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Some Things You Should Know About the Pinch Pleat Curtains

What is the pinch pleat curtains look like?


Pinch Pleat Curtains are a header style that works with many fabrics, including Block Out, Sheer, and Thermal. It creates a formal and elegant look, can create a chic, formal or relaxed environment.

pleats number

It offers the double (2-fold) pleat style and the triple (3-fold) pleat style options. Pinch Pleat-Double is constructed with two times the fabric of the panel width. Pinch Pleat-Triple is constructed with 2.5-3 times the fabric of the panel width.rod pinch pleat curtains

track pinch pleat curtains

Pinch pleat curtains can be attached to both rod and tracks, not only fit the normal window in your house but also fit other places like a bay window, sliding door, patio door.pinch pleat curtains

Look at the picture below, pinch pleat curtains can be decorated by the buttons or bow tie, and the lace.decorate the pleat


How to buy pinch pleat curtains?


1.Measure the width of your track or rod and the distance from the rod to the ground.

The width of the curtain should be a little wider than or equal to the rod width.

The length of the curtain should take into account whether it is necessary to cover the rod and kiss the floor. Generally, it is better to be 1/2 inch above the ground.

2.Hooks and hanging loops(rings) should be prepared by yourself. Generally, the hanging loops(rings) are purchased together with the rod to ensure that the size and color are suitable. The hooks can be purchased separately. There are many varieties of curtain loops(rings) and hooks, just choose the right one or the favorite one.hooks and rings

3.Confirm the spacing and fullness of each pleat, make sure that the space after unfolding will not be too thick and affect the space of other furniture.

4.If you have a valance curtain or a decorative top box, make sure that the thickness of the pleats is not too big to affect the pulling.

5.If you will place a pair of sheer curtains at the same time, you need to consider increasing the length of the return(the side on the outer of the pair) to ensure that the side does not leak light.


Curtarra offers an extensive collection of Pinch Pleat Curtains. And our pinch pleat curtains come with hooks. You can shop custom pinch pleat curtains online with Curtarra and chat with us by LiveChat if there are any problems.


How to hang the pinch pleat curtains?


1.Before starting to insert the curtain hooks make sure that you have as many curtain rings (if a pole) or gliders (if a track) as you have pinch pleats and if using curtain poles put one ring between the outer bracket and the decorative end finial.

2.Lay the curtain face down on a clean flat surface, iron the curtains if there are some wrinkles, and adjust the pleats if they are not very tidy due to the package.

3.Work out approximately the correct distance from the top of the curtain to pin the hook, the distance can adjust, it depends on if you want the curtains to cover the rod or be under the rod. (If hanging from curtain poles you want the curtain to hang under the pole itself. If hanging from the curtain track you want the curtain to sit in front of the track.)pin hooks on the header

4.Hang the curtains starting from the middle working outwards. This will allow you to add extra curtain rings or gliders when they are not enough and without having to take the curtains down.

5.You can hang the return part to the rod for sheer curtains if there have, it can help to block the light out from the gap.



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