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How to Create a Tropical Forest Nook with Pattern Curtains

Most times, we spot some secluded corners in our homes that are too small to be a room but too big to be ignored. If you have one, you probably have wondered for a long time, “how could I possibly optimize this space?” This is a general puzzle among homeowners. Optimizing and decorating a nook is one of the most problematic aspects of home decor. On the one hand, you have to consider what to use it for, and on the other, choose a style that would complement the entire house.

Nooks offer countless options, from reading spaces to dressers, bars, and even office spaces. With so many possible combinations for optimizing these quirky spaces, it’s no surprise nook decor is so problematic. However, it does create the opportunity to get inventive and create a charming and fully-functional space. In this article, we guide you through the process of creating a tropical forest design for your nook with pattern curtains.

Achieving a Tropical Forest Design

The tropical interiors trend has evolved, and quite rightly so. Who wouldn’t relish the warm, vacay feel of the summertime? The green jungle vibes of this interior design offer the opportunity to preserve that fantastic summer feeling all year.

One easy way of achieving this is by introducing a curtain. Curtains are very effective and versatile decorative accessories that could completely elevate your home decor. They offer a wide variety of combination and customization options to achieve any look possible.

In the context of a tropical design, there are a lot of patterned and printed drapes that can be used to create a forest vibe in any space without breaking the bank. Alongside different customization options like the fabric, light filter, color and header types, there is no limit to what can be achieved with a curtain.

From integrating bold, floral patterns to incorporating houseplants and quality lighting, a lush, green, and exotic nook can be created easily without much stress. Let’s take a look at how to achieve the perfect Tropical Forest Design in your home:

Opt for Tropical Themed Patterns

Unsurprisingly, this is the perfect starting point for every design. When it comes to a tropical design, you are better off opting for patterns that reflect a forest vibe.

Floral or jungle leaf patterns are some of the most popular ways of introducing warmth and glitz to your space. Others include bright florals, flamingoes, plants, and animals. In truth, most patterns with a rich green combination give off a luxurious tropical feel.

Use Bright Colors

No one can dispute how vital green is to a tropical forest. However, injecting other colors into your decor can serve as an effective way to create a tropical forest nook. To achieve this, it's always wise to go for bright, statement colors.

Some bright colors that can perfectly complement a green botanical design include yellow, purple, and vibrant pink. These palettes bring a taste of fun and buoyancy and should be selected based on what you intend to do with your nook.

Employ Natural Materials

The ultimate goal of a tropical forest design is to adopt nature in all its elegance. As such, you can’t go wrong with using natural materials in styling various aspects of your nook, be it furniture or little styling details.

Based on the intended functionality of your nook, you could incorporate wood furniture and fashionable woven fabrics to create a natural tone.

Combine Sheer Curtains

When redecorating, there’s no better place to start than with curtains. Changing or combining different drapes can serve as an effective way to recreate a particular look and give your space a huge facelift.

Achieving a tropical forest look might require sufficient lighting and sheer curtains serve this purpose perfectly. Opting for sheer drapes with floral prints truly add an elegant and soft natural feel to your space.

Alternatively, header styles also offer a certain amount of flair to your decor. You can employ header styles like the pinch pleat-double, rod pocket and grommet top to incorporate glamor and elegance to your nook.

Creating a Tropical Forest Nook With Pattern Curtains

Some people go out of their way to reproduce the perfect tropical design in their homes. This includes spending on furniture, custom wall designs, and other accessories. However, homeowners who understand the secrets of soft furnishings know how easy it is to create any look with a drape. As such, Curtarra offers various pattern curtains to recreate a tropical feel without spending much. Discover our options below.

Gloria Bush & Birds Pattern Curtains

The Gloria Bush and Birds Pattern curtains bring the best of nature to your space. Offering birds and leaves patterns on an off-white fabric, this curtain is a modern, cute and buoyant option to add a hint of nature to your nook.

Fashioned from high-quality 285gsm double-sided matte fabric. The Gloria Bush and Bird pattern curtain provides privacy and can block 70-80% of light. These pattern curtains come in green and are ideal options for creating a beautiful tropical style.

Dale Embroidered Leaves Pattern Curtains

Made of quality 339gsm linen woven style polyester fabric, the Dale Embroidered Leaves Pattern Curtain is a faultless choice for adding a fresh and casual look to your nook. It blocks 50-60% of light, allowing just enough natural light to highlight its colorful embroidered leaves pattern.

Aside from its pattern, this curtain also offers eco-friendly, breathable, and decorative features, which give the drape a stylish and elegant look. You can choose from various styles, including elegant, vintage, modern, and casual, to bring a tropical vibe to your space.

Julie Flower And Paisley Pattern Curtains

The Julie Flower And Paisley Pattern Curtain is a buoyant and beautiful drape. Made of high-quality 260gsm cotton and polyester blend fabric, it comes in two different color tones, giving off a natural, elegant style to any space.

Its unique design offers a flower and paisley pattern on the front capable of filtering and blocking 50-60% of light. Other features of the Julie pattern curtain include light filtering, breathable and decorative. The Julie Flower And Paisley Pattern Curtain is a quality addition to give your nook a stylish and warm feel.

Yolanda Floral Birds Pattern Curtains

Yolanda Floral Birds Pattern Curtains, made of 100% polyester rough canvas textured fabric, are eco-friendly drapes, offering a robust feel of the vintage countryside. Typically, this curtain filters 30% of light, allowing enough light to highlight its stunning birds and floral patterns.

This curtain comes in different colors, including blue, pink, and purple, all quality palettes capable of bringing a forest vibe to your space. Suppose you wish to add a natural, elegant decor to your nook while maintaining a certain degree of privacy. In that case, the vintage and casual style of the Yolanda Floral Birds Pattern Curtain is sure to do justice to that.

Leo Tropical Garden Pattern Curtains

Made of thick polyester fabric weighing 392gsm, the Leo Tropical Garden Pattern Curtain is ideal for adding tropical scenery to your nook. With a natural landscape pattern featuring trees and animals, this drape can filter 45-55% of light, creating a beautiful, modern style to suit any room. Customization is also possible to get more blackouts.

The Leo Tropical Garden Pattern Curtains come in three different color options – gray, green, and light coffee, and various styles and features. Whatever your preferences, this elegant drape is an ideal choice to give your space a distinctive, modern, and decorative look.


A tropical forest style conveniently offers a feeling of warmth and elegance to your nook regardless of the season. Whether you choose to create a reading nook or opt for a more relaxed option like a bar or dresser, these pattern curtains would assist you in transforming your space into a flourishing jungle.