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Shading Degree of Curtains

The shading degree is generally divided into these levels:

10%-20% shading degree: curtains in this shading degree commonly, or rather a sheer curtain. It is often used in a decorative way. And Now sheer curtains match with drapes also is very popular in modern home decoration.


30% shading degree: Thick curtain sheer series, which can block ultraviolet rays and daylight in some way, and on the other hand admit enough light in a room.


40%-50% shading degree: When you close such curtain will not feel the dazzling of sunshine, but the basic daylighting won't be affected. You can wake up through a day of natural light.



60%-80% shading degree: Curtains with this shading degree already meet the needs of most people. These curtains are made of dense material, in addition to the shading function, can have obvious heat insulation and cold protection effect in summer and winter. In daily life, it can also help reduce noise and prevent dust.


85%-100% shading degree: If you are a person that suffers from insomnia for a long time, perhaps to Morpheus environment pursuit falls very quiet premise, the shading degree that should consider it when to choose and buy curtain. Aside from blocking the sunlight at 6 or 7 a.m., it can also effectively reduce noise.


Here are some shading degree suggestion about choosing curtains depends on different rooms:

Living room: emphasize enough natural light, so curtain shading degree does not need too high, generally between 40% and 80%.Besides, the living room is also a reflection of the "face value" of the home, so the choice of curtains will focus much on the ornamental. Matching with a layer of soft and beautiful sheer curtains can be the best idea in the living room. (The shading degree of the sheer curtain is generally around 15%, it is the embellishment in the soft decoration)

Children's room:   50-70% shading degree is ok. children are insecure about the environment. They sleep in a completely dark environment and wake up or cry more often at night. Moreover, the child room that lacks natural light goes against the health of the child such as the development of eyesight and skeleton.


Rooms for old people: The elderly are used to getting up early and getting up early, and their vision is gradually weakened. The room is best to have enough natural light. Natural light has great benefits to human health. The shading rate of curtains is about 70%, which is more conducive to the health of the elders. In general, double-layered curtains are more suitable for the elderly. A thin layer of gauze can be pulled up during the day to properly adjust the brightness of the room for protecting the eyes of the elderly from strong light. The other layer is made of cotton and linen cloth, which has good air permeability.

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