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How to Choose Curtain Color that Makes Your House Fascinating

Choosing the best curtain color makes your room look more inviting. We use curtains for different purposes. For example, curtains help stop sunlight directly coming into the room. They also help ensure your privacy. As well as this, room curtains add to the beauty of the room's overall décor. Whenever you enter your home or room, the very first thing you notice is the color combination dominating it and how much light enters it.

Since a room without windows is considered a room without life. Similarly, it has become essential to decorate the room accordingly. Indeed, you have to look for the fabric, material, and durability of the curtains before buying them. Another most important thing that comes after those concerns is the color you choose for your room curtains. Today scientists and psychologists are studying the colors that open the door for us to understand how colors affect our lives, modes, feelings, and home.  

Today, we are going to discuss the points that you should consider before choosing the room curtains. As well as this, we will also discuss what colors are trendy and how they can be the perfect options for you to give your room a more alluring and eye-catching look. So, let’s start here

3 Things to Consider When Picking Curtain Colors

When planning for the room or home curtains, you should learn how to pick the right color that will go amazingly with your room. It will help if you start from the first suggestion, what color attracts you the most. For example, if the ceiling color entices you the most, you should also go with the same color for curtains. Similarly, the color of any desiring portion of your room can be the color of your curtain. To match or select the best curtain color with the room portions, you should consider three things, including;

1:Room Design

First of all, you need to look at how your room is decorated and what accessories the room is relayed. A room is generally designed with furniture, furniture (bed, sofas, tables, chairs, and almirah), doors, walls, ceiling decoration, lights, and other accessories.

If the furniture of your room is dark, you can use dark-colored curtains. The curtain color does also depend upon the room decoration. For example, the ceiling work, the wall paint, and the light theme you have shown in your room. It will be a great idea if you choose the color of curtains similar to wall paints and other decorations. As well as this, the contrast and opposite colors of curtains will also give an elegant look to your room.

2: Color Matching

Color matching is another great idea to give your home or room a more vibrant and eye-catching look. Generally, the curtain color is subject to match with the color of wall paints. So, for example, if your room walls are painted with a dark color, you should go for the dark colors curtains.

As well as this, the curtain colors can also be matched with the furniture color, door color, or color of other accessories, including fans, ceiling, and lighting. Now, it depends on you what parts’ colors of your room you like the most.

3: Light Vs. Dark

Have you stuck between the light and dark colors and are unsure what the best curtain color will be? Here we come with a brief comparison of the light vs. dark colored curtains. The given pros and cons of both the light and dark-colored curtains will surely make you know what will be the best option for you:

Light color curtains

The given pros and cons of light color curtains will help you know whether they can be an option for your room or not:


Light color curtains have some significant perks that make them an ideal choice:

  • Some light and neutral colors, including white, beige, grey, ice blue, and others, show a timeless appeal and never get out of trends.

  • Light colors help reflect the light inside the room more clearly. As well as this, they create an illusion of more space, even in a small room.

  • Lightweight translucent curtains usually come in light colors; they help add more dimensions to your interior décor. If you are looking for such fabrics, go ahead and make your room more inspiring.

  • Dying the curtains in a different color is easier for you to follow in the future when you opt for light-colored curtains.

  • Compared to the dark-colored curtains, fading from sunlight in the light-colored curtains is not so prominent.


Light color curtains may also bring you in some disturbance, make you think not to choose the option:

  • Light color curtains have the tendency to get dirty quickly.

  • Compared to the dark color curtains, the grim and dirt on the light color curtains quickly shows up, requiring cleaning more frequently.

Dark color curtains

The given pros and cons of using dark color curtains will add the instructions in your planning to choose new curtains:


You will surely have the following benefits while using dark color curtains for your room:

  • Curtains with dark colors work very well, especially for the spacious home. Rich dark shades help make the small room large and high ceilinged, which appear cozy.

  • In the case of scarce furnishing and a lot of empty spaces, dark color curtains make the room look fuller. Therefore, it is advisable to use similar colored upholstery and other elements, helping balance the overall décor.

  • Dark tones help add visual contrast to your room which can be striking and dramatic. In addition, it grabs the viewers' attention towards your room curtains and gives no chance of any clutter or imperfection in the room.

  • Dark color curtains do not require frequent vacuuming because the dirt on the dark-colored fabric does not seem to be prominent.


Dark color curtains may also have some dark aspects as well which make you not think about the dark color curtains:

  • In small rooms, dark color curtains may be overwhelming and make them appear even smaller.

  • Interior design themes based on dark color will be more challenging because even the slightest mistake in the design will be more highlighted.

  • Compared to the light-colored curtains, dark color curtains are difficult to match with other room components.

What is the Best Color for Curtains?

Now, let’s head to the list of the colors which will help you choose the best curtain color for your next room or home decoration or theme:

  • The red color stimulates energy and appetite and makes people more active. So, the red color curtains can be an excellent option for your dining room or kitchen and bedroom. However, as red color is very appetizing, it might stimulate overeating and make you express more emotions.

  • Green color curtains can be the perfect option for your bedroom because green color predisposes a good night’s sleep. In addition to it, the green color makes the room look more spacious. Although, the color may not be suitable for everyone as too much green room might irritate some people.

  • Orange color creates a sense of comfort, provides energy, and makes it easier to accept the changes. You can hang orange color curtains in the room, where all the family members gather. As the color gives comfort and improves digestion, hanging orange color curtains in the kitchen is also advisable. However, experts suggest not to add orange color curtains in the bedroom as the color is more stimulating.

  • The yellow color, much similar to orange, gives a sense of friendship. Decorating your bedrooms with yellow color curtains will be more helpful to make your guests feel relaxed and communicate freely.

  • Blue is considered a peaceful color that helps fight against anxiety and insomnia. As well as this, the color also helps you concentrate. This is why blue-colored curtains are preferred to hang in the bedroom and home workspace.

  • Turquoise color helps achieve inner harmony. As well as this, the color contributes to calming down people. Turquoise color curtains can be the best curtain color for a variety of situations; when you need relaxation and want to recover after a hard day of work.

  • Curtains with light brown color help make your home cozy. However, the brown color helps you to concentrate as well. Moreover, you need to have a bright interior, making your room not dull and boring.

  • The pink color makes you feel love and tenderness. Pink color also contributes to intimate relationships. So, having pink color curtains for your bedroom can be an excellent option.

  • White color symbolizes cleanliness, purity, simplicity, elegance, innocence, and openness. But, as the white color also promotes aloofness and loneliness, you should choose your white curtains with a mixture of green, blue, brown and any color of choice.

  • At last, we come with the suggestion of purple color for people who need the calming effect in their home. This color suits with brightly colored elements, helping make a room livelier. Consequently, it helps keep you more energized and awake.

Starting From the Ground Up

Starting from scratch will obviously provide you with more choices across the board. However, it can also be an ideal moment to take the risk on home décor items that entice you the most, such as curtains. If curtains are one of the first home décor pieces you choose, you will have the excellent choice of integrating curtains in any space, regardless of texture, pattern, or color.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should Curtains Be Same Color as Walls?

Yes! Curtains should match the size, texture, style, and color tone of the couch and walls of your living room. In order to produce the desired effects, they need to look intentional and balanced. On the other hand, curtains that will not match the room elements can make a style conflict, affecting the beauty of the living room.

2. Which Color Curtain is Best for Living Room?

To make you more energetic and livelier, the following suggestions will be best for you to choose curtains for your living room:

  • Red: Red is the most vibrant color, helping stimulate energy and make people livelier. So, red is the best curtain color for your living room.

  • Purple: Purple color ensures the most calming effects in the home. When purple color curtains hang with bright colored elements, they help make your room livelier.

  • Turquoise: This color helps achieve harmony and makes people calm down. Purple color curtains can be ideal for hanging in your living room because they provide relaxation and recovery after hard labor.

3. Which Color Curtain Is Best for Bedroom?

Depending upon your preference, the following colors can be excellent options for the bedroom:

  • Red: Red color stimulates energy and makes people more active, so red color curtains can be an excellent option for your kitchen and bedroom.

  • Pink: Pink color stimulates love and tenderness. It also contributes to the relationship’s intimation. So, pink-colored curtains can also be the best option to hang in the bedroom.

  • Blue: Blue is a peaceful color, helping reduce anxiety and insomnia. Moreover, it also helps you to concentrate. So, hanging blue color curtains is a wonderful option for both the bedroom and workspace.

  • Green: As green color predisposes to a good night's sleep. So, it can also be an excellent option to hang green color curtains in your bedroom, helping provide you with comfortable sleep.


A particular color evokes a specific emotion in you, and you need to keep your home well-balanced based on the colors used to décor your home. Indeed, colors impose a significant effect on one’s life. So, you need to be a little bit conscious while decorating your home, especially curtaining your home.

Here we come with a complete guide on choosing the best curtain color to make your room cozy and stunning looking. You can get an explicit discussion on the factors that must be considered while choosing the best color for your home curtains. As well as this, you will have the potential color ideas to implement your home-curtaining planning.