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How to Spice Your Minimalist Style Home with Custom Curtains?

Minimalism frees your home and mind from clutter. It provides a beautiful focus on what matters the most. However, it does not mean a lack of style. A great pop of color or a stylish conversation piece is perfect. The key is to make sure the piece is well chosen.

When it comes to minimalist style curtains, simplicity is the ideal. Fluff and frills are out. Strong lines and classic materials are in. In most cases, custom curtains are the best minimalist curtains.

Are Curtains Out of Style in 2022?

Trendy styles come and go, but curtains never go out of style! 

In 2022, short curtains are passé. They can make a room, or even your whole home, look outdated. The best styles are ones that gently kiss the floor or puddle. This is part personal preference and part utilitarian.

When curtains gently kiss the floor, they stay out of the way of vacuums and are easier to draw. However, puddling is a far better option for some blackout and thermal curtains. Use our measurement tool to find the perfect length.

Modern Minimalist Curtains

Curtains are the main feature in a minimalist home because they are necessary. This means that your curtains will be a focal point. Curtains set the stage for a room. They can exude warmth and comfort. They can add a dramatic flare. It is up to you! Choose the ones that will create the look you want.

Great modern minimalist curtains serve a purpose. They do their job. They filter or block light appropriately. They provide cover from damaging ultraviolet sunrays, extreme temperatures, and prying eyes.

Quality curtains are made with premium materials. Linen, velvet, lace, cotton, and silk are all common materials for window dressings. The material's texture should be an important factor in which one you choose.

The only way to truly get the perfect curtains for your home is to opt for custom design curtains. This allows you to have control over every aspect of how the curtains look. This is also the only way to get a proper fit for abnormal or non-standard size doors or windows.

Beyond custom design curtains, choose handmade curtains. These will always be higher quality and guarantee far better attention to detail than mass production.

Minimalist Living Room Curtains

Living room minimalist curtains should be simple in design if you want to follow the decor style. This includes solid colors as opposed to busy prints. Straight lines and defined edges will mark the style.

A good example here would be Della Cotton Blend Satin Curtains. In ivory, silver, gray, or cream, they can be quite neutral. This creates the illusion of space in a smaller room. Try champagne or blush to add depth to a room or for more cozy minimalist curtains.

The satin look is beautiful and classic in a living room. Just like silk, these satin look curtains allow some light to filter through. In many designs, this type of filtered natural light is desirable.

If you prefer to block out the light, hamper sound, or outside temperatures, simply have the curtains lined. You may want to add sheers under the curtain if you intend to draw it regularly.

Should Curtains Match in a Living Room?

In general, you want your curtains to match your living room. You will also want them to match your home decor in either style, color, or both. The exception is when the decor is divided into two different sections with different color schemes.

If you want some variance, try using curtains as a focal point. A good option here is Betty Irregular Striped Texture Curtains. They add interest with their striped texture. Choose a color like yellow, green, or blue to make them eye-catching.

Minimalist Bedroom Curtains

Minimalism is often recommended for bedrooms, even for those who don’t embrace minimalist living. This is because the lack of clutter and simplicity promotes better sleep habits.

When looking for minimalist bedroom curtains, again, simplicity is key. Go for colors that are calming and neutral. For more color, opt for a dark color over a bright color.

A nice fit in color for a bedroom is Eleanor Cotton-Blend Textured Curtains in midnight or hyacinth. For an even deeper and darker hue, as well as a nice touch of depth, consider Victoria Luxury Velvet Curtains.

Minimalist Bedroom Curtains for Kids

When it comes to children's curtains, balance matching home decor and making fun. It is always important to keep a child’s room upbeat and uplifting. Fun styles and colors can still be lovely if you stick with a high-quality curtain.

A perfect option for any kid’s room is Mia Kids Custom Curtains. The style is simple and fun with alternating colors and a cute valance. Customize the colors to fit your child’s bedroom specifically.

These curtains will block out 70 percent of light. They look beautiful accompanied by sheer curtains if you want to draw them during the daytime.

Minimalist Blackout Curtains

Minimalist blackout curtain is almost a redundant term because the style fits minimalism so well. Blackout curtains are most certainly useful. That does not mean that blackout curtains can’t be stylish as well.

Adding lining and sheers to almost any style of curtains can dramatically reduce the light they allow. In most cases, you can eliminate any light from filtering through. This makes for perfect sleeping conditions and complete privacy.

A perfect sheer curtain to add is Frederica White Sheer Curtains. Their exquisite workmanship and simplicity of design make them a terrific fit with minimalist home decor.

Additionally, adding a lining to your curtains makes them more durable. It can help reduce outside noise and temperature fluctuations, saving on long-term energy costs.

Haley Solid Velvet Curtains are perfect minimalist blackout curtains for the bedroom. They are a gorgeous velvet fabric that adds depth and elegance to any room. They come in languorous colors like dark green, gray, and blue. They help create the perfect sleep environment.

Minimalist Curtains Ideas

Minimalism does not mean boring. Great custom curtains should be anything but boring!

When selecting curtains for a minimalist-styled home, it is important to choose carefully. With less decor to dominate a room, the curtains set the tone more than in other homes. Most people opt to either compliment the simplicity of their home or spice up their minimalist style.

The texture is your friend when adding spice to a minimalist home. You can easily keep the style classic, traditional, and even plain when there is a distinct texture to the curtain's material. A deep texture becomes a pattern when busy patterns are frowned upon in minimalism.

For example, Gabriel Chenille Herringbone Texture Curtains make quite a statement while maintaining a clear and defined cut and color.

Color is also a tool for adding variety to the decor when choosing curtains. On a neutral palette, choosing the Gabriel curtains in rust red, forest green, or blue can change the entire look and color scheme of a room.

How Can I Make Curtains More Interesting?

When trying to create interest using minimalist home decor, many people struggle. This is often because they confuse minimalism with neutrality. The point of minimalism is to eliminate what is frivolous and unnecessary. Since curtains are necessary, they are a perfect item to use as a dual-purpose decoration.

To make curtains more interesting and stay within the parameters of what is generally considered minimalist is not difficult at all. The secret is to push the limit of the style without going over the edge.

Consider your curtain a place to show your personality a little bit. You can pick your favorite color, opt for elegance or even add pizazz with a classy pop of color.

If you go for a bolder color, keep the design simple. A good way to do this is by choosing a design like Catherina Linen Look Textured Curtains in orange. You can do the opposite as well. Try a neutral color with a style that offers more bold design elements.

Serena Palm Leaf Jacquard Texture Curtains in beige is a perfect example. Since the color is neutral, the pattern appears delicate instead of imposing and works in a minimalist scheme.

Luxury and elegance are hallmarks of what many people consider a beautiful home. Curtains can help complete and elevate the overall look of your home. To truly elevate the look of your home, it is imperative that the curtains you choose are of the highest quality.

Premium materials like velvet and linen are more durable, creating an aura of excellence. More than simply materials, though, craftsmanship matters. Errant threads, uneven seams, and improper sizing cheapen the look of your home.

To avoid this, choose hand-crafted curtains. Mass-produced products do not have the same level of quality and sophistication as those true artisans make. When people visit your home, they will notice the difference.

Luxury Linen Curtains

Try Molly Pure Washed Linen Curtains if you want to perfect this look in your home. They are made with fine linen thread and are soft, breathable, and beautiful. Choose from neutral colors like white and gray.

Linen is a traditional fabric that offers a soft texture and easy light diffusion. Linen is not sheer but also does not completely block out light. Remember, if you want to have linen curtains as blackout curtains, all you have to do is have them lined.

Another great choice is Blanche Cotton Blend Linen Look Curtains in white. These are quintessential white minimalist curtains. They carry a linen texture pattern and are made from cotton and polyester blend fabric, making them look softer. They perform better than pure linen curtains. They can block as much as 50 percent of light and are more durable.

Luxury Satin Curtains

Ailsa Soft Satin Look Curtains are an outstanding example of luxurious minimalist curtains. The satin look screams luxury, while the high precision fabric is durable and lightweight. They hang perfectly and block about 30 to 50 percent of light.

These curtains are great for any room of the home. In neutral tones like ivory, pale pink, and beige, their soft and shiny appearance brings luxury to any home.

Luxury Velvet Curtains

Velvet is a sought-after material for curtains because it works on every level. Not only is it a sophisticated choice, but it works in terms of its practical purpose and makes it perfect for a minimalist home.

In a solid color, velvet is classic. The fabric adds texture and depth to a room, no matter its color, while blocking light, sound, and temperature-changing elements. Complete black quality is easy to achieve with lined velvet curtains, and their durability is unmatched. This is why they are so often found in bedrooms.

Diana Modern Velvet Curtains are a favorite of interior designers because they have a modern design with a traditional feel. They can be trendy today and classic tomorrow. You can not go wrong with these curtains. Choose from colors like black and antique green for a bedroom and neutrals like beige or grey for living room and dining room curtains.

For a bolder but still classic look, consider William Golden Velvet Curtains. They come in various golden and yellow shades of fantastic high-quality velvet. These choices can be well suited to any room of the home and almost any pre-existing color scheme.

Best Minimalist Curtains for 2022

The very best minimalist curtains will compliment your home decor and your style. Remember that the key to making curtains work in a minimalist home is to keep them simple. Well-made, custom-designed curtains from top-notch materials will produce the best results. Let your style show in the use of colors and textures. To read more curtains and decor styles, click here.

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