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Cleaning Curtains Part II:

Washing is just one way to clean your curtains, and there are other ways that do not involve washing.

wash custom curtains


If you want to clean your curtains without taking them down, three things should be enough to do the work: a vacuum, a broom with soft, synthetic bristles, and an odor-eliminating spray.

 If you don’t want to take down your curtains every several months and clean them with detergent and water, you should clean them more frequently. For example, you can vacuum your curtains every two weeks and intermittently brush dust and dander off with a soft-bristled brush. In this way, you can finish cleaning while hanging and this has a similar effect to a deep clean.

wash custom curtains


A vacuum cleaner is probably not enough if you find your curtains greasy, but the good news is, there’s no need to take them down. A powerful, handheld steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment can often dislodge stains and dirt from curtains with the minimum of effort. However, you need to check the manual of the steamer and the label of your curtains because certain steamers are not for use on upholstery or curtains and some drapery fabrics can be sensitive to the high heat.

Here, we also recommend testing before steaming all the panels of your curtains. This is to prevent the fabric of your curtains from being discolored.

Under certain circumstances, you may need to attach a special tool that's specifically made for fabric. And you’d better work from top to bottom.

Gentle, vertical strokes with the steam cleaner head should penetrate the fibers without drenching them. Work in small sections to make sure you cover every square inch, but also note that your steam cleaner has to be switched to the most gentle setting. This cleaning method is particularly effective if your curtains are thick and made with natural fibers.

wash custom curtains

Other things to pay attention to

1. Deodorize

Normally, a good steam cleaner should be able to remove most unwanted odors from curtains, but a couple of extra steps are still needed if you find some left in your curtains. For example, an upholstery deodorizer in spray form is extremely useful for making curtains smell fresh and clean. (Again, before thoroughly spraying curtains with this kind of product, do a spot test on a small and less visible section and check for spotting or discoloration.)

wash custom curtains

2. Clean windows carefully

When you are cleaning your windows, make sure the cleaning agents are not sprayed on the curtains. During your window cleaning process, things that come off the windows such as grease and dirt could also find their way on your curtains.

3. Ventilate your room

After cleaning, you should open the windows after hanging the curtains to let some fresh air into the room, and you need to do this frequently during an average week. This can ensure that unwanted odors do not stay on your curtains and that mold does not accumulate.

 Of course, curtains made with special fabrics might need special care. In this case, you should pay more attention to the instructions on the tag of your curtains. Alternatively, contact the seller for information on curtain cleaning.

 This is the second part of Cleaning Curtains. To learn about cleaning curtains by washing, please read Cleaning Curtains Part I: What You Need to Know About Washing Curtains.