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How To Dress Up Your Bay Windows In 2022?

The bay window was designed for Victorian-style architecture, initially in the British Isles. After decades, it is widely spread across the pond and has been a hot decor option in the States. The bay window is commonly seen in most places, including modern and classical buildings, single-family houses, and apartments. It enjoys a good reputation for its unique frame. Generally, a bay window consists of three or more separate windows, with one angular window jutting out to the external wall and two flat windows clinging to the interior wall. The uneven frame enlarges the space and enables it to be a stunning ornament. However, the bends can also make it harder for the window treatment. In other words, figuring out the optimal decor ideas for the bay windows can be tricky. To tackle the issue, you need to answer a question. Are you a fan of function over decor or the opposite? Different answers may differ in dressing up your bay windows. Despite this, you don’t need to worry, and we will list an array of available solutions and explain them to you in detail. Now, let’s get started and look for bay window ideas together.

Choose ideas between function and decor

A bay window can go in all shapes and sizes. Different shapes and sizes create different looks making the bay window functional or decorative. When it comes to dressing up the bay window, you should make sure that you would prefer to treat the bay window as a function or decor. It is advisable to discuss the renovation ideas from the following two perspectives.

If you are a fan of function

In most cases, a functional bay window has two leading roles. One of the prominent roles is to provide a panoramic view. Another part is to create more inner space. If you are a fan of functional bay windows, we recommend you use three kinds of window coverings as below.

-Shutters. Shutters are pretty practical coverings to frame your entire bay windows precisely. They fit the squares and angles, leave no gap, invite natural light at maximum, create proper privacy, and even block noise if your windows face the street. Additionally, it is convenient to clean and care for shutters. Shutters function as a helpful hand in this sense.

source: ins@theshutterstudio

-Cafe-style window coverings. When we talk about cafe-style window coverings, they don’t refer to a particular kind of coverings. Shutters, sheer curtains, and curtains are all included. Cafe-style mainly means hanging curtains or shutters at the lower half of the bay window. It allows more light in, gets a broad view, and keeps the original look as much as possible without compromising your privacy. Indeed, it is a handy way to dress up.

-Curtains. Since they came into being, curtains have always been a functional tool to accent windows. The situation is all the same for bay windows. Once you draw the curtains, they act as an effective instrument to provide absolute darkness, insulate, reduce noises, and maintain privacy. Believe it or not, they can meet most of your needs. In a word, curtains are good options for improvement.

If you are a fan of decor

As we all know, a bay window can be an ornament to the house to add aesthetic design to the decor. If you make full use of your bay windows, they can work as an impressive part of your overall decor style. For instance, it goes well to dress up your bay windows in a minimalist way in modern style. In classic fashion, adorn your bay windows with classical elements to make a mood. Hence, if you are a fan of decor, try hard to take advantage of your bay windows to create a colorful inner space. It is suggested to make an effort in the following two ways.

source: ins@adele.mcdonald.design

-Blinds. Roll-up Roman blinds are excellent choices for decorating bay windows. You can roll up to adjust the blinds to any position you prefer. By adjusting the position of the blinds, you change the appearance of your bay windows indeed. Fix the blinds in a higher place. You leave more gaps and make your window visually larger. Rolling down the blinds in a lower position can also pose a focal and bold look. You can also get pattern blinds to coordinate with your wallpaper and furniture to highlight your taste and aesthetic sense. Solid blind toning with elegant color can also work well.

-Curtains. Curtains differ in fabrics, colors, patterns, and other elements. These factors matter a lot in the final visual effects of how the curtains look. Specifically, curtains with velvet or silk texture can produce a silky-smooth look. This look adds elegance and beauty to your entire house. You can also hide stuff, making it a clean nook below the bay window area. Curtains with linen or cotton texture create a simple and clean look which is especially suitable for the coming summer. Curtains with patterns can make a lot of fun and are designed to enhance your decor. That is to say, and the curtains are variable and suitable for bay windows.

Whether you are a fan of function or decor, curtains are the optimal way to satisfy your dressing thoughts. Since bay windows are different from ordinary windows, there are bends and curves. These angles cause trouble for measurements and treatments. Pre-made curtains may not be able to fit your bay windows precisely. It might be the perfect solution to turn to custom curtains from our perspective. At Curtarra, our Measurement Tool is available. You can use it to measure the size of your window by yourself. FYI, we will guide you on how to hang curtains on bay windows next.

Three practical ways to hang curtains on your bay windows

As we mentioned before, it never goes easy to hang curtains on the angular bay windows. How you deal with curtains and curtain accessories does matter a lot. It depends on treating the curtains or the bay window as a focal point. Generally, there are three practical ways to hang curtains on bay windows. Now, we are going to introduce them to you respectively.

Use three traverse rods to hang curtains on each of the windows

Different sizes of bay windows require different treatments. In some cases, each separate bay window is designed relatively far from the other. It is hard to coordinate the windows in the same dimension. Also, it can be a waste to use a large piece of the curtain to cover the windows. So, it is advisable to use three individual traverse rods to mount upon the top of the three single windows and hang curtains on them. You are free to hang a pair of curtains or a panel of curtains according to the size of your windows and your own aesthetic needs. Using three traverse rods helps to bring a clean and comfortable look.

Wear one traverse rod to hang curtains across the front of bay windows

source: ins@mirabelle_byron_bay

Under some circumstances, the bay windows area is treated as a functional or decorative zone. For example, if your bay window is installed in the living room, you may make it a place to meet your guests. In this case, using one rod to hang curtains over the area is highly recommended. Hang a pair of curtains upon the region creates a drama and cosy look. Moreover, you can make use of a tieback to control the light amount and privacy. When there is no guest, use tieback to gather the curtains. When your guests come, shut the curtains and invite your guests to explore the bay window area. It can surprise your guests that it should be a unique nook behind the curtains. You and your guests can share the view outside the window, chat, and enjoy your private time.

Opt for one continuous angled rod to hang curtains over the bay windows

source: ins@houseabovetheriver & @humiloves

For coordination, you can view the bay window as a unit. Select a continuous rod with angles that match the bay windows. Wherever you fix the rod depends on your preference and the spare wall space between the window and the ceiling. Different heights of the rod create different styles. To make your curtains look more stylish, you should try to fix the rod clinging to the ceiling. Then, hang a pair of curtains at each edge of the bay window to get a neat and coordinated look. By hanging curtains in this way, the curtains act as a functional screen to block light out and create privacy.

Choose the ideal fabric for your bay window curtains

Tough as it is to dress up your bay windows. There are altogether two steps to solve the problem. It is the first step to deciding to use curtains. Now, it comes to the second step--choosing fabric for the curtains. As we all know, the material has a significant impact on the functional appearance of the curtains. Let’s find out the ideal fabric for your bay window curtains.

Curtain fabric should conform to your interior decor

It is advisable to hang curtains that conform to your interior decor to create a cohesive look. If you get a minimalist or zen style, we suggest you hang sheer curtains, solid curtains, and linen texture curtains. These fabrics are airy and breezy, and they help keep your curated style as much as possible. Click Curtains & Drapes to learn more details. If you adorn your house with the hot transitional style, you are better off picking velvet curtains or solid curtains. Both velvet and solid work well with style and produce an impressive appearance.

Curtain fabric should meet your functional needs

-Privacy. If your bay windows face the street, you might want to keep some private space. In this case, you can hang sheer curtains. Sheer curtains allow you to maintain privacy without compromising a charming view outside the windows.

-Insulation. It is undeniable that jutting out of the bay window brings more heat to the inside space. So, using curtains to insulate is reasonably necessary. You can choose black-out curtains to block the light and cool the heat down.

-Light control. Adopt a combination of sheer curtains and room darkening curtains, and you can control the interior light freely. When you need a bright look, withdraw the curtains with a tieback to gather them nicely. When you need a quiet aura, pull down the curtains to get a nice nap.


Bay windows indeed add elegance. It is also true that they cause trouble. While dressing up your bay windows, you should be careful to deal with the window treatments. Among all of the coverings, curtains are optimal to balance your needs of both function and decor. Still, choosing curtains and hanging curtains are technical. Custom curtains can save your time and energy and help you escape from measurement dilemmas. Take advantage of custom curtains to dress up your bay windows now.

Looking forward to being amazed by your gorgeous custom curtains!