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What’s The Difference Between Polyester, Cotton and Linen?

When choosing curtains, one of the hardest parts is picking the right fabric. Do you want something light, bright, and airy, or something thicker and heavier? How to choose curtain fabrics? These are things about curtains fabrics that you should consider before you make your purchase. 

Many people think that polyester is of poor quality, but the fact is the opposite. Curtarra curtains fabric is more environmental than other natural curtains, it’s linen by special weaving method.

Polyester is a more durable and strong fabric. Polyester blends can have a tight weave, but the fabric is very lightweight. Polyester curtains will not fade or deteriorate as quickly as other natural fabrics and are usually machine washable. They can be lined to make them heavier and block more light, and they are generally also stain resistant. Also, they are less likely to get wrinkles like linen curtains. Most important that it’s more affordable than other fabrics.

Cotton curtains are popular because they are light and breathable, but they are more expensive than polyester and susceptible to fading over time if they are exposed to direct sunlight. And cotton curtains may shrink the first time when it washed. If you want to protect the cotton curtains from fading, you need to add a lining to them.

Linen curtains are also popular cause can bring a modern look. Lots of people like linen curtains cause they've got great texture, but most polyester also has great texture as linen curtains even more. They are comparatively easy to care for, but it easily creases and also fading when expose to sunlight. 

Therefore, you will see that both fabrics are great choices for curtains, but it depends on which curtain you choose is best for your home, and which one you want to place in the room.