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Stylish Ways to Cover Sliding Glass Door in 2021

Not surprisingly, we can find at least one sliding door or patio door in every home.

There will always be a sliding door leading to the courtyard from the living room, dining room, and kitchen, or a patio door leading to the balcony from the bedroom, or a sliding door between 2 large rooms.  It is more important to add a treatment to the sliding door, which can block the light, adjust the shadow, protect privacy, and decorate the indoor partition.

How to choose the right curtain for the sliding door is a challenge, because we need to ensure that the curtain will not hinder the use. 

Here we will tell you how to customize suitable sliding door curtains.

Sheer Curtains

1.Taking sheer curtains as the sliding door curtains

When people are choosing sliding door treatments, most of them take the sheer curtains as their first choice. Because they want to retain expansive views and let natural lights through while still providing privacy. Moreover, the accumulated volume of the sheer curtain is also relatively small and does not occupy a lot of space, which doesn't cause inconvenience in opening and closing the sliding door.

 1 or 2 panel geommet ring hung up curtains

2.Choosing grommet header or curtains hung on rings

Curtains with grommets or hung-on rings slide open with ease to keep the door accessible. One-piece of the left, one-piece of the right, or two pieces to open to the two sides, depending on the length of your sliding door and your daily opening and closing habits.

Recently, the ripple head sheer with a track is also very popular,  especially for glass windows or sliding doors with extraordinary width, because it can be opened and closed electrically, which is very convenient. 

And the waves of the curtains will be very neat, while filtering the light, it can create an elegant, formal, and neat sense of space.

 Curtains for patio door

3.The sliding door between the bedroom and the balcony can't just use sheer curtains

When choosing curtains for bedroom sliding doors, we must fully consider the natural light from the sliding doors. 

Under normal circumstances, there will be direct sunlight in the afternoon, so we can choose a combination of sheer curtains and drapes. 

In the morning, only sheer curtains are used for ventilation and privacy. In the afternoon and evening, drapes or even blackout drapes are used to block light, reduce heat, keep warm, keep the noise out, and protect furniture, carpets are exposed to direct sunlight.

 decorative sliding door drapes

4.Make sliding door window treatment more decorative

The first choice is using patterned curtains or splicing more than 2 colors together. In this way, the curtains can decorate the wall area of the sliding door but only suitable for the extra-wide sliding doors.

The second choice is adding a valance or a scarf sheer on the top of the curtains, which can soften the room and filled the space.

size for sliding door curtains

5.Something about the size of the sliding door curtains

As you dress up your sliding door, consider the stack back on the side, especially on the side with the handle, to support door function. 

Mount window treatments high enough above the door frame so the hem doesn't brush heads passing through. Be sure to hang curtain panels that will be opened and closed an inch above the floor to keep them clean and out of foot traffic. You can use Curtarra measurement finder to calculate the size in easy steps.

 shutter fot patio door

5. Other choices for the sliding door window treatment

Besides sheer curtains and drapes are used more often, people also use roll curtains, roman curtains, and shutters.

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