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Valance Speech

       If curtains are window’s clothes, the valance is an evening dress of it. Curtains with a unique design can add beauty to the room decoration. So what is valance?

       Firstly let’s see the following picture:


       In addition to the front face, a complete curtain should also include the return of the two sides and the mounting board dust cap. In fact, it is more important to block the light when the window had no curtain box. This component is often ignored by inexperienced designers. But it's important for clients to have space where they need to block out light.


       The "plate" part of the curtain is called the pelmet, and the "wave" part is called swag, which is what we call the "wave" or "circle" part. The large "cascade" on both sides and the small "cascade" in the middle are called "jabot", and we generally call them "flag" or "ear".

       Here are some common valances:

Rod pocket valance


Scarf swag valance


Pull up(Raised )Valance


London valance

Swagged Valance


Jabots & Cascades valance


Pleated Valance

Pelmet Valance

Layered Valance

Stagecoach Valance