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How to Choose Perfect Scandinavian Curtains

Scandinavian Style

For the decoration style, the Scandinavian style is a style that advocates simplicity, nature, and full of humanity. While paying attention to the interests of the general public, it also takes care of the niche, which shows that the Scandinavian design cares about people. Perhaps this is one of the important reasons why the Scandinavian style is favored by everyone.


Scandinavian style room:

Grey tones, neat.

Wood or iron furniture and art pictures.

Geometric patterns on the wall, bedding, textiles, or carpet.

Nods to nature, decor with plants.

Soft, woven bedding, and area rug.


So, how do we choose Scandinavian style curtains?

 line cotton

Material & Function

The Scandinavian style usually uses fabric curtains as decoration, and cotton and linen are a good choice. The curtains made of cotton and hemp are more environmentally friendly and natural, reflecting the characteristics of Scandinavian style close to nature, while the light transmission function is good, simple, and elegant.


Color Matching

The Scandinavian-style home decoration color is always white and emphasizes large-area lighting. It has a spacious and bright feeling, so the curtain color should also be mainly plain, and there are more pure colors. However, more and more people now prefer brighter colors, yellow and green are more popular. In short, as long as it can be matched with the overall style.


Curtain Higher

The Scandinavian style generally chooses to hang floor-to-ceiling curtains, which can not only show the integrity of the space but also make the space more spacious and atmospheric, because extra-long curtains can soften the space lines and have a three-dimensional sense. Of course, you can do it if you like other styles.


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