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How to Add Classic Blue to Your Home

The Pantone Color Institute has named Classic Blue as its color of the year for 2020. Are you ready to update your interior decoration in Classic Blue?


An easy and affordable way you can get the classic blue color in your home, without having to change the wall color is changing curtains.

 blue livingroom

blue livingroom1The blue and white palette of the living room is classic and never out of style. It is very versatile, and you can switch between modern, coastal, shabby chic, and beach style by changing the accessories and decorations in the room.

 blue dining room

The blue can also be used in the open dining room next to the kitchen. The blue curtains ensure that you easily switch the background filled with light and white in a fabulous blue. Add a clever vase in blue, or even a tonal background with a sparkling chandelier and curtains can give the space a more organized look.

 blue bedroom

blue bedroom1The blue curtains in the bedroom can bring you into peace and quiet status.

Unlike other colors, blue overload still feels pleasant. And those who really want to play "blue fever" can consider an all-blue bedroom like the following, which looks awesome! Associated with the return of another day, this universal favorite is widely applied in the bedroom.

 blue livingroom 4

Another easy way to add the classic blue color to your home interior is by changing up the textiles. Easy changes to the pillowcases, or new pillows and even sofa slipcover are a great way to easily change and get your room feeling fresh.

blue livingroom 3

Besides, you can even go to the mall and change the area rugs and welcome carpets as well!

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