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Easy Tricks for Christmas Curtains in 2022

If you are looking for Christmas Curtain ideas to brighten up your home this holiday season, you have come to the right place.

We have a few fabulous suggestions that can give your space the holly jolly look you desire, with a few tips and tricks thrown in to help amplify your results.

What Can Christmas Curtains do For Your Home?

The last thing many homeowners think about when decorating for the holidays is their choice of curtains. However, this can be one of the most essential pieces of your decor to consider changing up.

Why? Because the windows in your home are often one of the most significant focal points in every room. Making sure they are incorporated into your decorations can make a huge difference.

Aside from adding to the holiday spirit, what can Christmas Curtains do for your home?

Provide Additional Insulation

A good set of thick curtains made from materials thermal insulated materials like our Laura Crystal Velvet Curtains. These curtains come in an array of colors that would be great for Christmas time and can also help keep the draft from your windows seeping into the room, ruining the holiday spirit.

Add a Bit More Privacy

Adding a good set of Christmas curtains to your space is a stupendous way to add a bit more privacy to your room. Placing curtains in each room can help keep prying eyes from peeking in on holiday gatherings.

Improve the Mood in Each Space

Every holiday has its own specific mood; for Christmas, most people choose cherry and bright. With that, purchasing a set of curtains for each room to brighten up your space can put everyone in a delightful mood that can match the rest of the room’s energy.

4 Elegant Christmas Curtains Ideas to Try

Curtarra Custom Curtains at Any Size

Now that you know why you should add Christmas curtains to your space when preparing for the upcoming festivities, let’s investigate a few great options to try out for every room.

Christmas Curtains for a Holly Jolly Livingroom

The living room is often where the entire family gathers to spend time together, relaxing and simply enjoying themselves. Considering pairing a set of our green, Lita Gorgeous Italian Velvet Curtains with shiny white garland draped above and a small manger scene placed neatly on the window sill.

Christmas Curtains for a Silent Night in the Bedroom

When you want Christmas curtains for your bedroom, you should always consider something that can provide a little privacy with colors that won’t keep your eyes busy and your mind active.

These silver-grey Victoria Luxury Velvet Curtains are a superb option to match up with a few small Christmas stars hanging from the top of your window frame.

Christmas Curtains for Some Seasonal Cooking in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, you probably want Christmas curtains that will brighten your space and keep the fresh baked smell of all your goodies permeating the room. In that case, you should consider grabbing a set of our Diana Modern Velvet Curtains.

Stunning High-quality Diana Velvet Curtains

You can hang these curtains from the windows and your sliding glass doors. They pair well with green garland wrapped around the curtain rod and cherry Christmas wreaths strategically placed in the middle.

Christmas Curtains for a Cheerful Entrance in the Mudroom

The first thing you want to see when you come home during the holidays is a cheerful mudroom when you step foot into your front door. What better way to create this feeling than with bright red Christmas curtains greeting you as you walk in?

These Amelia Corduroy Textured Curtains are a great way to keep the heat in a while, offering a jolly welcome to everyone who walks up to your door.

To get even more of a Christmas feel, place fake-wrapped presents underneath the window and a small Christmas tree on the windowsill.

What is the Standard Christmas Curtain Size?

When you search online, you will find that most standard curtains come in five sizes.

63 inches

84 inches

96 inches

108 inches

120 inches

However, at Curtarra’s, we understand that not all windows are alike, and many homes have awkward measurements that don’t fit the standard dimensions. That is why we offer custom-made options to suit every window.

Use our measurement tool to determine the exact length and width of fabric you need. Then our professionals will design the most intricate Christmas curtains for your home and ship them right to your door.

Should Christmas Curtains Touch the Floor?

Puddling, the term used for drapes touching the floor, is typically only recommended for curtains brought out for short periods. This means you can let your Christmas curtains touch since they will not be pulled open and shut constantly.

Although this long drape look will impress your guests, there might be better size options for some rooms or design ideas.

For more information on curtain length, check out our How to guide for measuring curtains.

Can You Put Curtains on Sliding Glass Doors?

You can absolutely place curtains over a sliding glass door. This is a great way to add a little extra warmth, privacy, and spirit to the room for the holidays.

If you choose to do this, ordering custom-made Christmas curtains will make it easier to get materials that are long enough and wide enough to cover the area perfectly. You always want to ensure enough room for the curtains to meet directly in the middle when pulled closed.

Final Thoughts

Christmas curtains are a great way to decorate your home this holiday season. And, if you want to avoid waiting in long lines at the store, you can easily buy high-quality, affordable, custom-made products at Curtarra.

Our friendly staff is waiting to help you choose the perfect pair of Christmas curtains for every room of your home now.