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How Choose Perfect Outdoor Curtains

Creating a private outdoor space with curtains, become a popular way for adding shade to your patio, pergola, or pavilion.

As people spend more and more time at home, outdoor living is one of the hottest lifestyles this year. From well-designed terraces to the beautiful pergola, homeowners are expanding and upgrading the outdoor space to make it as cozy and refreshing as the home's indoor environment. Outdoor curtains can add a comfortable appeal to your yard, while also providing you with the shade and privacy you need for daily use. 

Outdoor curtains come in plenty of fabric and material types and various different styles. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for outdoor curtains:

Waterproof And Durability

Outdoor curtains are more durable, the material is created to stand up for severe weather, even storms or tornados. They are designed to withstand the harsh test of various elements without fading, tearing, or mold.

Sun-blocking Ratings

Some outdoor curtains are designed to block UV and even keep temperatures in check under your porch or patio on hot summer afternoons.

Width And Length

Outdoor curtains always come in various widths and lengths. Measure the space you’d like to hang the curtains. But ready-made curtains may not have the right size for every outdoor space. Thus, you may need to customize outdoor curtains for the perfect size.

Outdoor curtains should be integrated with your outdoor furniture to provide a comfortable and stylish look for your exterior space. When buying outdoor curtains on a deck or terrace, look for the following styles:

Sheer or semi-sheer curtains are always popular. Cause sheer curtains can let some natural light in. And semi-sheer can keep privacy also to let natural light in. Looking for lighter options to allow extra light into your space.

Most people like to think solid textured curtains are classic and modern. Not every outdoor space needs a lot of patterns or multiple colors. Use neutral or monochrome outdoor curtains to make the natural beauty of nature shine. Dark outdoor curtains can also add drama to your outdoor space.

Floral and natural patterns. If you want your patio more in a natural or floral theme, floral patterned curtains would be a nice choice. Look for bold, colorful styles, neutral options to create a relaxing space.

How to Hang Outdoor Curtains

The easiest way to hang outdoor curtains (especially curtains with a pull ring or grommet) is to install the curtain rod directly on the terrace or other outdoor space. Fix the rod in place by screwing the hardware into the wooden beam; if you use aluminum or other metal structures, choose a tension rod.