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See Ideas About Green Curtains in 2021

When decorating a home, curtains are the main decorative items in the space. Everyone will be very careful when choosing. Most friends may not consider green curtains, but if the home decoration style allows and the main color is suitable, then choose green curtains It can also create a particularly moving effect. Let’s learn about some precautions for matching green curtains.

 green curtains

Generally speaking, if you choose green curtains, it is recommended not to choose too fresh green, but to choose light green, yellow-green, etc. Because the area of curtains is generally large, too fresh green will affect eyesight, and easily cause visual fatigue under the bright green color for a long time.


The green curtains are very suitable for the rural decoration style and can create a natural home space. If the wall in the home is green, then you must remember to choose a curtain of the same green, darker or lighter, to enhance the sense of space. In addition, the home decoration is a classical style, modern style, simple style as long as the matching is suitable, you can also choose green curtains.


How to choose the tones of green curtains? You can take a look at the lamp, furniture, sofa covers, pillows, and other items at home. If these items are green, match them with a curtain in the same green. The green curtains selected in this way can have better coordination and unity.

 green sheer curtians

Green sheer curtains, light and elegant, with contrasting soft outfits, yellow blankets, purple armchairs, navy blue sofas, etc., the modern retro-style blows onto the surface.

 green drapes

Malachite green velvet curtains are a color that is dazzling but not very eye-catching. This color is very brilliant whether it matches with dark or light-colored homes. The deep malachite green is a symbol of nobility. Choosing such a green velvet curtain to match the room can create a noble and elegant atmosphere.


Sage green or yellow-green curtains made of soft fabric, can bring double soft feelings on the term of color and texture, allowing your senses to be fully stretched.

 olive green curtains

Various shades of olive green curtains are very suitable for the Morandi-color decoration style.

 green pattern curtians

Curtains with green plants and floral prints are also nice options. hanging with off-white or gray walls can make the space less monotonous and add vitality to the wall decoration.

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