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Curtarra Measurement Tool | Intuitive Online Tool for Custom Curtains

         Curtarra invited one of our customers,Mia, to share her experience in custom curtain at Curtarra.com

"It is quite hot in the summer of America, so I planed to buy new blackout or room darkening curtains for my bedroom and kitchen. However,how to measure curtain is too complicated and then I found a online tool or curtain size calculator called Measurement Tool at Curtarra, a custom curtain site:

  1.  Click botton to select the type of curtain style,fullness,one or two panels,and finished length and input measurement data in inch about size of the rod  and the length from the ground, and it is easy to get the final length, width of the curtain that we want through Measurement Finder.
  2. It is easy to understand and operate.

gromment top,rod  pocket,pinch pleat-double

  Now let me show you how to measure curtain on  Measurement  Tool with the most simple window curtain measuring guide.

  Before thiswe should identify which type of curtain style we like according to Measurement Tool

  • Gromment Top: The ring has a metal ring, which can slide easily along the pole, and is suitable for curtains that are opened and closed every day.
  • Rod Pocket: The pocket is designed to fit closely on the curtain rod, and it is more suitable to be pulled open as a decorative side plate.
  • Pinch pleat -double: Pair it with traditional or high-grade decor. Adjustable height and fixed to curtain ring.

         I click the gromment top button and then the page will move to step one.

select button of rod installed already


 make sure whether you have a drapery rod or pole installed already.

  Click different  buttons will give you different way of measurement based on rod or windows.I choose the rod way.

  Specific window way could take this as reference

  By the way,  Usually our rods are outside Mount.Outside Mount means that curtains will be hung above and around the window.

  It make your window appear larger when the curtain are closed, and also make window look bigger  when the curtain are open. If space permits, hanging 8 inches above window.

measure the length of the rod by yourself

The length of rod

 measuring the length of rod as the picture above shown.

height from rods top to the ground

 The height from bottom tip of rod to floor

measure  the height from bottom tip of rod to floor and then type in the number in inches unit.

select  one or two panels for custom curtains Single or split panels.

  • Split or two panels create symmetry. If you have large windows, consider split panels.
  •  One or single  panel is suitable for sliding doors and Windows.

2.5x fullness,2x fullness,1.5X fullness Fullness 

   choose fullness based on what kind of finished look you would like for your drapes.

   2x fullness,1x fullness and 0 fullness . All the fullness is based on specific standard and you do not  need to measure the width of curtain and just trust the measurement finder at curtarra.

above the floor,on floor,2 puddle Finished length 

  • 1/2 above the floor:The curtains "float" above the floor. It creates a "breathable" floating appearance. This is the best option if you want to straighten the curtains
  • On floor:The curtain barely touched the floor.
  • 2" PUDDLEIt extends one to three inches to the floor. It adds comfort to the space. It's the best choice for those looking for European style and a romantic feeling.

header,size,quantityHere you will get the finally result of the width and length of custom curtain!


This online curtain measuring tool is he most convenient tool I have ever seen. It has saved me a lot of time, so I would like to share it with those who want to buy new curtains or custom curtains. Eventually,  having a look at my Curtarra Victoria Luxury Velvet Custom Curtains."hese were exactly what I was looking for to decorate my bay window. The size is perfect and thanks for the kind customer service on measurement. They are thick and soft, blackout, and offer privacy. Very happy with my purchase.

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