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What Curtain Color Should You Choose to Match White Walls

Color plays an important role in home décor, and the color of curtains is no small part, as it has become another layer of the overall decorative style. No matter what color you choose for your curtains, bear in mind that the color should be congruous with the look of your room and the effect you want.

Simplicity is recommended when you choose your curtain color, especially if you are not an expert on home decoration. The color should complement the white walls and help maintain the visual appeal of the room.


White can be a good option if you already have a somewhat “colorful” room. White curtains and the walls are a great match, adding integrity, peace and harmony to the room and making your room look tidy, fresh, and cozy. If you choose white sheer curtains, natural light could come in, making your room romantic. You might want to take your sofa or rug into account if you plan to hang the curtains in the living room. Try curtains that can create a shadow in the middle if your sofa and rug have a similar color and you don’t want another color in your room.

White curtains make your room tidy, fresh and cozyDark Colors

If you want an eye-catching look in your room, you should probably consider dark colors. You can try black or dark blue shades for the curtain because black and dark blue suit white walls particularly well. Black curtains can create high contrast and give the interior a bold and charming look.  

We recommend transparent and lightweight window shades during warm seasons, but dark-colored blackout curtains might even suit you more if you value privacy and light control. These blackout curtains can make your room feel warmer in winter because they are insulated.

Dark curtains are mysterious, engaging and charming.

If you want to spice up your all-white room, then colored curtains might interest you. But prior to selecting a specific color, you also need to consider practical reasons such as maintaining privacy and blocking out sunlight.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular choices of curtain colors and how they bring your room to the next level of beauty.


Blue and white are a classic combination, giving your home an airy and open feeling. Some people love this color combination due to its striking beauty, so much so that they claim blue adds a pretty and even dreamy look and white is there to flaunt that look. Blue and white are particularly suitable for bedrooms, because it helps people calm down and feel relaxed. But this combination is certainly not limited to bedrooms.

 Blue curtains make your room calm and relaxing.

Bright Red

White walls make bright red less difficult to match with. If you combine white and red, you create a bold, daring contrast that demands attention. Bright red is a perfect choice for those who love modern looks and those who want to have a statement about the color they adore. The romantic vibe will be further enhanced when the sunlight enters the room, giving it a rosy and warm glow.

Bright red curtains are romantic, warm and bold.


Green is a refreshing shade for the eyes. It looks fresh and beautiful in a living room. Long flowing light green curtains look fantastic on white walls. It is entirely up to you to choose any shade of green to adorn your room according to your own taste. The green color can also help you relax and make the room vibrant.

 Green curtains make your room refreshing and full of energy

The final decision should be made based on your unique situation, with consideration of lighting and the color of walls, furniture, etc. Curtains should be treated as an integral part of your room to optimize the effect. 

Of course, the way you hang curtains is also something you cannot ignore. Hanging them too high or too low will hardly enhance the overall look of your room. Excessively low and narrow curtain rod, curtains’ inadequate width and length are some of the most distinct mistakes people make. For more information on how to avoid these mistakes, you can refer to this article about how high to hang curtains.


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