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The Facts You Should Know About Curtain --Materials

       When choosing curtains, some people may prefer to choose pure cotton or linen such pure fabric curtain material, actually, this kind of curtain is really expensive and unpractical. Pure cotton curtain sounds very good and artistic, however, it hangs up through light and wrinkles easily, after wash, it is easy to shrink


       Pure linen is also the same, although this material is plain and natural, if use this to make curtains, the curtain will shrink easily and without hang down feeling.

       So what material is good for makings curtains? The answer is polyester, which is affordable and durable. Instead of thinking"What kind of fabric do I want?" just think, "What kind of texture do I want?"

cotton and linen texture curtains


1. Good air permeability and heat dissipation;

2. Antistatic and bacteriostatic, not easy to pilling;

3. Natural environmental protection, granular feel in the hand.

Suggestion: give a person with plain feeling, close to nature, suit Nordic, Japanese and recreational American style of the natural theme.

Velvet Curtains


1. Soft color, bright luster, good hanging feeling, with advanced appearance decoration effect;

2. Strong color fastness, not easy to fade;

3. Good moisture permeability, light shading, and heat insulation effect.

Suggestion: give people noble and luxuriant feeling, luxurious, steady and not stuffy, more suitable for American, neoclassical, rococo, baroque style.

Sheer Curtains


1. Soft lighting, air ventilation, the soft light effect of 100+;

2. Beautiful, versatile style. Almost every space is suitable.

Suggestion: Sheer curtains can offer enough light, it is a popular way to match sheer curtains with other drapes and blackout curtains

       Despite what material you use, sunlight can play a huge role in damaging the curtain or blind fabrics after prolonged use. Always make sure you use lined curtains instead to increase their fabric life. Also, just as you regularly dust your home, trying vacuuming or gently shaking the curtains to keep them free from saturating dust.

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