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How To Make Your Home Look Expensive With Affordable Custom Curtains?

Making a lasting impression on your guests is foremost in everyone's mind. But with inflation as it is, many are looking for inexpensive, affordable alternatives. Fortunately, your curtain choice is the easiest and fastest way to spruce up your home and make it appear more luxurious. They help you protect your privacy from nosy onlookers and control how much natural light you want to filter into the room.

So why not kill two birds with one stone? You need the functional practicality of curtains, but you can also maximize their aesthetic value. You might assume that the sort of curtains that look expensive is beyond your means or lack utility. While that might be true about off-the-shelf drapes, custom curtains will help you achieve the affluent vibe without burning a hole through your pocket.

How To Customize Luxury Curtains

Alas, only those who know the secrets to customizing the perfect set of drapes will know how to upgrade their pad with deluxe curtains. Read on to learn how you can make your home look more expensive with the help of curtains.

1. How High Do You Hang?

You can make a huge difference with how you hang your curtains. For instance, hang them six to eight inches above the window frame, two to three inches below the ceiling. Anyway, high the curtains as high as possible and let them fall to the floor. This will make your ceilings appear higher than they are and imbue your space with a high-end vibe. 

Conversely, it would be best to consider extending rods past your windows, so the curtains also extend. Not only does this allow more sunlight to filter in, but it also makes the room seem larger than it actually is. 

2. Let Them Fall

The most opulent interiors are not reserved about how long their curtains are. They often let them drape along the floor, adding the curtains' bottoms with special weights for a luxurious, regal effect. 

Many prefer that their curtains end just before the floor because they are practical. But as necessary as utility is to design, you sometimes have to compromise it for aesthetics. So while curtains along the floor are not particularly easy to maintain, they add that sense of tasteful luxury to your space.

3.Header Style

A curtain header is a piece at the top that connects to a rod or track. They come in a variety of styles, with each dramatically altering how the curtain will look. To help you choose, here are a few of the most popular types.

Rod Pocket

Arguably the most common and classic method to hang drapes and curtains, rod pockets are sewn-in pockets or casings placed at the top of drapery panels that slip over the rod and hide it. Curtains hung with rod pocket style bunch nicely and provide a clean tailored, casual look.

Grommet Top

These use grommets to attach the drapes to the track. Grommets are disc-shaped cutouts at the curtain’s top that allow the rod to pass through. They are considered to look relatively modern.

Tab Top

Small hoops are stitched into the curtain’s top, allowing a rod to pass through them. The drapes hang from the track using them. They look very delicate yet elegant – their beauty lies in the details.


Pleats feature a header gathered closely with a heading tape, creating a stylish ruffle look at the top of the curtain. There are three primary pleat styles, each with a distinct feature and look:

Double Pinch: With a beautiful wing-like silhouette, double pinch pleats use a double fold pinched together to create formal pleats at regular intervals. They are usually the most affordable since they use less fabric.

Triple Pinch: As the name suggests, these pleats have three folds. They are considered the most regal-looking of all pleats. Consequently, they utilize more fabric.

Pencil: The most popular pleat style, these add voluminous depth and style to your curtain. Using a special tape, they create large, wavy folds that go very well with light fabrics.

4.Choose Ornate Accessories

As we have established, you need a large curtain to make any significant effect in making your interior space seem well-appointed. But with large drapes, it is pointless if you only use standard accessories. Not only will they be overshadowed by the massive, decorative curtains, but they might also be insufficient at holding up their weight. 

5.What Material To Select?

Naturally, your curtain's fabric plays a decisive role in making it look luxurious. But this does not mean you need to get the most expensive material to add that distinctive flavor to your home. For instance, genuine silk can be pricey, but it is also tough to maintain. Its dye also fades very fast when exposed to sunlight. On the other hand, faux silk can look and feel just like real silk without many of the shortcomings – that too at a nominal price!

Conversely, you can get affordable cotton or linen curtains, which are considerably light. Expensive fabrics tend to be heavier and better, preventing sunlight from entering a room. But you can have the same effect by simply having two or more sets of curtain panels. This will make your cotton or linen drapes feel heavier than they are. 

 Sheer curtains are another inexpensive material. They are lightweight and feel exceptionally airy, billowing with just the lightest of breezes. Moreover, they will add daytime privacy to your home since they let natural light in without allowing outsiders to get a peek inside. As a result, they work great in layers. You could complement them with a thicker material that blocks out sunlight. When you want to darken a room, use the secondary curtains. But when you want light filtering into the room, draw them aside. The sheer curtains will let natural light in while still securing your privacy.

 Velvet curtains are another option. They tend to be a little trickier to maintain, but they make up for that with how gorgeous they look. Velvet curtains not only feel incredibly soft to the touch but also look pricier than they really are because of their weight. Plus, they offer curtain makers more creative freedom. You can find them in a range of beautiful, intricate prints.

6.Design Options

This is wholly dependent on your house's interior design. Some assume that to communicate luxury and excess, they must get curtains with ostentatious and elaborate patterns. However, that is not necessarily the case. 

Of course, intricately patterned drapes make sense if you have a house with a classic or bohemian theme. But most people have regular homes with no consistent design theme. To make them look fancier, follow a simple design principle. If most of the furnishings in the room are minimalist with no patterns, then get curtains with simple patterns or stripes. However, if the furniture has many complex designs, then block curtains. 

Block curtains are comprised of two or more colors. They can either be stacked on top of or alongside each other – appearing as if they are separate blocks. Usually, one of the colors is a neutral color that anchors another, brighter tint. They are especially popular among those who appreciate minimalist Scandinavian design.

But if that is not your jam, you could consider solid curtains . These come in one color. Despite their simplicity, when made with high-quality craftsmanship and premium fabrics, they can make any room feel classy.

Using this straightforward guide, you will neither overwhelm a room's aesthetic with too many contrasting patterns and prints nor leave it drab and uninteresting. There will always be a fun and exciting contrast of designs to keep it interesting.

Nonetheless, if you have difficulty deciding whether a particular room should have patterned, block, or solid drapes, stay safe and get solid prints. They will blend into their surroundings, and as long as they are stitched well and made from suitable materials, they can still enhance your home's aesthetic value.

7.Adopt A Design Theme

Nothing says big bucks like a room that looks like some modicum of interior design went into it. Of course, you cannot hire a professional interior designer when you are trying to spruce it up without spending too much money. Instead, all you need to do is choose a curtain that brings some cohesiveness to the room. 

We already discussed how selecting either block or patterned curtains is determined by what is already in the room. Interior designers attempt to combine all the elements of a space so it looks like it is part of one complete room.

So when selecting a curtain, you mustn't get something that deviates too significantly from the theme you have already established. For instance, if your bedroom mostly has block prints and contemporary furnishings, and you have subsequently decided to get patterned curtains, avoid drapes with elaborate floral prints. They would ultimately detract from your bedroom's modern design and look entirely out of place. Instead, consider getting some simple checkered or striped designs.

8.Choosing A Color

Perhaps the most crucial question – what color should your curtains be? Neutral colors are great because they can blend into the background – but that is not necessarily what you want if you want to make your home seem luxurious. For this, you once again need to let your natural design instinct guide you. 

The color itself should complement a color theme already going on in the room. If your house has a contemporary, avant-garde design theme, then neutral colors probably work best. But other than that, you should always strive to add color using your curtains to achieve a high-end look. 

You could select something that matches the shade of other furnishings around your house. Alternatively, you could get a slightly different shade. A different shade would allow you to add depth and diversity to your space's design without breaking from the overarching trend. As mentioned, you must stick with a theme.

Lastly, it will help you to know what colors are considered cool and warm. Cool colors are blue, green, purple, and their associated tints. Conversely, warm colors are red, yellow, orange, and associated shades. Warm colors will make you feel warm and cozy, whereas cool colors are – as the name declares – cool. This will help you decide whether you want to make a space feel cooler or warmer, striking either an ideal balance between the two or sticking to one sensation only.

Why You Must Get Custom Curtains

It is possible to make your house seem far more expensive and flashy than it is, provided you make smart choices about your curtains. However, it must have also become clear that you cannot select off-the-shelf drapes to maximize their potential to make your space truly high-end. They will be insufficient to meet your criteria for the perfect set of drapes for your space. After all, they are manufactured for mass consumption and will invariably look disconnected from your design theme. 

Therefore, to get curtains that are fully integrated with your house's design, complementing it to make it look pricey, you have to get custom curtains. Whereas this was an expensive option back in the day, that is not the case anymore. Bespoke drapes made with the finest fabrics and care are now increasingly affordable and within everybody's means.

Services like Curtarra offer customers the opportunity to order customized, premium curtains online at affordable rates. Our curtains are handcrafted, custom-made, and of the highest quality. We only use the best, most exclusive fabrics guaranteed to deliver the quality you need to give your home that high-end vibe.

By taking advantage of digital e-commerce, we have made custom curtain shopping accessible to a wide range of consumers, delivering them within five business days free of cost. You can even contact us  for expert guidance in selecting the right set of drapes. Visit our website today and get started.