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Industrial construction and commercial expansion witness a sharp land shortage in urban and rural regions. Land shortage brings a new low in residential land and a new high in housing prices. As a result, it is increasingly challenging for ordinary people to afford shelter, let alone a house. To save money and relieve housing pressure, people tend to live a life in RV to react more decently. Apart from that, some people buy RVs for recreational purposes, including taking road trips, building a home theatre, bonding with families, etc. Being known as the home on wheels, RV nowadays is furnished with sound facilities. For this reason, window treatments for houses are curtains for RVs.

Generally, RVs are equipped with curtains. In most cases, curtains are too plain or too garish that don’t fit the overall style of your RV. It is advisable to replace the dated curtains and add new custom curtains to dress up your RV. Small changes in custom curtains make a big difference in improving living quality and bringing happiness to RVs. You may wonder how custom curtains work, and we are going to explain to you how RV custom curtains play roles, how to choose ideal RV curtains, and how to hang RV custom curtains.

Now, let’s start here:

Why RV custom curtains?

The self-contained RV curtains are also called ready-made curtains or premade curtains. Both ready-made and premade tell the fact that curtains are made in advance. In this case, you have no chance to choose curtains that conform to your RV decor style or your personal preference. RV custom curtains offer a helpful hand at this moment. To be specific, RV custom curtains play roles in the following aspects.

RV custom curtains meet needs

Although RVs are treated as homes on wheels, they are vehicles. As we all know, vehicles are made in factories with machines. It means that RV curtains are also produced and installed by the pipeline. Consequently, they all look the same without any unique features. What’s worse, the self-contained RV curtains cannot supply all the needs you want. For example, block-out curtains may disappoint you when you want to let some of the sunlight in without opening wide of your window. RV custom curtains allow you to customize various factors, including header styles, fabrics, colors, functions, length, fullness, and other preferences. Add funny patterns to your curtains if you want to have some fun. If you don’t want to be bothered, hang on 100% block-out curtains to reduce noise. So you should not worry about getting bored by the curtains anymore.

RV custom curtains dress up RVs

RV's inner space is relatively small with piles of necessities. With limited space, there is little room for you to accent or make a change of RV. It can be easy to upgrade the window treatment--curtains. There are many ways to upgrade curtains. You can drop some paint dots on plain solid curtains, embroider floral or tropical patterns on dark block-out curtains, or add a valance to sheer curtains. Among all the attempts, customizing curtains is one of the most convenient and effective ways. For instance, if you prefer to park your RV along with the river bank or beach coast, see-through or semi-sheer curtains are good. Hanging on sheer curtains and opening the window, you can not only enjoy the fresh air, calm wind, and soft sea weave but also relax and get a nice sleep. The sheer curtains bond the RV's inner space to the outer seashore.

RV custom curtains adjust to season changes

Whether you drive an RV for traveling or living, your RV will likely suffer from extreme weather and road conditions. In this situation, RV curtains can be filthy. If you don’t have light curtains, your windows would be unclean, causing your RV uncomfortable to rest and live in. Another troublesome issue is that if you travel or live in the RV all year round, the self-contained curtains can not adjust to the changes of seasons well. When it comes to custom curtains, things may get much more accessible. You can customize curtains with different styles and functions. Also, you can add layers and combine different types of curtains to keep heat, intense sunlight, heavy rain, and other annoying weather conditions away. By doing so, you can enjoy your RV journey or life without worries.

How to choose suitable RV custom curtains?

After you decide to buy custom curtains, you should consider choosing suitable custom curtains for your RV. Despite plenty of options, keep what you need in mind, and you will find it is not hard to choose ideal RV custom curtains. Think about three things before making decisions, functions, styles, and installation of custom curtains. We are going to discuss the factors in detail in the following lines.


Unlike curtains hanging in homes, RV curtains are used more often under outdoor circumstances. For this reason, it requires a higher quality of functions. There are five standard functions that RV curtains should have. See more details below.

-Block light. When talking about the functions of RV custom curtains, blocking light is always the first to come to mind. Blackout curtains and room darkening curtains of good quality protect you from exposure to the intense summer sunlight. At the same time, blackout custom curtains provide you with quietness and darkness, ensuring that you can have a good sleep at night.

-Insulate. It can be hot and suffocating when the sunshine pours down on your RV during hot seasons. Thermal curtains block not only the sunray but also the heat. It is helpful to cool down the RV and create a soothing inner atmosphere.

-Provide privacy. RV is a place where you eat, rest, have fun, and sleep. You spend most of the time in RV. In other words, you live a life in RV. That’s why you must maintain privacy. There is no need to worry about being peeked at by customizing blackout curtains, and you are free to act like yourself.

-Reduce noise. Wherever you park your RV, there are always crowded with different noises. People’s voices, loud music, and the sound of the road and the surroundings. In most cases, these noises are not pleasing. It is convenient to filter the annoying noises and ensure peace moment in the RV with blackout curtains.

-Accent RV. As a window covering, a curtain is access to the outer world. RV curtain is the first to come to people’s sight and tells them who you are. In this sense, it is necessary to dress up your RV curtains to impress. Sheer curtains are one of the most decorative and delicate curtains to represent your taste and accent a particular space. Also, pattern curtains help add color and flavor to the plain RV space.


Leave out essential equipment of RV, and there is tiny space to make good use of for decoration. Curtains are the easiest to remove and upgrade. If you treat RV as your home, we suggest you start by changing curtains. Curtains can be ornaments to light up your whole RV decor. Custom curtains offer various stylish options.

-Sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are widely used in RVs. Both see-through sheer curtains and semi-sheer curtains can bring delightful views of the nearby surroundings. Rocky mountain, wide road, sandy beach, blue ocean, busy market, and bustling night can all be captured through sheer curtains.

-Velvet curtains. It is troubling that neither high-end technological devices nor advanced networks function in upgrading the overall style of your RV. Despite this, things could be different if you customize velvet curtains for your RV. Velvet is one of the most elegant and decent fabrics for curtains. With the soft touching feeling and smoothing ripple fold, velvet curtains help to create a sense of quality and fascination.

-Solid curtains. Solid curtains are classic and straightforward, and they match all kinds of decor styles. Suppose you want to feel comfortable and cozy, hanging on solid curtains. Creating a quiet and soothing atmosphere with solid curtains won’t go wrong. Solid curtains are particularly suitable in spring and autumn, and they bring breeze and floral. By hanging on solid curtains, the overall style of your RV turns out to be comforting, and you will also be in a good mood.


Considering the functions and styles of RV custom curtains are essential. It is equally significant to pay attention to the installation of curtains. Three things should be taken into consideration while installing. Let’s figure it out together.

-Length. There are different sizes of RVs. For smaller RV windows, kiss floor-length is not suitable cause it may be crowded and brings a messy impression. You should custom-shortened curtains. By doing so, your RV should look neat. Either single panel or split panels are decorative. For fullness, avoid leaving too many ripple folds. For curtains hanging over the car door, you should choose a length just above the floor. It looks classic and concise. Remember to buy two split panels cause your door is open and shut frequently.

-Tie back. You may prefer to hang on longer curtains for windows of larger sizes. For example, if you hang puddle-length curtains, it looks stuffing and uncomfortable. It is easy to get dirty, and you need to clean and wash it more often. We suggest you buy tiebacks to gather your curtains and keep them folded away.

How to hang RV custom curtains?

For RV users, it is of top priority to hang custom curtains by yourself. The first step you need to remove the old and original shades or shutters and replace them with your preferred custom curtains. Secondly, choose a rod and keep the curtains hanging over the top of the rod. Thirdly, slide the curtains to the position where you want to control light or maintain privacy. Once you ensure the correct position, select a tieback to fix the curtains. If you still have worries about fastening the curtains, you may try to deal with your curtain fabric. Trim and hem your fabric, and curtains can be kept in a more precise position.


Whether your RV is bought and used for living, traveling, or camping, it is necessary to make it an enjoyable place to stay and rest. Customizing curtains for your RV is always a proper way to upgrade your RV space. Remember that functions, styles, and installation matter while selecting proper RV custom curtains. Be careful to hang on custom curtains cause you may encounter unexpected situations. Be cool to face the problems based on what we suggest you do. Obey what we suggested before. You will find it is not hard to upgrade your RV curtains to change your RV space and live in an RV with more joy. We genuinely hope that this blog can help you choose and hang RV custom curtains and wish you enjoy your time in RV.