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Set Up a Bay Window in Your House

A bay window is also called an oriel, or oriel window when it projects from an upper story and is supported by corbels.
You can easily recognize bay windows by the fact that they protrude outwards from the wall, forming a bay in the room. The intended purpose for this peculiar structure and design is to bring more light into the room and to increase the surface area of the wall.

types of bay windows1.Bring suitable types of the bay window into your house
Following are the common types of bay window:
A. Canted Bay Windows
Canted bay windows have the classic shape you expect to see in a bay window. They have a flat front with angled sides and are only found on the first level of homes and buildings.
B. Box Bay Window
Boosting a 90-degree angle, box windows have one big window in the center and smaller windows on both sides. More often than not, they are placed below your eye line. They are mostly used in kitchens and are very economical to build and purchase
C. Oriel Bay Window
In contrast to box bay windows which are mostly placed on the ground floor, oriel bay windows are commonly installed on upper stories. Most people put them over the entrance of their home.
D. Circle Bay Window
On the one hand, circle bay windows are larger than the oriel style. On the other, they are more decorated than the box style. Apart from being up to six feet high, these windows can jut outwards by up to three feet. It is this design that allows them to transmit maximum sunlight into your home.
E. Bow Bay Window
In contrast to all the other bay window styles, bow windows ditch the straight-sided pattern in favor of a curved one. To build them, you’d have to attach four (or more) casement windows.

bay window in living roomBay windows are always in style and fit your house perfectly:
Bay window can work in almost of rooms perfectly, create an eating area or a drinking area in the dining room, bring a working area in the master bedroom, add a reading nook in the bedroom, a coffee area in the living room, a daybed area in the big living room, reading or play area in the children room. One of the most tricky things to do is finding the right curtain design for these bay windows. Customizing curtains for your bay window in Curtarra.com that won’t break the bank.

bay window in the bedroom2.Measure the bay window and calculate the size per panel of curtains
No matter the bay window is from the ceiling to the floor or just from the ceiling to the seat stage, just measure the area you think the curtain should cover, and calculate the per panel's size of the curtains for every window(usually there are 3 windows to combine a bay window, 2 panels of the curtains for per window or single panel for the side window if the side window is narrow). Curtarra offers a Measurement Finder that fits most windows.

bay window in dining room3.Pick the fabric and the style you like and fits your need
Choosing a suitable color and fabric to match your room design. Usually, choose the room darkening or blackout fabric, the easy opening header style, add the blinds or the Roma curtains to combine with the drapes, just in order to look for an easy way to control the light and its way inside the building. Curtarra provides free swatches to our customers and you can choose the fit fabric in person.

4.Pay attention to the rods and tie backs
There are also curtain rods and curtain tiebacks to consider. When the curtains are open, the curtain rod will be in full view. Between it and the curtain tiebacks, it's just another opportunity to complement your existing home decoration that will draw eyes to your curtains even when they're not on full display.

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