

Curtain cleaning is essential to re-establish the beauty and enchantment of your room and ensure a healthy environment. But the question is how to know if the curtains can facilitate the growth of mold and mildew. As well as this, how to identify the existence of the hazardous dust particles and allergens in your curtains.

The answer can be elaborate through research made on curtain cleaning situations. The research shows the following suggestions for cleaning your curtains based on the environment you are living in. follow these suggestions or instructions to ensure the cleaning of your curtains:

  • Hypoallergic family should clean their curtains after every 3 – 6 months

  • If you are living in a dusty area, you need to clean your curtains after every 6 – 12 months

  • If you are living in the sea area, you should consider curtain cleaning after every 6 – 12 months

  • People living in houses with wood heaters inside should clean their curtains after every 12 months

  • If you are living in all other usual conditions or environments, you need to clean your curtains within 2 – 3 years

How Do You Clean Curtains Without Washing Them?

Do you want to clean your curtains without washing them? It is to inform you that cleaning curtains without washing them is possible. The professional curtain cleaners have made things a little easier for you. Here we come with the best ideas (prescribed by professionals) that how you can clean the curtains without washing them:

1. Vacuum

The easiest way to clean your curtains without washing them is to vacuum them when they are hanging. Curtains may be contaminated with dirt and dust particles from windows and ceiling fans. Regularly vacuuming your curtains help avoid the dirt build-up on the curtains, helping keep them clean and safe for health. Attach a soft brush to the vacuum while cleaning them, helping save their fabric and maintain their beauty.

2. Steam cleaner

Another easiest way to clean your curtains without washing is to clean them through stream cleaner. Today, it is a widespread trend of cleaning curtains. However, it is an affordable process that anyone can choose to keep their curtains clean and secure.

3. Dry cleaner

Dry cleaning your curtains is another helpful way to clean the curtains safely within less or no time. However, as dry cleaning is a tricky process, it is suggested to take the services of professional dry cleaners to make it possible.

4. Shakeout

For a quick clean, experts suggest shaking your curtains out. You can shake them in both situations; either they are hanging or removed from the rod. To keep other surfaces or room elements clean, it is advisable to shake your curtains outside the room or home. Avoid using this technique if the curtains are too dirty and have never been washed for a long time.

5. Lint brush

Lint brush cleaning is recommended for curtains made up of velvet and other related fabrics. As the process is easy and quick, you can follow it regularly. In addition, this process is ideal for heavy-weight curtains that cannot easily be maneuvered or taken down.

6. Odour removing

Another way to make your curtains fresh is to remove odours from them. For this purpose, you will be required to use new sprays widely available at any store. In addition, you can find fabric fresheners in a variety of scents. The process will give your curtains a quick clean and make the rest of the room fragrant.

7. Fabric softener

Using a fabric softener dryer sheet is another quickest and easiest way to clean your curtains. Rub the fabric softener to the curtains, which will clean your curtains and spread sweet-smell around your room.

8. Keep your windows and doors clean

Last but not least. It is advisable to keep your windows or doors always clean to avoid the chances of curtains being messy or dirty.

What is the Best Way to Clean Curtains?

The following are the best and most normal techniques used to clean the curtains. Clearly know about these prescribed techniques and follow the one that suits you:

1. Machine washing

Check the label or instructions on the curtain, and if they show that your curtains are machine washable, you can do this job on your own. Take a fine summery day and wash your curtains through a gentle machine wash. After it, let them dry in the open air. You should iron your curtains when they are a little damp, and immediately hanging them will help eliminate creasing.

Sometimes the problem comes to face is that people do not have washing machines with such a large drum to wash the curtain, as well as this, the iron stand may not have enough space to spread the curtain, and the space is also not enough to let the curtain dry in the open air. So if you are also thinking about such problems, it is better to take professional curtain cleaners' services.

The same case also comes with the stained curtains to hand over to professional cleaners because everyone does not know how to remove the strains. Consequently, you will have better cleaning results.

2. Dry cleaning

The curtains knitted with silk, linen, and other sensitive fabrics will need professional dry cleaning. Remember that the detergents, the hot water, and constant rubbing action in the washing machine can significantly cause damage, including fading and shrinking. In addition, curtains can be expensive for your office, home, or other places. So, you need to look after them to get years of pleasure.

3. Hand washing

Hand washing can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. You need to check the washing or cleaning instructions of the curtain. If hand wash is recommended, leave all other techniques and go with hand wash. You need to check all the requirements or instructions to hand wash your curtains safely.

If it is difficult for you to follow the instructions to clean your curtains with hand wash, you are advised to take the services of professional curtain cleaners. In doing so, you can avoid extra labor and extend the beauty and lifespan of your curtains.

Curtain Cleaning Do's and Don'ts

Do's during curtain cleaning

  • Before curtain cleaning, ensure that you have read all the manufacturers' instructions carefully.

  • Before cleaning the curtains, ensure that you have removed all the hooks and weights from them.

  • You need to dust your curtains through a dryer or shake them out before every wash.

  • The curtain becomes heavier when wet. So, ensure the recommended number of curtains in the machine.

  • When handwashing, agitate your curtains gently.

  • Dampening the entire curtain will help avoid watermarks.

  • Always spread the curtains on the clean surface when the air-dry them and put them on the correct sized iron board when ironing.

Don't during curtain cleaning

  • If your curtains are made of washable fabrics, handwashing may shrink the lining and seams.

  • Avoid twisting or swinging the curtains during hand wash if they are made of silk fabrics.

  • Don't expose your curtains to direct sunlight for a prolonged time.

  • During curtain cleaning,do not overload the washing machine.

  • Never ring or rub the curtain fabric too much when hand washing them.

  • Avoid hanging curtains on the wood as wood may leave strains on the fabric.

Step-by-step Curtain Care

Experts suggest the step-by-step guide to take care of your curtains at home:

1. Read the instructions carefully

Read all the manufacturer's instructions carefully to know what to do with your curtains and what not to do.

2. Hang them perfectly

Learn the proper way to hang your curtains perfectly, helping you get maximum curtaining benefits.

3. Get the perfect length

Check the length of your windows and doors and buy the curtains accordingly. Too much length will allow your curtains to touch the ground, making them dirty more frequently.

4. Limit sunlight exposure

Try to hang your curtains in a place with no direct sunlight exposure. The direct sunlight may fade the color of your curtains, reducing their shine and lifespan.

5. Take care of dust build-up

Always take care that the dirt is not building up on your curtains. Regularly clean them with a vacuum or steam cleaner to keep them fresh and dust-free.

6. Wash them regularly and carefully

Whenever you feel the need to wash your curtains, do it immediately. Read all the washing instructions carefully. If you are unable to follow the instructions, it will be better to take the services of the professional curtain cleaners.

7. Iron them patiently

Once you wash your curtains, iron them patiently and carefully. Carelessness while ironing your curtains may burn them.


Curtain cleaning makes your curtains look new and enhances your room's beauty and charm. As well as this, curtains without bacteria and other allergens keep your room environment safe and healthy.

When do you need to clean your curtains? What is the best technique for cleaning curtains? And how can you take care of your curtains? All are clearly discussed in this article with the potential measures and tips prescribed by the experts.

Follow the given instructions carefully to keep your curtains clean and spread a healthy environment throughout your room or home.