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How Important are Blackout Curtains to Bedrooms

The bedroom curtains are more the way to creating personal space. After a busy day, you may need a good sleep when you get home. So blackout curtains may help you get a good sleep. Blackout curtains also reduce energy costs by reducing sunlight and UV rays entering your bedroom. Furthermore, they can prevent the sun from damage or fading the furniture and floors.

In this post, we’ll help you narrow down your options and select the ideal blackout curtain for your sleeping area.



There’s no doubt that privacy should be kept by your curtains, especially for bedrooms. Premium curtains should keep your room active and welcoming, while still providing a certain degree of privacy. And one of the best curtains you want to consider for privacy purposes is blackout curtains.


Fabric and Linings


The weight of the curtain's fabric will affect its appearance. Curtains have only one layer of fabric that allows light to pass through. Some thick curtain fabrics like velvet, tweed, have the ability to block almost 80% light. But if you like the single-layer curtain appearance and also want to make them block light, the lining would be helpful a lot.

The lining used will increase the thickness of the curtain and the light will not be able to pass through the curtain. The different lining adds single layer curtain that has a different blocking rate. If you want a good sleep even in the daytime, triple wave lining would be the best choice.


The Most Suitable Fabrics For Bedroom Curtains



Polyester fabric is more environmental than other natural curtains, it’s more durable and will not shrink, fading or deformed. And now polyester fabric feels like cotton and linen by a special weaving method.



This heavy and thick fabric is the most preferred for blocking light. And providing insulation as thermal curtains when the velvet curtains add thick lining. They also will make your room worth a million bucks without breaking a bank.


Cotton fabrics are considered to be lightweight. They are known to be ideal for both traditional, as well as modern bedrooms. One of its downsides is that they might be fading or deformed when hanging for a long time under the sunlight.



Color is one of the most critical features of curtains, especially for bedrooms. It’s a good idea to choose the curtain color is to match it with the bedroom environment. So that bedroom curtains would keep consistent with decorations. Sometimes, the curtains have the same pattern as the bedding sets.

The right choice of curtains color can add a sense of grace and sophistication to your bedroom. If your bedroom's overall color is bright, It’s best to choose a curtain with a neutral color to match your bedding and walls. The opposite works as well. It’s easy to create a cozy and decorative look.



When you picking the blackout curtains for your bedroom, make sure that they fit the windows perfectly. There is a factor that you simply can’t ignore- the curtain width. The curtains are not only for the length but will also cover the width of the window. We all want our curtains to perform all the functions we choose for them. Custom blackout curtains usually can provide a more suitable window width. And also add customize returns to make sure no light leakage on both sides of the curtain.

And for the curtains length will mostly depend on the size of your bedroom window as well as the decoration.

There are three types of curtain lengths: 1/2” above the floor, kiss the floor, and puddle. 1/2” above the floor-length curtains typically gather less dirt and dust from the floor.

 If you need the curtains to kiss the floor, the panels hover on the surface of the floor.

Puddle-length curtains always create a more luxurious look. But needs frequent cleaning.

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