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Splicing Curtains Trends

In recent years, splicing curtains have become popular because they can make the original monotonous space come alive. The splicing of multiple colors or patterns can echo the other soft furnishings in the room to achieve the effect of balancing the color of the space.

Now let's take a look at the curtains that can be freely matched in color through fabric stitching. Will it make your home look like your dream?

 splicing curtains1

Top and bottom stitching is a more common stitching method. Generally, stitching is performed at 1/4 of the curtain. The cloth can be on the top or the bottom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              splicing curtains3

Tri-color stitching is a less common stitching method.                                                                                splicing curtains2

This splicing adds a lace, hanging beads or fabric in a different color at the splicing place of two pieces of cloth, according to the needs of different styles, it can achieve the icing on the cake.

splicing curtains6 

The stroke or edging is completely different from the above stitching methods. A narrower piece of fabric is sewn on the curtain like a lace. Generally, the width is about 10 cm.

 splicing curtains4

Strokes can be made not only on the vertical edges but also on the bottom or top. Used to match furniture or accessories of the same color in the space.

 splicing curtains5

Two-color vertical or horizontal stitching is used in tall windows. These extra-long decorative curtains usually do not open, adding layering.


Some tips about how to make splicing curtains:


1. Splicing curtains are generally not suitable for fabric which had printed patterns or plaid fabrics, so as to avoid dazzling feeling due to excessive complexity.

2. The splicing curtains can be concatenated into a concise and clear large-scale color composition, which can be used to adjust the visual sense in accordance with the shape of the interior space to form a decorative and attractive background for interior furniture furnishings.                                           

3. Splicing curtains make it easy to take advantage of the different colors and different widths of the fabric to form a variety of artistic effects.

4. There is a big difference in the shades of the two splicing fabrics, and the warm and cold contrast of the hue is strong, which is easy to form a striking, vivid, and lively effect.                                                 

5. The colors of the two stitching fabrics are close to each other, and the cold and warm tend to be the same, which will easily cause a soft and beautiful effect.

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