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How to Select Liners for Your Custom-made Curtains

Lining curtains is an important step in customizing your curtains. A curtain liner can keep your home warmer during the winter months and meet your different needs for sun lighting and privacy. Besides, curtain liners can make the curtain more durable and protect the outer fabric from sun damage and the color of the fabric can last longer.

 cloth curtain and liner

The curtain liner material for home usually made from 100% cotton, polyester, or a combination of the two. Curtain liners for use in the home should have a good performance on repelling water, resist stains, provide insulation, and prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the home. If you need custom-made curtains for a commercial business, like the restaurant and office, the liner material should have been treated with fire retardant to meet fire codes.


There are some considerations you need to take before you decide on a liner fabric.

Make sure the main function you want the curtain liner can provide: room darkens, blackout or temperature and noise insulation or decorate face curtain on another side.

Make sure the liner fabric is similar to the face fabric for an easy-care, so pay attention to care instructions so that both the curtain and the liner can be cleaned in the same way.

Make sure the liner fabric is harmonious with the face fabric for a perfect look when hung together.

 curtains with blackout liner

Curtains for home, different rooms have their own needs on draperies.

For the bedroom, noise and light control might be your first priority.

For the kitchen, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics are more suitable.

For the living room, study, and nursery, lights control should be important.