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Things You Need To Know About Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Picking up the right curtain for your sliding glass door is always a challenge cause you don't want to hinder the use of the door. And also need to notice that is easy to manage the curtains if it opens several times a day. For a door that is not used frequently, If it looks good, it may be able to tolerate some inconvenient and troublesome things.

How To Measure Curtains For A Sliding Glass Door?

Measuring curtains for a sliding door is not that complicated. Firstly, if you already have a rod installed,  it’s not hard to calculate the curtains’ width. For the double fullness look curtains, the total width of the curtain is twice the width of the rod. A sliding door may open several times a day, obviously, you don’t want puddles. So measuring the height from the bottom tip of the rod to 1/2” (or more) above the floor to keep a little distance from the floor (it depends on where you plan to hang the curtains). Obviously, this is the curtain length. 

If you do not have a rod installed, you can measure the length of the door and add 6 to 8 inches. It’s pretty safe. Generally, 6 inches above the door is the most common, but it still depends on how high you plan to hang the curtains. As for width, To provide max window exposure, let the rod will extend at least 4 to 8 inches on either side so curtains can extend past the edge of the door. And then divide the number by how many panels you are using. If you want curtains with extra pleats, please double or triple the panel width as suggested above.


Some people may like to make oversized curtains to cover the sliding glass door. In this way, even if you want to close your curtains completely, it will look with fullness with extra pleats. If you want this style, please be sure to double the curtains panel size.

However, be sure to hang open and close curtains 1 inch above the floor to keep the curtains clean and avoid traffic flowing.

Light Filtration

Sliding doors can provide a wide view of the outside, and you may not want to cover them with heavy drapes. Instead, pick out more discreet window treatments. A pair of simple sheer curtains or semi-sheer curtains will filter the light while still providing privacy. The curtains hung on the rings can be easily opened to keep the door open.

Light Blocking

In areas exposed to sunlight (for example, a room with a sliding door facing south or in summer months), blocking lights is the top priority for the door curtains. Choose blackout curtains for your sliding doors, which will effectively block the sunlight during the day. This helps keep the room cool during the hot summer months and protects furniture such as carpets and upholstered furniture from sun damage or fading.






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