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Room Darkening Curtains Vs. Blackout Curtains: What’s the Difference?

Room darkening curtains or blackout curtains, what is the difference? This is a common question for anyone looking to eliminate outside light from entering their home. However, most customers need to be aware of the other benefits they provide and how to tell them apart.

Though both options provide similar qualities, such as light blockage, sound reduction, insulation, and privacy. They are very different products, offering their own distinct and unique advantages.

Room Darkening Curtains Vs. Blackout Curtains

When you want to eliminate light from any room in your home, two options always come up, room darkening or blackout curtains. But which selection is best for your situation?

Each type of curtain provides the same benefits but in different ways. Let’s take a look.

Blocking Light for a Better Night’s Sleep

Both types of curtains are primarily used to block out light from coming into a room. However, the amount of light obstructed will look different for each option.

Room Darkening Curtains: Blocks 60%-80% Light

Room darkening curtains effectively keep 60-80% of outside light from entering your room from the window. These curtains will not create a pitch-black effect but will provide a good amount of privacy and a comfortable level of darkness. Our Ramond Cashmere feel curtains are the perfect example.

Blackout Curtains: Blocks 80%-100% Light

On the other hand, blackout curtains are an excellent way to get a dark room, with the ability to filter 80-100% of outside lights.

Like our urban collection, a pair of quality blackout curtains will block all exterior light from the sun, neighbor’s homes, and street lamps from entering the room and disrupting your sleep.

How to Tell the Difference

If you hold a flashlight up to the fabric on blackout curtains, the light will not shine through to the other side. On the other hand, if you hold a flashlight up to room-darkening curtains, you will see some illumination making its way through.

Maintains a Comfortable Room Temperature

Many people will choose blackout or room-darkening curtains for their ability to lock in warmth, creating a more comfortable room temperature.

Unfortunately, all windows will let in at least a small amount of cold air. This draft, whether easily noticed or not, will make the room colder and increase your utility bills.

Room Darkening Curtains

Room darkening curtains are perfect if you like a small amount of fresh air to filter the room even when the curtains are drawn. These are ideal during the warmer months or if you want to have a cooler room at night, even during the colder seasons.

Blackout Curtains

Blackouts are the way to go to keep all the heat trapped inside your space and the air on the another side of the window treatment out.

These heavy curtains are made from a heavy fabric that will create a protective barrier between your room and the cold temperatures seeping through the glass and tiny crevices in your window fixtures.

Reduces Noise, Providing Undisrupted Sleep

Another advantage of these two types of curtains is the amount of noise they are known for blocking out. Both options can muffle sounds and block out noises, so your sleep won’t be disrupted.

Room Darkening Curtains: Muffles Noises

Room darkening curtains will provide a small amount of noise reduction, reducing the disruptive sounds from the outside. While you will still hear some birds chirping, cars honking, or kids playing, it will not be loud enough to keep you awake during a nap.

Blackout Curtains: Reduces/Eliminates Outside Noise

Provide a much quieter space, ideal for people who live near heavy traffic and crowded neighborhoods or require silence to fall and stay asleep.

The Effects of Blackout and Room Darkening Curtains

Both types of curtains provide homeowners with a variety of colors, patterns, and designs to improve the look of any room.

When browsing your options, you can choose from velvet, linen, polyester, and more. So, what can these curtains do for your room?

Get a Unique Look to Match Your Current Decor

Timothy Two-Color Blended curtains are a unique design and will look fabulous in almost any room. These curtains darken up to 70% of outside light from filtering into the room. But, by adding a different lining, you can get blackout effects.

You can find blackout and room-darkening curtains to match nearly any décor, improving the look of your room.

Opens and Brightens Your Space

You can use a lighter color panel to give make your space look cleaner and bigger. A great example of this is the Shawn tight-triple-weave short pile curtains. The beige or khaki options are elegant and light while still providing blackout qualities.

Lets You Express Yourself

Your curtains can let you add a personal touch to every room. With the wide variety of options available, you can change the style of blackout and room-darkening curtains depending on your mood, the season, or the weather.

These boho animal pattern curtains can add a unique touch to your baby’s nursery while keeping the room comfortable and peaceful while they sleep.

Where to Hang Black Out and Room Darkening Curtains

Before tossing a set of curtains into your “cart” and clicking buy, decide which option is best for each room.

When to Use Blackout Curtains

You Sleep During the Day

If you work the night shift or enjoy daily naps, these curtains will provide you with the same dark and quiet qualities as the night.

You Have A baby at Home

Nurseries are a great place to hand blackout curtains as they provide undisruptive sleep to babies who would otherwise wake easily to sound or light.

Home Theaters

Home theaters can benefit from blackout curtains because they will provide the ultimate atmosphere. They will create a pitch-black room, absorb internal sounds, and block external noise from filtering in.

When to use Room Darkening Curtains

You Enjoy a Little Fresh Air

If you want the room to stay dark but still allow some fresh air to flow through, these are great curtains for the job.

You Need to Function When the Lights Are Out

Pitch black isn’t ideal for the elderly, children who can move about freely, or anyone with an injury or disability. Room darkening curtains will block a lot of light while allowing the ability to see.

Your Room is Always Hot

Use these curtains in areas that retain heat or lack good air quality.

Fabric for Blackout and Room Darkening Curtains

It is obvious that these curtains are designed with thicker fabrics than your typical style. The good news is that Curtarra’s curtains are not bulky. In contrast, our curtains are made from heavy materials that are still easy to hang, practical, and stylish.

Essential Features of Blackout and Room Darkening Fabrics

At Curtarra, we only provide top-of-the-line curtains, custom-made to suit your needs. Our fabrics provide the best protection and durability and offer the features needed for quality sleep.

Flame Retardant

UV Protected

Echo Friendly

High-Quality Materials

Black Out & Room Darkening Curtains Stylish Design Options

Our customers come to us for custom-made curtains to fit their current home décor. For that reason, we offer various colors and styles to choose from.


Thrift Vintage


Middle-Century Modern

Rustic Contemporary

Room Darkening or Blackout Curtains: Which is Better?

Both types of curtains have pros and cons to consider. These lists will look different depending on what your needs are. If you shop at Curtarra.com, you will get affordable, durable, gorgeous, handmade curtains that will serve your every need without fail.