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Key Points When Customizing Curtains for Big Living Room

Luxury living room curtains play an important role in the big house. Not like curtains in the small living room, some solid blackout curtains are enough.

living room curtains2

Curtains in the luxury living room are significant to make a space look finished, they not only have the function of blackout and decorating, but also have the design function of the entire space design. Therefore, drapes in the big living room should be in harmony with the wall, floor, furniture, decoration, and other elements of the space. 

 living room curtains1

 The fabric style is gorgeous and thick.

Gorgeous style fabrics usually have their own luster or reflective luster, similar to velvet fabrics, the suede has different light perception at different angles, or similar to silk fabrics, with a sense of luster.

And, when you only have one layer of fabric curtains in your living room, add a lining on your curtains, the thickness of the curtains must be thick enough to match the heaviness of the wall without causing an imbalance. You can also choose a thinner curtain made of cotton and linen, but it needs to be used with Venetian blinds or roller blinds to make the curtains fit the entire space. If you want to place sheer curtains only, then increase the fullness to have a thick look, normally 1.5-2 fullness is not enough.

 living room curtains3

 The color is a solid color or a complex pattern, please pay attention to the length.

The patterns on the curtains are minimalist solid colors or simple repeating patterns (such as checkered patterns, Moroccan patterns, etc.), or use complex printing or layered jacquard surface materials.

Create a coherent visual effect. So pay attention to the length, preferably from the ceiling to the floor, or have a puddle on the floor.

 living room curtains4

Accessories make the window treatments look perfect.

Use valance, curtain boxes, and other header design to make the long curtains look more special. Add lace or tassels to solid color curtains. Choose a heavy style or gorgeous style for the tiebacks.

Finally, we will consider some of the functional requirements of curtains, such as shading, heat insulation, etc.

living room curtains5

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