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Why Do You Need Extra-long Curtains

Extra-long curtains always become the first choice when people picking curtains for their new house.

So, why people choose extra long curtains over ordinary finished curtains?

First, we look at the following diagram, extra long curtains often make space look bigger than it really is, or just making sure the curtains drape all the way to the ground can also make your room looks bigger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            long blackout curtains

Second, just imagine that you bought expensive blackout curtains after shopping around. But there still some lights come in through the gaps between the window and curtain because the size is not big enough. So bad experience it is.                                                                                                                luxury extra-long curtains                    

Third, extra long curtains make your room looks deserve a million bucks without breaking a bank. As shown in the picture above, the heaped dark brown curtains drops can easily create a luxurious and massive court style.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        long curtain cover the wall

Last but not least, extra long curtains cover the entire wall. As shown in the picture above, The color of the extra-long curtains matches the roof and the carpet, so that the entire space is completely connected. It will not cause too many color blocks like ordinary curtains, which will cause the space to be cut and look small.

 extra-long curtains 

What should you pay attention to when choosing extra-long curtains?

1. The weight of the curtain.

First, ensure that the weight of the curtains within the load of the curtain rod.

Second, if machine washing is allowed, ensure that the weight of one panel is controlled within the maximum washing weight of the washer.

2. The color and style of the curtains.

the decorative purpose of extra long curtains needs to be considered more,because we don’t have to clean and update it often because of the inconvenient washing and replacing. It’s best for us to choose a smooth fabric that is not easy to accumulate dust. As for the color, choose dark colors instead of light colors. You might want to order a sample first and experience the color in the house lighting environment. Just in case the color not fit in your room.

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