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How to Add Curtains to Small Windows in 2021

Abandon complicated curtains and rugs to reduce mess.

If the space is too small, don't lay a carpet. On the one hand, it is not easy to clean up, and on the other hand, it is too cluttered. If you need a curtain, consider blinds or lightweight grid curtains. Keep the space fresh and simple.

 white curtains

Fill the space with white to guarantee the light.

We all know that white can reflect light. curtains in white can make space look bigger, the ceiling looks higher, and it is calm and serene. If you think white is too cold, you can pair it with warm, textured furniture.

 long curtain

Hang curtains high to longer your space.

When your curtains close to the ceiling and pull on the floor, there is an illusion of height. The extra-long curtain can highlight vertical elements on the wall. It not only lengthens the space visually, but it also enhances mobility.

 light curtains

Floor curtains to widen the window.

If the window is narrow and tall, floor curtains can be selected and stretched to the sides of the frame as much as possible to increase the width of the window so that the window becomes unwittingly wide and bright, improving the decoration quality of small windows.

 strip curtains

Vertical stripe pattern curtains to emphasis on verticality.

In the case of insufficient floor height, the room is too large, or a suspended ceiling is used in the decoration, which will give people a sense of oppression. The easiest way is to choose curtains with a strong vertical pattern and use a simple head style.

 lifting curtains

Lifting curtains for small windows.

If the windows are relatively small. Installing long curtains of thick fabrics will produce bulky and cumbersome visual effects. Therefore, it is better to install a lifting curtain, a Roman curtain, and the like.

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