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Living in apartments is an increasingly popular choice among renters nowadays. Rental apartments are usually equipped with similar furniture, home appliances, and decors. On one hand, there should be no worry about buying new articles or dealing with other decoration-related issues. On the other hand, it can be easy to get lost in these duplicate spaces.

Duplicate as these rental apartments or rooms are, there is a lack of personal characteristics. Staying in a dull space for long may feel like you were working at your office. Consequently, you will gradually get numb and forget who you are. To avoid this horrible thing, you might consider making a change in your room.

Changing the curtains is a quick and direct way to alter the overall look of your room. If you have a doubt about choosing what kind of curtains, we recommend you to dress up with custom curtains. The reasons are given below. Also, we will provide you with tips on choosing the ideal custom curtains. So, are you ready? Shall we start with reasons for buying custom curtains?

Why do we choose custom curtains?

Custom curtains, different from ready-made curtains, are easy to meet needs. As a fact, almost every single element of custom curtains can be customized. Thus, you are allowed to combine your preferred style with another freely. For us renters, custom curtains are especially suitable. There are plenty of merits of custom curtains. To be specific, four main reasons for buying custom curtains are listed.

1. Custom curtains tell who renters are

In most cases, renters’ surroundings are owners’ belongings. Renters find it is hard to identify themselves. To figure out who renters are, you may try to line out a particular area or dress up the room with your handiwork. But, these efforts do work not so well. So, what should a stylish renter do?

It will be a different story if you make use of custom curtains. Customize curtains according to your specified requirements. By doing so, the overall decor style of your room changes. Once you open the door, the unique custom curtains catch your eyes. No matter what personality you are, you can find custom curtains that represent you. For example, you are an outgoing person while your room is gray or dark. It is advisable to customize curtains with bright colors or bold style. But, if you enjoy being alone, try to hang on solid custom curtains or elegant sheer curtains.

So, mount exclusive custom curtains and enhance your living space. Speak out loud to tell yourself, your guests, and even the world who you are.

2. Custom curtains accent where renters live

As it is known to us all, curtains are one of the most direct ornaments of interior decors. Compared to other decors, curtains are the most convenient part to remove or change. You may wonder, how do curtains work? Indeed, curtains usually accent a room or a space. To be clear, curtains play role in three aspects. Adjust the indoor light amount, show aesthetic taste, and add a sense of refinement. Without such window treatments, your room looks messy. So, people may treat you as a sloppy person. For this sake, to get rid of such a weird impression, hang on custom curtains.

When it comes to custom curtains, color, header style, material, size, and lining can all be customized. For instance, if you are troubled by the simplicity of your room, customize curtains with a sleek header style and delicate design. If your room is empty or big, hang on custom curtains with split panels and 2x fullness to make it cozier to live in.

From this point of view, custom curtains accent where you live and please yourself.

3. Custom curtains offer what renters want

Generally, people mainly buy curtains to control light, create privacy, separate spaces, and keep the room cool or clean. It is true that landlords may provide renters curtains. But, it is also true that for their convenience, curtains are bought at will without thorough consideration. As a result, renters find the curtains act like nothing. The curtains neither block the light well nor maintain enough privacy. There is a lack of supplements for what renters need.

To find solutions to this tricky problem, how should renters react? Renters should figure out what function do you want most. Bear the answers in mind while choosing custom curtains.

In other words, if you want to maintain privacy, customize curtains with thick material, layered lining, extra-long size, or double fullness. If you want to control light, customize curtains with semi-through or block-out effects. If you want to keep your room cool, turn to custom curtains with printed patterns.

Whatever you want, custom curtains offer you various options.

4. Custom curtains inspire how renters save

Custom curtains are time and money savers. How do custom curtains save our time and money?

Inspired by the various needs, custom curtains are made to live up to expectations. No matter what kind of custom curtains you are looking for, you are free to collocate header styles with fabrics. As a result, there is no need to go back and forth to ensure that every single element of the curtains fits well.

Get inspiration from our online store at Curtarra.com. To your surprise, our custom curtains are amazingly affordable with FREE SHIPPING. Moreover, all of our curtains are handcrafted by expert tailors and sourced directly from our factory with good quality. Apart from that, with 600+ exclusive fabrics, you are allowed to pick out your favorite ones to dress up your room.

In a word, custom curtains are inspirational for renters to save both time and money.

How to choose reasonable custom curtains?

An optimal window treatment should be suitable in every aspect. It is one of the most important targets to choose reasonable custom curtains for your room. When choosing custom curtains, you should consider several things. Ask yourself a few questions. Such as “Do I need hardware?”What size is the window?”Which style do I prefer?”What function do I want most? “ and “What kind of curtains could I afford?”. Keeping the answers in mind, you won’t get lost in our plenty of custom curtains.

1. Hardware

Curtain hardware generally refers to the curtain rod and curtain track. It depends much on whether you have hardware or not while customizing curtains. In most cases, there should be a rod. For renters whose rental apartments are equipped with curtain rods, header options are various.

As we all know, headers of curtains make a good start. Among the various header styles, we recommend you three kinds of them. Namely, grommet top, rod pocket, and pinch pleat. If you want to stress that you are good taste in modernity, try to hang on a grommet top to draw out a clear outline of the curtains. If you need to tell others that you are neat, use a rod pocket. If you prefer an elegant style, consider pinch pleat to make full use of the window space. Click Header Style to get more detailed information about header styles.

2. Size of the window

The size of your window matters much. The kind, length, and fullness of custom curtains all depend on the size of your window.

For small and narrow windows, sheer curtains are recommended. Sheer curtains are light and bright, letting light shed through the window. With see-through materials, sheer curtains can work with printed design, artistic patterns, and elegant valance. Sheer curtains alone make a colorful living space.

For windows of regular size, solid curtains are recommended. In the case of solid curtains, there are many options. Solid curtains differ in fabric and texture. Different fabrics and textures make out different styles. Generally, solid curtains create a charming outlook of the whole room. It won't go wrong to choose solid curtains.

For windows that are larger than the average, we recommend you to have a try on extra-long and double fullness velvet curtains. Usually, velvet curtains are woven with thick concrete material. Owing to this feature, the curtains touch smoothly and look textured. You can maintain your privacy and keep your room exquisite. If you customize velvet curtains with extra-long length and 2x fullness, you will be attracted by the visual.

3. Style Preference

No matter how small or big the part is each part of the custom curtains counts on the finished look and the style. Everyone has a unique aesthetic sense and keen style. Choose custom curtains that conform to your preference. We will introduce you to two parts that affect curtain style.

Fabrics vary from natural materials to recyclable materials. Natural materials include cotton, linen, and silk. The materials always look clean and create cozy feelings. Recyclable materials refer to polyester and so on. If you want to clean your curtains often, buy curtains made of polyester. You can look up Free Swatches if you have any requests about fabrics.

There are two patterns for custom curtains, solid and printed. Solid curtains are suitable for rooms with modern decor styles. Curtains with printed patterns fit rooms with delicate designs. There are plenty of printed patterns. Including morocco, buffalo, tropical, etc. Choose your preferred one from the styles.

4. Function

When it comes to custom curtains, functions are of priority. Functions matter a lot for the performance of curtains. So, what functions do custom curtains have? Generally speaking, curtains have three main functions. The functions are blocking out, maintaining privacy, and keeping the room elegant.

Blocking out light means keeping an amount of light away from entering the room. By doing so, the blocking out curtains controls the indoor light. If your windows face the sunlight, you might want to shade the constant shining light. In this case, you can explore our specialized black-out curtains. Moreover, you can also custom lining layers. At curtarra.com, we offer you white lining, black lining, and triple weave lining. Keep in mind that custom what you want is the most important thing. Custom black-out curtains and lining layer according to your actual needs.

Maintaining privacy is adding a cover or treatment to your window. Rental houses or apartments are always dense. For this reason, hang on curtains is a good way to protect your privacy and reduce partial noise. To ensure personal privacy, customize curtains with a black-out effect or solid design. Hanging these two kinds of curtains, people can not see you from outside of the window. Thus, you are free to walk, sleep and enjoy your own space.

Keeping the room elegant refers to the decoration function. Without a window treatment, a room could be dull and colorless. For the sake of keeping elegant, there are many options. Sheer curtains, solid curtains, printed curtains, linen curtains, and velvet curtains are good. Any one of them is worthy of trying and buying.


Apartments may be for rent, but life is not for rent. Every individual deserves to live better. A first step to living better is to decorate your room with custom curtains. By customizing curtains, you define yourself, decorate your room, and meet your demands. When choosing custom curtains, it is advisable to consider four aspects. Hardware, size of the window, style preference, and function. By doing so, you are sure to get ideal custom curtains.