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Home Theater Curtains-Use Custom Curtains

Every home should have a movie theater inside. It is a perfect way to settle down after a long day or to entertain family and friends while they visit. Decorating these rooms can be just as exciting and picking out the perfect set of home theater curtains is an excellent place to start.

Quality home theater curtains will add a little color and life to the space, keep the room dark and reflections at bay, and keep the room’s acoustics in check.

As soon as you decide what theme is best for your movie room, grab a set of custom home theater curtains that will emphasize the look and enhance the mood.

What Can Custom Curtains do for Your Home Theater?

It can be easy to create the look of your dreams with the ideal home theater curtains. While you might not think curtains play too big of a role in an indoor movie theater, they are pretty important. Aside from adding style and visual appeal, they can assist in the quality of sound and your overall experience.

Eliminates Lighting

A great set of curtains play an essential role in home theaters, blocking outside light from entering the room and reducing reflections on the screen. Adding a set of blackout curtains to your space is an excellent way of getting the full movie theater experience.

Absorbs Sound

You want your curtains to absorb as much sound as possible. Draping thick, extra long curtains along the walls in a room dedicated to amplified noises will offer your theater a fantastic acoustic setup.

Improves the Look of the Room

Now that you have a functional home theater, it is time to decorate it and create something awe-inspiring with custom home theater curtains. Curtains are not only functional but also fashionable.

Curtains with a beautiful pattern can add a lot of style and creativity to your home theater, giving you a chance to create a room with a specific theme or perfect look.

Home Theater Curtains for Entertaining Themes

You can improve the ambiance of a room simply by it a specific theme. In a home theater, your curtains should blend into the room and are typically a solid color. With the massive variety of color options available, finding the perfect set of theater curtains for your space shouldn't be too difficult.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your home movie theater. Here are a few of our favorite designs.

Color-Schemes to Consider

Black and White-Mix your panels, interchanging black with white curtains. Gary double-side linen 100% blackout curtains would make a fantastic option.

Gold and Maroon-Imagine how stunning and classic gold velvet curtains would look draped from each wall.

Mint and offwhite-Try Skai solid color curtains with an additional lining.

Film Related Themes

Disney-Disney’s classic color scheme is dark slate blue (medium blue), Crayola's orange yellow (pale yellow), Upsdell red (dark red), Spanish pink (light, pale pink), white, and Oxford blue (dark blue). Pick your favorites from Curtarra’s selection and have fun. Check out Curtarra’s linen texture looks for colors that match Disney’s theme.

Popcorn and Candy- Red and white or just red panels would work well with this look.

Superheroes- Who doesn’t love superheroes? You can choose black and yellow (Batman) or red, white, and blue (Superman, Captain America); what about green and black (The Hulk, Green Lantern)

Other Popular Themes to Think About

Stary-night- Dark blue curtains would go great in this room. You could also choose a two-color blended option like Curtarra’s Timothy curtains.

Kids Space- Mix and Match Mia Kids Custom Curtains by Curtarra for an amazing movie theater look for your kids.

Classic and Modern- Go for simplicity with a sophisticated flare. A grey-and-white design would look fantastic. These cashmere-feel curtains from Curtarra are thick and sleek.

Retro-Vintage- Chestnut, fawn, gold, cream, cyan blue, and steel teal.

What to Look for in Home Theater Curtains

Here are a few essential features when picking out curtains for your indoor movie theater. These are the details you should never ignore and will make all the difference in the look and performance of your space.


When shopping around for custom curtains, look for high-end quality without the high-end price. Custom curtains by Curtarra are hand-crafted by our team of experts using premium designs and elegant fabrics.

Our blackout options come with thermal insulation and UV protection. They can be easily cleaned in your home washer and dryer.


Don’t waste your time and money shopping in stores for overpriced curtains. Curtarra’s is an online store where we ensure everyone has access to a wide variety of high-quality curtains, no matter their budget or busy schedule.

Some home theater curtains are selling for around $600. That kind of money is out of reach for many families, so we decided to cut out the middleman, purchasing quality fabrics from all over the world, then crafting them ourselves.


The number of curtains you need for your home theater will depend on the room size and the space you want to cover.

Some homes and movie theaters will only cover the windows to keep all types of natural lighting out of the room. Others use thick curtains to cover the top of the wall to the bottom to absorb sounds and eliminate echoes.

Measuring Your Home Theater Curtains

To help you decide how many curtains you need and what size, use Curtarra’s step-by-step guide. This guide will show you how to measure the length and width of the area you want to cover and walk you through how many panels you will need.

Fabric Type

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing home theater curtains is the type of fabric it is made from. This detail will help you determine whether the product will perform how you need it to (i.e., darkening effect, sound absorption, etc.)

Aside from performance, you also want your fabrics to last a long time and look fabulous. Luckily, Curtarra could not agree more and only used exclusively curated durable and washable fabrics.

When dressing up your home theater, consider customizing your curtains with Curtarra. You can choose from many fabrics, colors, and prices, with something for everyone always in stock.

Great options for home theaters curtains include:

Blackout Curtains

Room Darkening Curtains

Textured Curtains

Pattern Curtains

Solid Curtains

Extra Long Curtains

Thermal Curtains


Final Thoughts

Choosing a theme for your movie theater can be fun and exciting. There are many great options; the sky is the limit.

However, before jumping in, take a few minutes to make sure you are selecting the best home theater curtains for your specific space. Getting the proper measurements, the best fabrics, and quality colors and designs are crucial.

If you are struggling during your expedition to find the perfect custom curtains for your home theaters, contact the pros at Curtarra’s. The staff at this store are friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to help.