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Most Popular Fabrics of the Curtains

Different colors and fabrics have different performance on light blocking and touches. Under the prerequisite of practicality and decoration, curtains have become a vital component of our home. Different life scenarios and different family members have different needs. Curtains in every space need to be carefully selected.


We compiled a lot of customer information for 2021 and summarized the four most popular fabrics of the year.


Velvet – with a halo of nobles

 velvet curtains

Since the European Renaissance, Velvet has been equating with the nobles. She has a halo, traditional noble bloodlines, and a long chapter of history. Today, it is also a luxury fabric that many brands love.


Velvet curtains can elevate the taste and style of the entire space to a new level in one second. Visitors are amazed by the warm and retro atmosphere in the living room where the velvet curtain is placed.


The velvet curtain feels good on touch, also has other advantages such as stylish, sag, shading, color stability, sound insulation, etc.


The bedroom with velvet curtains can guarantee you better sleep because of her sound absorption effect and shading effect. At the same time, the velvet curtain can resist some outdoor high temperatures and prevent indoor air-conditioning interaction loss in summer.


Silk Curtains - a low-key high-level being

 silk curtains

Silk is restrained, she is quiet, smooth but noble attributes are nowhere to be hidden. yet light and elegant, with luster and gleam.


Although silk was beautiful, it was too expensive. Fortunately, the textile industry has gradually developed, and silk-like fabrics have inherited almost all silk’s advantages.


In addition to the highest sense of space, the curtains made of silk fabrics also have excellent functions of absorbing and dispersing moisture. Especially in dry winter, silk like fabric can keep a certain amount of moisture in the environment. In addition, the porous fabric structure of the silk fabric can also give the space a constant temperature effect.


Sheer - Floating dream

 sheer curtains

Sheer, a kind of curtain lining, has now become a necessary part for every window. In addition to adding a soft, luxuriant and warm atmosphere to the space, sheer also maximizes the need for natural lighting. Sheer softens the hard light and spreads the light evenly throughout the room. In addition, sheer can perfectly solve the contradictory needs of indoor ventilation and family privacy.


Blinds - Master of Light Control


A small window facing the west, the warm sunshine in the afternoon greedily tried to shine into the house and was cut into strips of light by venetian blinds, spread evenly on the floor, dragging out long shadows.


Venetian blinds can hold almost all decoration styles and can also meet almost all space requirements. She is simple and beautiful, freely retractable, and freely casual. Venetian blinds also have good thermal insulation properties and easily block ultraviolet rays from the sun.


The aluminum-magnesium alloy venetian blind is not afraid of wet environment, and it is the best choice for bathroom and kitchen.

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