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What Kind of Curtains Do Movie Buffs Need for Home Theaters?

Suitable curtains enhance your experience.

Do you enjoy watching movies at home? Moviegoers know that visual and auditory senses are two of the most critical aspects. However, a set of fancy equipment can hardly be sufficient, as the image displayed on the screen and the sound emitted can be affected by the surroundings. Sometimes the impact is so huge that your whole experience could be ruined.

Unsuitable curtains ruin your experience.

What many people have ignored is that curtains could also play a role in your viewing experience, and in some cases, this role could be bigger than you think. If you pick out curtains with the following three main features, your home cinema experience will be greatly enhanced.

Suitable curtains enhances your experience.

Light blocking

The curtains you choose should darken the room at least to an extent that the image displayed on the screen is not damaged by sunlight. We recommend blackout curtains, which are affordable and can achieve this effect to a great extent. When light comes through your doors and windows, up to 95% can be blocked by blackout curtains, which creates an environment that is dark enough for you to see the screen clearly. If linings are added, the percentage can be even higher. It's important to note that you need to cover the windows completely. In order to block light, the length of the curtains should be equal to the distance from the ceiling to the floor.

Unsuitable curtains ruin your experience.Suitable curtains enhance your experience.

Other aspects impacting the light blocking effect also include your curtains’ thickness and color.

The light blocking effect is proportionate to the thickness of the curtains, which means if you want better light blocking effect, you need thicker curtains. When it comes to colors, although black is not the only option, darker colors are believed to better achieve light blocking and preserve darkness within the room. It would be better if you also consider the interior of your room so as to choose the most suitable color for your curtains.

Sound improvement

If you prefer watching movies alone but are constantly being annoyed by noise from other rooms when enjoying your favorite movie, then you should probably consider acoustic curtains, which can hold up to 40% of different sorts of noise and echoes. If you feel the sound quality is lowered by the wooden floors in your room, then you need to consider installing curtains to minimize that effect.

Energy saving

If you choose curtains with thermal insulation, you can save about 25% of your energy bill because the heat is contained in your room. In winter, your room will be kept warm so that you can enjoy watching movies in a cozy environment, whereas in summer, insulation can help you remove heat. Your room temperature is thus kept at a certain level. You can choose either theater room curtains if you want your room to look more like a real theater, or blackout curtains if you prefer a different style to suit your taste.

You may ask,“What materials should I choose?” We believe polyester, which has a reasonable price and fairly high quality, can do the job pretty well in most cases, and they are common on the market. However, velvet might suit your room better if you prefer a formal and polished style or your room décor is more traditional. If you want your curtains to look lavish, you could also consider jacquard, with patterns and designs woven rather than being printed on it, which means they will not fade over time.

You can also check out our selection of blackout curtains and drapes that suit your needs.

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