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Interior Décor Trick: Waterproof Curtains

Interior curtains can be a great way to add style to your home and simultaneously protect against the elements. Many people don't realize that many indoor curtains can be waterproof curtains by sharing the same fabrics or craftsmanship as outdoor curtains, making them perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where moisture is an issue.

Waterproof curtains can keep your home looking stylish while keeping it dry and protected from water damage. Be it sheer curtains, solid curtains, or blackout curtains, curtain choices are seemingly endless, with a wide variety of products set to meet the needs of any person shopping for one.

Why You Should Consider Waterproof Curtains for Indoor Use

Unlike their indoor counterparts, outdoor waterproof curtains are specially made to be more resilient, offering much more protection from the sun's rain and ultraviolet rays. These curtains are also waterproof curtains, ensuring they maintain their integrity when exposed to water. Their inability to get wet due to their vital water-resistant nature has made them a good choice when in the market for new curtains.

Apart from the water-resistant nature of these curtains, a few factors also contributed to their surge in popularity. Firstly, indoor fabrics, although more diverse in terms of design, eventually fade over time when exposed to sun rays for too long.

Although the process might not be immediately noticeable until a few years after you’ve bought them, this still becomes a problem later on, especially if you plan on using them for longer. Integrating outdoor waterproof curtains into your indoor space naturally solves this problem as outdoor waterproof curtains are constructed with fabrics that help resist the harmful sun rays, keeping your curtains vibrant for as long as possible.

Another reason why you should consider outdoor waterproof curtains is because of how effective they are when it comes to protecting your furniture. Like how the sun’s UV rays can damage your curtains over time, those same rays are equally as harmful to your furniture, especially if you have lots of sunlight streaming in through your windows.

Furniture such as carpets, wood furnishings, artwork, and fabrics can get damaged if exposed to the sun over time, making outdoor curtains a perfect choice for protecting them. To shed more light on their light protection functionality, the best outdoor curtains in the market, like the Clark, boast of not only 80-90% light blocking capacity but also a stunning 99% protection from the sun’s UV rays. With this, one can see how beneficial outdoor curtains are when protecting your beautiful furniture and the overall look of your home.

When talking about outdoor curtains, one of the main concerns regarding them revolves around their ability to fit in nicely with other interior décor due to it primarily being meant for outdoor use. This, however, is no cause for concern as these curtains can be custom-made to suit your tastes. Not only can outdoor curtains seamlessly fill the roles of their indoor counterparts in any given space, but they also come with beneficial features like the ones listed above, the most prominent of them being their waterproof nature.

Tricks For Making Your Interior Waterproof Curtains

Waterproof curtains are best known for repelling rain or water droplets while remaining dry. This makes outdoor curtains excellent choices for places within the house where your curtain of choice is more likely to get wet. Their water-repelling and easy-to-clean nature make them perfect for your bathrooms, children’s bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, balconies, and the like. On this note, there are certain things you can do to make your curtains waterproof.

1. Use Outdoor Waterproof Curtains

The first and most popular method is to integrate outdoor curtains into your indoor space. Since outdoor curtains are specifically built to be waterproof, using them indoors naturally gives you the added advantage of water resistance.

2. Customize Your Waterproof Curtains at Curtarra

Another method that fully tailors to your specific needs is the option of personally customizing your curtains. With customization, you can build your curtain from scratch and add or remove features or designs as you see fit. On this note, Curtarra offers a spectacular customization service. Start a live chat with the Curtarra support team to meet the waterproof needs of indoor curtains.

3. Use a Waterproof Spray

However, suppose you’ve just recently purchased a curtain and are hesitant about getting a new one or have fallen in love with your indoor curtain's design and wish to use it still. In that case, another option exists that is sure to make any of your indoor curtains waterproof. To start, you first need to purchase a waterproof spray from any store of your choice. These products are used to treat fabrics to make them resistant to water. You can then go about making them waterproof in a few simple steps.

First, you must clean the curtains by either dry cleaning or machine washing them. This step should primarily revolve around the method of cleaning your fabric of choice demands. After cleaning, ensure the fabric dries completely before moving to the next phase.

When the curtain is completely dry, you can apply your waterproof spray onto the fabric's surface. Ensure you spray completely and evenly to avoid mistakes with the finished product.

After this, you can use a hairdryer or sunlight to dry the curtain thoroughly. You can add a UV protection spray if you also want the added sunlight protection, but ensure the curtain is completely dry before doing this. Once you’ve gone through all these steps, your waterproof curtains are complete and can function like an outdoor one.


While this DIY method may offer another alternative, professionally made outdoor curtains will always be the better option. These curtains are both specially treated and specifically built for outdoor use, making them a natural fit for any place you want them. On this note, a product to consider if you’re into sheer curtains and still want the waterproof feature is Edith. This is an exquisite outdoor curtain made of high-quality fabric, with the added advantage of not having any chemical coating that can lead to strong smells along the line as opposed to homemade waterproof ones.

Another wonderful choice for those who prefer blackout curtains is Clark. A product of exquisite artistry made of high-quality triple weave fabric, offering waterproof and UV protection functions and good insulation to protect your room from heat and cold. Both products are easily washable, making them a good fit for your budget or schedule.

At Curtarra, we are fully dedicated to giving you the best service. We offer the best prices and quality. You’ll get nothing short of a pleasant experience when you shop with us. Visit our website today for all your curtain and drape needs.