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How to Choose Custom Curtains for Thrift Style

Are you obsessed with thrift home décor styles and want to transform the aesthetics of your home? That's a fantastic idea, as shabby-chic, antique, and vintage styles are the latest trends in interior design. If you want to give your home an enchanting personality, then choose custom curtains that’ll enhance your thrift ambience.

However, there are several factors you need to consider when choosing custom curtains to complement your vintage thrift style. You'll need to take note of vintage fabric types, color palettes, patterns, lining, and much more. With the right curtain, you'll be able to combine function with a stylish look without breaking the bank.

This guide will surely help you select the ideal curtains that fit the overall mood and aesthetics of your home. We'll walk you through all the trendy thrift ideas you need to know when buying customized curtains for your space. Let's get started.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Thrift Style

There's a wide variety of fabrics to explore when choosing curtains for thrift style, and we recommend choosing the material with care. You see, the fabric type influences your room's tone and design theme.

Good curtain fabrics will represent your personal style and complement your thrift furniture and room accessories. In addition, the best fabrics will provide the right functionality, such as protecting your privacy, blocking direct sunlight, or muffling unpleasant sounds. Here are some of the best curtain fabrics for thrift style:


Lace is one of the most popular types of fabric used for vintage curtains. It adds a historic and timeless appeal to your interiors. Lace curtain fabrics are lightweight and airy, letting natural light permeate the room. They also help to complement your thrift romantic décor, offering an elegant artistic look and feel.


Linen curtains are usually preferred by homeowners for thrift styles due to their soft texture and feel. They can be easily customized to fit your room’s atmosphere. Linen is the perfect fabric if you’re going for the thrifty look.


This is another classic favorite fabric for thrift styles. Although thick and heavy, velvet fabrics give any room that elegant feel associated with vintage thrift tone. They are also great for accentuating your room thrift style while preserving function by blocking air draft and light.


Cotton fabrics are incredibly versatile when it comes to vintage looks. They can easily fit a number of thrift aesthetics based on your preferences. They are a classic choice for homes filled with thrift and antique statement pieces.


Polyester fabric is usually preferred for bedroom thrift looks. Due to its strength and durability, it can last for long while maintaining your room thrift décor. It doesn’t fade or deteriorate as quickly as other fabric types and works well with a lot of classic thrift colors.

Drapery fabrics

Also known as decorator fabrics, these materials hang pretty nicely and add a unique twist to the thrift trend. You can easily create a personal thrift style with the various colors and patterns of drapery fabrics available.

Sheer fabrics

One component of creating the right thrift look in your home is lighting. Sheer curtains are especially great for optimizing the natural light while still maintaining privacy for a light design. They offer a simple classic look to complement a variety of thrift designs.

Select the Perfect Complementary Color

Aside from fabric type, another factor to consider with thrift curtain styles is the color palette. The color of the curtains should align with the general color palette of your furniture, carpets, and walls. You can also use neutral colors to offset the antique look of your thrift statement pieces.

The right curtain color will help enhance the vintage thrift theme of your décor. Vintage colors come in different hues, either highlighting the curtains or helping to blend the curtains in the background. They tend to be quite cozy and relaxing, offering depth without overwhelming the room décor. As a result, they tend to be more muted.

Some popular colors used for thrift styles include cream, yellowed brown, mint, dark burgundy, sage green, teal, and peach. These colors are classic favorites for thrift interior designs and add a finishing touch to the décor.

You can decide to match the curtain color with the color of other furniture for a uniform thrift look. On the other hand, you can contrast the colors to create a more energetic and vibrant thrift style.

These thrift colors will help emanate a warm and pleasant ambiance in your room. Together with the right fabric type, they evoke a nostalgic vibe that gives your room a rich and regal look and feel.

Examine the Vintage Pattern

When selecting vintage thrift patterns, ensure the curtain will look good when open as well as closed. Adding a well-designed patterned curtain is what you need to complete the thrift look of your space. In addition, they can serve as complementary additions to matching cushions and rugs.

Eye-catching patterns like animal prints, floral patterns, or stripes help to enliven a room with mainly solid colors. Floral patterned curtains can even serve as the prominent floral focal point in the room.

Blooming branches pattern curtains serve to freshen up the space and work well with other thrift room pieces like flower vases. The romantic florals are elegant and warm and can be paired with similar patterns on bedsheets and pillow cases .

Fronde leaves curtains are airy and cozy and work well with any room. The appealing motif gives the room a more cohesive thrift-style look and helps to complement indoor house plants.

Geo pattern curtains feature exquisite design and help to decorate vintage thrift-style rooms. They also provide privacy and block out light to dim your room or even blackout with added lining.

Plaid curtains are perfect for vintage thrift styles as they can be coordinated with whimsical hues and contrasting palettes. You can also pair them with plaid pillows on the sofa or plaid upholstery to add to the ambiance.

Prints or Solids

With thrift styles, you can go for either solids or printed vintage curtains. Each style comes with its strengths and benefits. To make the right choice for your room, you need to assess the décor and take note of all the furniture and colors present.

Printed curtains add a striking appeal to transform the aesthetics of rooms with deep and bold solids. On the other hand, solid curtains work well with bold-printed thrift furniture and walls.

Solid curtains offer a neat and simple look that works well in rooms with a lot of vintage and retro designs and patterns. They look sophisticated and also work to block out light and noise for your desired level of privacy and light control.

Printed curtains have a wide variety of designs, from geometric prints to stripes. They offer more customization options and can be used to add a touch of personal style to the vintage interior design. Brighter and creative prints are fine for casual spaces with thrift fashion, while cleaner lines work for more formal rooms like office spaces.

Pick Your Thrift Heading Style

There are various header styles that accentuate and blend with your thrift décor style. The overall look and feel of your room can change with the heading you use.

Grommet tops are quite easy to install and uninstall. Depending on the weight of the curtain fabric, you can choose stronger or reinforced grommets. They help you highlight your thrift design theme beautifully.

Double pinch pleats use double folds of fabric to pinch or gather the material together. They look best with complementary thrift themes and are specially designed for larger windows.

Rod pockets are classic folds over curtain rods. They don't require any clips to set up. They help to add a romantic and luxurious feel to the room.

Tab top headings are modern styles that offer a clean and simple design. The informal and casual look can help liven up a small or stuffy space for a splendid thrift style.

Improve Your Curtains with Lining

Another factor to consider when choosing custom curtains for thrift style is the type of lining. Linings are extra layers that provide a barrier between the window and the curtain. There are several types used to add functionality while preserving your thrift look.

Thermal Linings are usually made of thick coated cotton. They work great with a warm and cozy thrift interior design. They help to prevent drafts, thereby maximizing heating efficiency.

Blackout linings are particularly great for thrifty bedrooms as they block out lighting for that thrift romantic vibe.

Interlinings are extra fabric layers between the main curtain fabric and a lining. The triple weave fabric has three seamlessly interwoven layers. They help to optimize the insulating properties of your curtains and are best for natural and elegant thrift designs.

Get the Right Curtain Size

Another important aspect to consider when crafting your personal thrift style is the curtain size. Different curtain lengths will affect your interior design in different ways. Regardless of your thrift aesthetics, you want to avoid ending up with ill-fitted curtains. As a result, you need to take accurate measurements.

Most vintage thrift looks feature curtains with a charming floor-grazing (puddle) length. However, you might want to avoid tripping hazards, especially with kids, and keep to an above-floor length.

For a complementary thrift décor, ensure your curtains are wider than the width of your window (preferably two times wider). There are several variations of curtain length to consider when planning your room decor, such as floating, touching, pooling, and skimming.

Pooling is the most common length for romantic vintage styles while floating offers a casual thrift look. With a slight bend above the hem, touching rounds up a thrift décor nicely. Skimming requires more careful styling to blend with your design.

Curtarra measurement tool offers a step-by-step guide to getting the right fit for your curtains.

You first need to determine the header style you prefer for your curtain.

Then check if there's a rod installed and measure the rod or window width and height from the floor as needed. You can make use of a measuring tape to note the dimensions.

You can then determine the panel type and fullness for your curtain finished look. 2x fullness is usually recommended.

Finally, you choose your preferred finish length, and the online tool calculates the best fit for you.

Add Accessories for Extra Charm

There are several types of vintage accessories you can use to enhance the look of your curtains and complement your style. These accessories can add an extra flair and charm to your curtains and make a great deal of difference in your rooms. However, it is best to stick to your general thrift theme when choosing these compliments.

Tiebacks help to secure your curtains from the window and let in fresh air and sunlight. They are typically made of rope or cord. They work great with classic velvet curtains for a regal thrift vibe.

Brackets help to support and hold the curtain rods in place. You can match the color or design of the brackets and rods for a nice comprehensive look.

Clips are another favorite of thrifters. They are usually attached to rings, allowing you to clip your curtains securely. They give a neat and sleek finished look to your thrift décor.

Finials are decorative ornaments that can also be customized to complement your thrift style. You should have no problem getting the suitable vintage finial and color to match your curtains.

Valances are fabric frills that help to frame the window and hide curtain tracks. It can add more color and texture to your vintage look.


When going for custom curtains for thrift style, consider your preferences and visualize the thrift décor you plan to create. With an aesthetic vision and our guidelines, you will be able to find a custom curtain for your thrift style that you love.

Curtarra offers a wide range of affordable and high-quality curtains and accessories. Regardless of the color, fabric, pattern, or size, you will surely find the perfect curtains for your home. So start shopping with us today!